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Crazy London Mayor Khan Now Calls for Knife Control!!!

Crazy London Mayor Khan Now Calls for Knife Control!!!

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has decided to follow the Globalist path by banning knives in his city, in response to an increased rate of knife attacks and murders with knives. Londoners are not allowed to have guns, so knives have become the weapon of choice for those willing to do harm to another person. If baseball bats (or cricket bats) become the new weapon of choice, no doubt he will seek to ban them. What if forks are used? Or spoons? Will he ban them also?

The absurdity of Khan’s position becomes readily apparent once you pause to apply a little logic and common sense. Those wishing to do harm will use the best weapon available in their quest to injure another. Meanwhile, depriving the weaker members of society from arming themselves puts them at a big disadvantage. It deprives them of the few means of self-defense they have, which is, in truth, the whole point of the Globalists nut jobs. They want you defenseless and dependent. Only the Elite and the Government can protect themselves, and, (if you believe them), you.

Dependent people are subservient people, which is precisely what they want.

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