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Why the Left Loves Mass Immigration

Why the Left Loves Mass Immigration

As I have pointed out before, the “progressives” seek to destroy America (and Western civilization) in order to bring in their Utopian (Dystopian) New World Order. “Progressives” hate everything Western. They hate their own culture, traditions and history. They are mired in a negative, all-pervasive sense of guilt for being born in a culture they despise.

There are many people who are beginning to see what the “progressives” have to offer, and are thoroughly rejecting it. They are proud of their culture, traditions and history, and wish to retain it. Finally, they are beginning to stand up to those who would destroy what their ancestors created.

Culture, traditions and a shared identity are important aspects of life. They give us a sense of belonging. The “progressives” want us to become a part of some vast global homogeneous mish-mash that is foreign to every culture. Rather than celebrating the unique cultures of distinct regions, the “progressives” want to destroy all of them.

One of the tools they are using to destroy Western culture is mass migration. The influx of totally diverse and irreconcilable cultures can only lead to social disorder, which is their goal. While they speak of unifying the world, they seek to constantly divide it. They seek chaos, not peaceful unity.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Divide and Conquer is the only thing the DEC thinks about. Divide cultures, people by nationality, color, even north from south. Once, in the USA, we had a saying,”Together We Stand, divided We Fall.” It’s time to fight back. I will not give up what I fought to keep ! I Am a Vet U.S.NAVY.

    1. The social engineering tool that is used over and over by all levels of government and entities is the Hegelian Dialectic Theorem. Which is thesis > antithesis > synthesis or otherwise problem > reaction > solution.

      Think about this. When one wants to move a society, the solution is already in mind. Create or take advantage of a problem, wait for the people to cry out and demand that something be done, the reaction, the people will then accept the solution such as being disarmed or any other acceptance of solution to manufactured social ills.

      The dialectic is being used over and over, that’s the tool used that has got us to where we are at today.

      If you need more in depth understanding, please search YouTube and Google.

    2. We as true American Patriots must stand together… the LEFT wants to divide us … Unity in numbers is the best way… The LEFT will stop at nothing to turn America into a dictatorship .Our freedoms are being taken the day…. America as we know it today wont be the same in a few years if the LEFTEST continue their path to destroy or freedoms.. IT’S TIME TO FIGHT & STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT../// NO COMPROMISING…PUSH BACK AGAINST THE LEFT.

  2. if you come here illegally you are a criminal & even if ONE vet goes homeless NO illegal should get help from American fundings… NOT ONE DIME

  3. Progressives are masters at camouflaging their initiatives and goals. They deal in utter and complete deception and more often than not, it is difficult to figure them out. And by “them,” I mean the entire Left which includes the entirety of the Democrat Party. But I can make this easy, it requires you to understand the one, overarching goal which drives all of them. it is this:
    They seek to transform America into an unopposed, single party Marxist style of government. In fact, I defy you to name a single Democrat/Elitist initiative which does not support this statement. Their every thought and deed, big or small, boils down to this one, primary goal.
    Flood the country with illegals and refugees who will never accept American ideals, each a future Democrat vote.
    Voting: Yes, MILLIONS of these illegals vote and they do so with the blessings of the DNC. It is why you need a photo ID to participate in every Democrat gathering, but not to vote.
    Drivers licenses for Illegals: with the mere checking of a box illegals become registered voters.
    From Political Correctness to vote counts, their every thought and deed is solely directed to the transformation of America into a place nobody would recognize.
    The moment, the place and time has arrived and it is, “A Time For Choosing.” Will we remain a Constitutional Republic guided by freedom and liberty, or will we allow the Deep State Shadow Government, the Progressives to win? More Importantly, will the arm chair patriots finally get up off the couch and fight like all hell to save this great nation?
    It TRULY is now or NEVER.

    1. I believe millions of us are waiting for a strong leader to step forth and gather the Constitional groups together and stand against any anti-Constitional large gathering. We need to show we are not few, but
      many and that we will fight against any Constitional threat. It is our right and our obligation and the time is now.

      1. We have a strong leader, it is the Constitution and our founders who came before us. If there will be a fight, let them be the ones to start it. We already have law and rights on our side, a revolution is not needed for our side because our revolution was already fought and won. So if the tyrants wish to destroy us, let them make the first move on the battlefield so that when we respond in defense of our liberties we can do it with such force that another insurrection like this will not be attempted again for another 200 years. This country is ours, never forget that!!

  4. The cultural dilution and chaos created by mass immigration are part of the long term game, but it’s also about importing large numbers of ignorant and government-dependent voters that can be portrayed as victims. Without the welfare vote and the grievance vote, there would be no Democrat Party.

