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WHAT CAUSES MASS SHOOTINGS? Psych Drugs or Law-abiding Gun Owners?

The 2nd Amendment is a hot topic right now, mostly due to the misguided efforts of the high school students from Parkland, Florida. The mass shooting of students and teachers there was a horrible tragedy. However, students, large anti-gun organizations, and the mainstream media are demanding a faulty solution. These protests are not student-led, but instead are organized and paid for by well-funded national groups with a gun-control agenda.

Instead of pursuing a viable solution, the tired old ban “AR-15’s”, ban “large capacity” magazines, or ban”weapons of war” talking points are spouted by those who somehow think that disarming law-abiding citizens will solve the problem. Anyone who would consider perpetrating a mass shooting can get whatever weapons they want thru illicit channels. New laws won’t stop them. New anti-gun laws will only hamper the defensive response by good guys.

We have a natural right to self-defense. The 2nd Amendment enumerates that right. Disarming good guys does not make bad guys less dangerous! Gun-free-zones just compound the problem, assuring that no good guys (or gals) can stop the mayhem.

A gun is a tool. It does not act on it’s own. Great Britain has banned guns and crime is worse. Now, they’re banning knives. So criminals are using acid. The problem is not the gun or the knife. It is the person using those tools. Any solution must address the real problem – the person committing the crime.

What causes mass shootings? The person using the weapon.

The film, Good Guys With Guns, will explore real solutions to the real problem, instead of the current knee-jerk demands for unconstitutional gun-control and incremental gun bans.

Documentary films like Good Guys With Guns are financed by donations from you and me. (The usual Hollywood financiers will not touch the Constitutional agenda of this film.) Some of us can just give a little, and some of us can give more. Please donate whatever you can so we can get this film finished and out to the people who need to see it.

If you would like to find out more about Good Guys With Guns, please read the new progress report below. There is a new link to the script that includes questions for the experts who will be interviewed in the film.



Progress Report

20 April 2018


Dear GOOD-GUY Associate,

I am happy to announce that we have incorporated your comments and suggestions into a new script for GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS – How the Second Amendment Can Stop Mass Shootings.  The script is at and it’s only 32 pages so it can be read in 20 or 30 minutes. For those who like to see how the “sausage is made,” the script with questions is at

WHAT CAUSES MASS SHOOTINGS? Psych Drugs or Law-abiding Gun Owners?

Your donations from the last Progress Report were generous and I sincerely thank you.  You made it clear that we have to do something about the “gun-control lobby” that’s now trying to enlist our kids to expand “gun-free zones” nationwide.

The gun-control lobby and the destroy-Trump media have joined with the Globalists to disarm the country by using mass shootings as their rationale.  We must reverse this trend, and a way we can reverse it is by demonstrating the principle of a self-protecting nation through the Second Amendment and the Militia Clauses.  In other words, good guys with guns.

The new script for GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS hits on all of this.

SECOND, your donations not only made it possible to get the new script done, we have an interview lined up with G. Edward Griffin on the 26th of this month.  Read the script and imagine how G. Edward Griffin is going to address some of the issues when we ask him questions like: “Ed, what IS the nature of government?”  “Ed, was Lord Acton right?”  “Ed, do citizens really need to protect themselves from 21st Century governments?”  What would you like me to ask G. Edward Griffin?

So the appearance of G. Edward Griffin in GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS will be the usual awesome event he has demonstrated in our 8 earlier films, all available as a free public service at or available on higher quality DVD at

THIRD, not only is G. EDWARD GRIFFIN lined up to interview, so are the following additional experts:














We are also inviting into the movie: CHRIS COX, DANNIEL McGONIGLE, DAVID GILLIE, JOHNNIE LANGENDORFF, PAT BUCHANAN, ROBERT K. BROWN, REP. RON PAUL, SHERIFF DAVID CLARKE, SHERIFF RICHARD MACK, TED NUGENT, TIM SCHMIDT, VINCE VAUGHN.  If you see your name on this list, please contact me to do a short interview.

FOURTH, now that we have been able to better focus the subject matter for this documentary, we have commissioned a top artist to start designing new artwork for the website, the 1-sheet, the trailer, the movie and the DVD.  Your donations will keep this progress alive and speed it up to the degree our modest production Budget is funded.

FIFTH if you like the new script and your donations from this Progress Report are sufficient, we will begin the production of a new trailer.  The current trailer is below.


The new trailer we are working on — based on the new script — is going to upset a lot of people.  Namely Big Pharma (and their mass shooter-inspiring psychotropic drugs); the New York TV networks (and their discriminating control group); and the gun-control lobby (with their infestation of gun-free zones).

So help us give a dose of Liberty to the anti-Second Amendment collectivists that are using mass shootings to accelerate their New World Order.  Donate what you can to complete this production by going to

*     *     *

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS explores mass-shooting at schools, churches and public places and proposes solutions both at the physical level AND the moralistic level.  Isn’t it time BIBLE READING is brought back into the war zone known as the public school system?  Shouldn’t we at least let our kids know that there are VALUES other than Hollywood “values?

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS addresses all this.

Criminologists tell us that 70% of the time it takes the police about 11 minutes to get to shootings, but they are over in about 5 minutes.  Isn’t it time we arm teachers and administrative personnel so our children have a fighting chance when a psych drug-crazed madman comes at them?

Read the script.  We will discuss all this in GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS.

