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High School Student Goes Viral After School Tells Her to Delete This Video

“Elizabeth Najjar explains that not all high school students are going along with the March for Our Lives’ agenda.”

The mainstream media will not cover the 2nd Amendment supporting students because they do not fit the gun-control agenda the media is pushing. The 2nd Amendment is a critical part of our Bill of Rights, and some students who understand and support our founding documents will not be silenced.

UPDATE 4-14-2018: The facebook version of this video has been removed by others, so I’m replacing it with a YouTube version.
H/T G.W. for finding this.







  1. God Bless her, and her parents who saw to it that even though she was being educated in the schools of propaganda, that she can still think!

    She will probably need protection now.

  2. Well, the video is gone already. It was outstanding! It was also a facebook video, so that may give a clue as to who pulled it. If I find out more, I will post it here.

  3. What’s important is that the has now successfully created a national debate on the 2nd Amendment. There is nothing to debate!
    Also, it’s another example of why we don’t support Facebook Zuckerberg and his Chinese organ harvesting. Profiling potential victims through Facebook. Wake up! Close Facebook down!

  4. She looks like a smart, self-confident girl. I think many young people could learn from her how to talk, so others will listen. Of course I agree with the point, that honest and deep debate is highly recommended in this case. People need to understand their rights and how to protect themselves and their families from a common propaganda. I wish her good luck!

  5. BitChute is also a site that performs the same functions as Youtube…. Stop watching Youtube and go see BitChute…. Post this video all over BitChute and I bet it will live free forever…

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