  5. We are blessed to have Rev. Banuchi as our Chapter Chaplain. When he opens our meetings with invocation, every heart is lifted closer to our Creator.He is 100% right in terms of the solution. In fact, our Founders said as much. We are besieged by an enemy that fights this fact with the very same temerity and tenacity as the WWll Japanese.

  6. It’s interesting how the leftists have engage the same tactic as the Taliban to eliminate cultural reference points for America’s history. We will see more destruction of statues justified by the spurious notion that we must judge historical figures by today’s laws and values, regardless of their contribution to our civilization and culture. We have already seen the negation of traditional concepts of male, female, marriage, commitment, parenthood, etc. In short, when all values and morals are relative to current desires, there are no morals or values. Just as boundaries are necessary to define a country, so too are boundaries of acceptable thought and action and values required to define a culture. The leftists want none of that and have been working for decades to eliminate all boundaries so theirs can be implemented.

  7. You are 100% correct about the progressive (socialist/communist) objective to destroy everything of western civilization. The European takeover by mass’s of illegal immigrants from the mid east and northern Africa demonstrate these persons only want to destroy all they can get their hands on. Laws do not matter to any of them. They are murderers, rapist, sodomizes and worse when they want to take over political positions. Who is feeding this caravan of people, walking from Honduras to the USA ? 1200 people eat a lot, are they pillaging the local towns they march through ?

  8. There is only one way to explain this counterproductive, backward-thinking, destructive intention… It is Satanic. Satan is working overtime to take down everything good in the world today to stop God’s wonderful Plan of Happiness for His children here on earth. The people perpetrating this evil are possessed of the Devil, literally. The reason good men like Congressmen Jason Chafetz, Trey Gowdy, and now Paul Ryan are getting out of politics is because it is too depressing to have to deal with these evil losers on the Left. I quit as the GOP Vice-Chair of our County for the same reason. Personal attacks became so vicious I couldn’t take it any more. This is a sad trend in America because the Liberals will take control when good men cease being willing to serve. That’s what Satan wants… and is getting, sadly.

  9. Am commenting only on the article in gray print as am too busy right now to watch your video:

    Since the Gulf War, I’ve recognized a MAJOR source of confusion for Americans, the media and our government – the terminology of “LEFT” vs “RIGHT” (brought about by a 2-party system mindset) that obscures clear definitions – forcing every issue be DISTILLED into a choice b-e-t-w-e-e-n perceptions that are faulty to begin with. Although when clicking on your video, there is a disclaimer to be read in red print that appears to acknowledge this fact, it does not take it far enough to settle the matter once and for all because there has NEVER been an open dialog in the media, talk shows, public discourse, or even clarification in all the major dictionaries on a cornucopia of “defining” groups of Americans, each held in accord by a mutually identifying concept or two. Am 67, and THE LEFT was always defined in public education (as I recall, from the early 1960s) as: an oligarchy, a totalitarian regime, a dictatorship, junta or coup d’etat. Unfortunately, present day “defining” is quite different and implies such a definition THAT NOW INCLUDES AN IDENTIFYING BUT DISTINCTIVE TERM CALLED PROGRESSIVES? To quote MISES WIRE: Progressivism has been the overwhelming force in western politics for the last 100 years. Political progressive are defined not by their party, but by their desire to remake man into a more obedient political animal, dominating the 20th century. Unfortunately, nobody ever told We-The-People this ‘definition of progressive’ let alone yet another identifying label as to whether a left or right-leaning progressive.

    According to the above definition of PROGRESSIVE (whether left or right “leaning” matters not at all) – so why muddy clarity even more by doing so? This is CRUCIAL and begs for clarification so that every one has an accepted RIGID definition of at least what constitutes “LEFT” vs “RIGHT” in h-i-s-t-o-r-i-c agreement.

    We are NOT talking about the two party system at all at this point which can only be discussed as a RESULT of first clarifying, then agreeing upon – a definition (and again, to reiterate – NOT the “right” and “left” of a 2-party system) but of a TYPE of nation’s government.

    I have already defined the LEFT in terms of a totalitarian regime, no matter what type. The RIGHT is the opposite of a totalitarian regime – a democracy or republic.

    Now what do we all call that group of humanity who ascribe to calling themselves “middle-of-the-roaders”? These are free thinking, educated individuals who realize, through their study of historical leadership: from the 6th king of ancient Babylonia (now Iraq), Hammurabi’s Code, to a true democracy, the Roman Senate in Italy, and to also include in what was once Native America, the Iroquois tribal form of governance (which our Founding Fathers largely adopted for the U.S.) and most recently, the U.N. declaration of the rights and sovereignty of indigenous peoples globally, realize that the ideal form of self governance is a merger or synthesis of all 4 lofty designs throughout history, and such individuals realize neither of America’s two political party agendas are remotely capable of such a synthesis on either the microscopic (congressional) scale any more than they are yet to evolve in the Constitution – YET THE MEDIA INSISTS ON OBSCURING DEFINITIONS when referring to all the machinations of the two-party system in the news as DEFINING OUR NATION’S TYPE GOVERNMENT!

