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Why the Left Loves Mass Immigration

Why the Left Loves Mass ImmigrationThe simple answer to the question: Why does the Left love immigration?, is to say they want more votes, but that is misleading. It goes deeper than that. They want more votes to destroy our culture and traditions in order to usher in a New World Utopian Order where everything is a mish-mash and there is no discernible unity. The unity, (if you can call it unity), will be provided by the faceless Elite, with no concern for the individual.

Our culture and traditions are under vicious attack. We can either defend them, or give up our culture, traditions and history entirely. If we give them up, everything our ancestors fought for will have been for nothing, and our children and grandchildren will be left in a dystopian society of unimaginable horror.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. It is NOT immigration, it is invasion. Our immigration policies are not being followed on this. Remember that it is treason to assist in an invasion of our nation. I know, again, nothing is done about open treason, why would anything be done by a more… “covert” .. treason that is done under the fake lie called “immigration” when none of the actual put into writing immigration is being followed.

  2. There is a certain mentality running amok in government jobs. It is not only the elitists who ignore the rules. During my 20 year military career and my brief stint as a corrections officer, I heard more than one supervisor refer to federal and state regulations as mere “guidelines”. But if they want to fry a certain employee, those guidelines become solid as granite.

  3. Cal, you hit the nail on the head. United States citizens need to understand the purpose of the invasion. Negate our vote, destroy our economy, use our own military against us, use our military against our allies, use our nukes against and our allies then finely to disarm the country for full invasion and forced implementation of world government and total enslavement.

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