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King Zuckerberg Fawned Over At Hearings

King Zuckerberg Fawned Over At Hearings

Mark Zuckerberg was treated as royalty when he appeared before House and Senate Committees in two days of hearings. Most of the Congressmen and Senators fawned over him, while a handful actually posed important questions. Of note was the fact that he was not testifying under oath.

Zuckerberg denied censoring conservative sites. He claimed the Diamond and Silk censoring was “an enforcement error“. There have been a lot of “enforcement errors”, it would seem, against conservative sites.

Mark Zuckerberg Lied: Here Are Ten Charts to Show How Facebook Is Censoring Conservative Publishers

From Breitbart:

Mark Zuckerberg replied; “Congresswoman, we don’t think what we are doing is censoring speech, I think there are types of content like terrorism which I think we all agree we don’t want to have on our service, so we build a system that can identify those and can remove that content and we’re very proud of that work.” Blackburn took Zuckerberg to task saying; “let me tell you something right now, Diamond and Silk is not terrorism.”

This was a reference to YouTube commentators Diamond and Silk who recently found their Facebook page limited on the platform. Zuckerberg admitted this was a mistake earlier in the hearing when representative Joe Barton asked; “‘Please ask Mr. Zuckerberg why is Facebook censoring conservative bloggers such as Diamond and Silk. Facebook called them unsafe to the community, that is ludicrous, they hold conservative views, that isn’t unsafe.’ What’s your response to that?”

In the fantasy world that Mark Zuckerberg lives in, censoring speech is not censoring speech.

Like a lot of high tech gurus, Zuckerberg believes Artificial Intelligence (AI) will solve all our problems.

AI will solve Facebook’s most vexing problems, Mark Zuckerberg says. Just don’t ask when or how.

King Zuckerberg envisions the day when computers (AI) will be smarter than humans and will decide what we can, or cannot, post on Facebook, or anywhere. In his fantasy land, there will be no “hate speech”, though he cannot give a definition of said “hate speech”. AI will decide. But who will program the AI computers? And what input will they give these AI computers? Garbage in; garbage out. An algorithm will decide your fate and mine. It is a dystopian future we face, if what we say, write or even think, is decided by an algorithm.

No thanks, Mark. You are not King, as much as you would like to be.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Zuckerberg has done more to divide this Republic than any other single person. His “Social Media Platform” should be more appropriately named “Antisocial Media Platform.” Just the “Like” feature is a tell.

    Look at his eyes. For that matter look at Sandberg’s eyes. They are the windows to the soul, and theirs are devoid. Facebook is evil’s creation, and utilizing it to forward a point, is siding with evil, period!

  2. There is something extremely disturbing in this “man’s” face…a vacancy. When you look into the eyes of most truly good men, you see something that’s hard to describe. Self-assuredness maybe, a certain peace that comes with knowing who you are…confidence. Add it all up and call it a twinkle. I see fear in his eyes…all the money in the world, and he’s afraid. Why do you think that is? I say its because he’s sold his soul to the most ruthless king of all.

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