    The Constitution and its amendments is a living, breathing but barely now surviving (let alone evolving) document that has been treasonously attacked by the patriot’s (PATOOHEY!) act which has made its symbol of all these freedoms, Old Glory, now merely a red-white-blue RAG – which should have been flying nationwide upside down ever since 9/11’s coup d’etat take-over. This secret government seized control at that time without even a shot being fired, let alone one heard ’round the world – which has been operating OUTSIDE of the Constitution since then, which by definition itself IS TREASONOUS by having usurped all the checks and balances put in place by the Constitution and its protections all made null and void over the past 16 years, starting with the treasonous so-called “patriot’s” (PATOOHEY!) act legislation.

    Middle of the road Americans know that a rabid right, piss red-white-blue, “my country love it or leave it”, “my country – right or wrong” or the perennial [mountain of flesh] “I was just following orders excuse” are just as dangerous to a Republic – which this is – although dying, as is the outright overthrow of a nation into totalitarianism. First suspension of civil liberties via an excuse to declare martial law, subsequent degradation of law by its very prolonged suspension, with resultant chaos and borderline anarchy, until a despot structure is installed.

    NEITHER EXTREME is worthy of emulating, and the U.S. has been walking a tightrope between capitalism’s desire for a corporate Nazi takeover of the shell of this government, and an almost thoroughly corrupt congress whereby the 2-party system each have their own agendas, neither of which represent the interests of We-The-People nor the needs of the country itself (climate control, infrastructure, etc). When there are no longer any more restricting DEFINITIONS of how to separate us all (We-The-People) by PARTY AFFILIATION IDENTIFIERS and only constitutionalists to contend with whether or not each item in legislation passes muster with the Constitution of the United States of America as THEIR SOLE AGENDA, with no last minute ADD-ONS OR DELETIONS to each bill submitted for passage, the RIGHTS OF WE THE PEOPLE will have been served.

    Read these 3 books to convince yourselves thoroughly of the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY for the dissolution of the two-party system, which includes all professional politicians: THROW THEM ALL OUT, EXTORTION, THE PARTY IS OVER. In its place, create a congress composed of constitutionalists with no political party affiliation whatsoever with a maximum of 2 term limits and complete financial disclosure transparency.

    Now, even though obama is a constitutional lawyer, he is also a traitor – having:
    1) Usurped the Constitution of the United States of America by having made the treasonous “patriot’s (PATOOHEY!) act” permanent policy – – when it was set to sundown.
    2) Making TORTURE not only – permanent – international, but domestic policy as well.
    3) Act of treason strike 3 is total usurpation of the Citizen’s Right to Privacy by the most breathtaking destruction of that right into a total surveillance state that has gone so far beyond any control, restrictions or checks upon their infringements due to the technological behemoth of privacy invasion it has morphed into over these past 16 years.

    SUMMATION: LET’S ALL BE ON THE SAME PAGE AT LEAST WITH REGARDS TO HOW WE DEFINE OUR GOVERNMENT. We ALL call it a “democracy” yet it is a REPUBLIC. Let’s start with the basics and work from there – even though I have already provided the single most important means to save this Republic without a REVOLUTION.

    1. The problem as I see it Mzanony, is that because Globalists control so much of the picture, its not really as much of a Left/Right problem of extremes…the problem is the distortion they add to the mix. The end result is that normal red-blooded traditional patriot Americans get painted with the same “Alt-Right” jack boot extremist brush. Total BS.

    2. Historically, the left side, and subsequently left-handedness, was considered negative in many cultures. The Latin word sinistra originally meant “left” but took on meanings of “evil” or “unlucky” by the Classical Latin era, and this double meaning survives in European derivatives of Latin, and in the English word “sinister”.

      Meanings gradually developed from use of these terms in the ancient languages. In many modern European languages, including English, the word for the direction “right” also means “correct” or “proper”, and also stands for authority and justice. In most Slavic languages the root prav is used in words carrying meanings of correctness or justice. It’s Biblical as well as historical in early cultures and civilizations leading to modern times. A thief would lose their right hand forcing him to eat with his left, which was the hand one wiped their ass with.

      What’s scary is the “left” are proud to be sinister. They all seem to be the most unhappy and miserable souls, falling well into the hate agenda.

  10. The plan is for us to die and leave the land for those who want to bury the free peoples of the world.

  11. We need to allow refugees from Europe escaping the destruction of their culture and favor them. We need to restrict entrance to this nation from welfare dependent populations.

