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Okay, you (conservatives) have no doubt been accused of being a racist, a fascist and many other things. There have been articles printed claiming that conservatives have low IQs. Really? Liberals/progressives are not above using the foulest of tactics. I think we recognize that simple fact. We know they would like to eliminate us. It is a part of their ideology to eliminate “non-believers”. Their ideology is more of a cult-like religion than a reasoned ideology, as it contains many contradictions that are accepted on faith.

Black Pigeon Speaks has an interesting video about IQ, conservatism and racism that explores some of the contradictions of liberalism/progressivism.

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  1. Right. JS Bach, A Mozart, Einstein, and thousands of other God fearing Christian men are idiots. I don’t recall Mensa asking about party affiliated crap, or religious affiliated crap.

  2. Why would I even care? I call them sheep, leftists, and commies as well as assholes, idiots, and marxist.

  3. One cannot compare education (indoctrination) against common sense. Educated idiots abound! Hell, most of them turn out to be politicians …………………

  4. What leftists don’t really understand is that education for the most part is Amorphous, for instance, i could educate myself in the engineering of many machinations, focusing primarily on the mathematics and the disciplines involved, such as trigonometry, calculus, thermal dynamics, etcetera, and refuse to allow the propagation of socio-economic courses to inject themselves into my studies through courses such as philosophy,modern politics and history, does this make me low intelligence? i would find anyone hard pressed to call someone who can do those formulations without the trappings of modern societies acceptable behavioral models, Low Intelligence.

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