  12. Here in the United States we need to establish a Constitutionalist Nationalist Party and vote out the Globalist parties of the Republicans and Democrats and reclaim our republic for patriotic constitutionalist nationalist Americans of any ethnic background.

    1. No, we need to do away with political parties (factions), this country was founded to NOT use them.

      Alexander Hamilton: “We are attempting, by this Constitution, to abolish factions, and to unite all parties for the general welfare.” (Debates in the Convention of the State of New York on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution, Tuesday, June 25, 1788. In: Henry Cabot Lodge, ed., The Works of Alexander Hamilton (Federal Edition), Vol. 2, New York, 1904, p. 57)

      Alexander Hamilton: “Nothing could be more ill-judged than that intolerant spirit which has, at all times, characterized political parties.” (Federalist 1, October 27, 1787)

      John Adams: “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”

      John Adams: “Abuse of words has been the great instrument of sophistry and chicanery, of party, faction, and division of society.”

      George Washington, Farewell Address: “Let me… warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party.”
      plus “And of fatal tendency … to put, in the place of the delegated will of the Nation, the will of a party – often a small but artful and enterprising minority. … They are likely, in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the Power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government; destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”
      And “The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism.”

        1. Blah, blah, blah. S.O.S different century. What a bunch of jingoistic B.S born of fear and misunderstanding. You, the author and some commenters, should be ashamed of your selfs. This is not healing rhetoric. Left this and progressive that, don’t you see, by distancing yourself from other potential Americans you are creating the division that will be our downfalland. Where is the Christian ethic in this sea of hatred and distrust. This is ignorance disguised as journalism and opinions as truth.

          I am reminded of a scene in “Good Morning Vietnam”, to paraphrase, “get rid of all the people who are different from you and all your left with is people who are the.”(not as powerful, look it up)

          This has always been a country that accepted the poorest souls the world had to offer and through generations molded them into true Americans. Why can’t we be that America? Let us not forget the contiributions of immigrants that made America great.

          P.S. Thanks for the “lesson” on left and right. You might be interested to know the American eagle carries 13 arrows in its sinister talons. Any thoughts?

          1. ymerlet,

            You seem to be like all the “progressives”. Either we agree with you, or we are the ones fostering division. Seems like the pot is calling the kettle black. SOS from the usual leftist sources.

            You are so busy trying to destroy our culture and traditions that you can’t imagine some of us want to maintain them.

            Shorty Dawkins

  13. Hitler’s father, who took the name Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Solomon Rothschild’s mistress Anna Maria Schicklgruber. Hitler’s frozen sperm. How many besides Merkel (born on April 20,1954 same month and day as her father Adolf) could there be? Is Merkel is carrying out Adolf’s dream of a united Europe as president of the UN. How convenient.

  14. I am an old Lady who flew her flag up side down after Obama was elected a second time. Got some flack for it though (don’t really give a damn). Now we have a drug house on the corner, and a mixed group of Mexicans across the street, some of whom don’t speak very good English. Our Governor has declared Washington state a sanctuary state. The influx of Mexicans now into our community is horrendous and they are bringing their families. WFLA is building a 160 – 270 bed “Taj Mahal” for “Guest Workers” from Mexico; mostly young single men, here in town, complements of the American tax payer of course. We have lots of Orchards here that attracts migrant workers from Mexico. Recently I read an article put out by AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens). In it a debate at Harvard University. Present at the debate were two young men, one black and the other Mexican. They were identified as Damiyr Davis and Miguel Feliciano from the University of West Georgia. Feliciano was particularly vocal. He advocated that whites should either die or otherwise kill themselves. They maintained that “There is no ethical reason white people deserve to live”. I’m white. I take that very personal. I could go on but, suffice it to say, I am going out to get another flag to hang upside down on my house.

  15. Shorty Dawkins,
    There you go proving my point. I challenge your position hoping for dialogue, and you sling terms like progressive, leftist sources, and accuse me of destroying culture and tradition without defining either of the first or backing your allegations with proof or fact for the latter. You got your talking points out there, so let’s talk instead of slinging insults at each other like a couple of kindergarteners.

    Do you know why the Pledge of Allegiance was created? To inductrinate immigrants and their children. Immigration and the reactions of citizens to it are not a new problem, nor is the “problem” likely to go away.

    Think about the great migrations to this country. All were viewed with suspicion, some to this day after being here for over a hundred years, yet America has prospered.

    Just for the record I’m an Army vet. Seems to me I promoted American culture and upheld its traditions by my service. That service included helping down trodden individuals and people’s. I am proud of my service

    I became interested in Oath Keepers because of its stated goals of protecting the constitution. I am interested in protecting the whole constitution not just the parts I find convenient.

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