Inspired by the works of Edwin Vieira, Jr., foremost Constitutional attorney with 4 degrees from Harvard, GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS — a Matrix Production in association with OATH KEEPERS -– will propose workable solutions to mass shootings.  Unless Americans better understand how and why mass shootings occur, we will never be able to eliminate these atrocities and provide the eternal vigilance necessary for a self-governing nation.

Watch this clip from our previous film, MOLON LABE, to better understand why eternal vigilance is necessary.

There is a very good chance GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS — How the Second Amendment Can Stop Mass Shootings will have a positive effect on Society.  The films ARE making a difference.  Verify my claim by watching the past production and see if they don’t match up to many of the improvements we see happening right now.

The Mainstream Media — as we discussed in our previous production of MAINSTREAM — has become corrupted and now works to indoctrinate WE THE PEOPLE into an acceptance of an anti-Second Amendment culture and the Globalist Agenda.  Help stop this.  Go to and donate whatever you can even if it’s $100, $50 or $25.  Producer and Production Associate screen credits will be granted as acknowledgement for your donations.

Also, we are looking for a few donors of means to step up and take a Producer or Executive Producer screencredit in the MAIN titles.  Where else could you get a screen credit like this because what other group of people is going to make a movie like this?  Not Hollywood. Not the New York media.

Thank you for reading the new script and contributing what you can to get this production “in the can.”  A “free state” and “a more perfect union” are made possible by men and women who care.  If even a small percentage of you donate we will not only get GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS done, it may be our most important documentary yet.  Further, this film may help stop or attenuate the horrific mass shootings we have been seeing across the nation.  Isn’t it worth a try?





P.S.  The more people who know about this production, the faster it will get done. So please forward this Progress Report to your family, friends and associates. Thank you.







    1. No, it is not pot.

      Maybe pot LACED with other stuff. Definitely the synthetic drugs are a problem.

      But “big pharma” drugs list all the side effects, but people do not have enough logic in their brains anymore to realize that the “side effects” listed is, like the “maybe cure”, or “may relieve the symptoms of …”, is built into the meds. It is always there like the “possibles”. Listing them as “side effects” make people think that they are a rare instance. You know, basically lies. Like the “possible cure”, the “side effect” is always there and it is a roll of the dice about which you get or if you get both. But then Billions would be lost if people were taught logic anymore, wouldn’t it?

      Soldiers would not go to unlawful, undeclared by those who serve within Congress wars. LE’s would not be busting into houses because they would understand the SUPREME LAW that requires that all other LESSOR legislation be in “Pursuant thereof” the US Constitution, and they would NOT enforce “Color of Laws” because they would be able to recognize it when the order came. There would be NO NSA because they do not have, nor could they get, LAWFUL warrants on every American. There would be NO cameras on every street light, stop sign, telephone wires, store fronts, etc,, etc, etc because NONE of that is LAWFUL in this nation, but good to go in China, etc. The people who serve in those areas that put them into place would refuse to, or tear down that what was put into place by idots, domestic enemies or traitors, recognizing the danger that they are to the American people, to our legitimate constitutional republic government.

      There would be NO drones, NO DARPA, TSA, etc because no one would stand for it.

      Too few real Americans left. Best thing one can do is start teaching themselves logic where ever they work or don’t work. Or maybe it is best to just be a “dumb animal” (paraphrasing Kissinger) not aware one is to be slaughtered.

  1. Aside from the drugs I think one of the biggest factors that most people either have not been educated on,or the Lame stream media forgets to write about are the mass violent videos that are produces so our adolescents can take full advantage of and rack up kill points by playing an almost virtual reality game, with no penalties as in real life. Most of the kids that have played these so called games had been playing them for a long time after their dirty deeds in reality had been played out.This has already gone through the SCOTUS, to no avail, gee I wonder why?$$$$$ Yep much ore money than the drug cartels. You may want to call them call them Mueder Inc. You are what you eat, and kids are sponges.

  2. One factor many patriots won’t touch with a ten foot pole for fear of being labeled a “tin foil hatter” or “conspiracy theorist” is the reality of dark state government orchestration of mass shootings to advance a greater global agenda- more specifically, a U.N. agenda iwithn the U.S.

    Another aspect to this orchestration is the potential use of mind control/voice to skull technologies. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, one common element which many of the alleged mass shooters claim(who if guilty, and not merely a patsie certainly had a lot of help), is the reality of them hearing voices commanding them to carry out said mass shooting.

    Certainly, psychotropic drugs play a vital role in this crafty technology. There is no doubt in a growing number of American minds, that MK-Ultra was perfected, and is now being utilized to carry out the disarmament agenda, and broader deconstruction of our founders Constitutional Republic

    For those who think this is ludicrous or science fiction, do some detailed investigation i of many of the mass shootings starting with Columbine. Connect the dots, note the commonalities note all agency connections of the reported shooters and their families,, and never disregard the little seemingly useless details, such as, “This was my ELF gun”.

    Do we really think in all probability the growing volume of mass shootings since 2008 is a mere coincidence? When one realizes that a large quantity of continued mass shootings is a necessary component for reshaping the masses ppsychological perception of privately-held firearms , and shotgunning through legislation and executive orders for continued restrictiion of our individual right to keep and bear arms,then it makes allot more sense.

    Clearly, the powers that be can not just repeal the Second Amendment. So, it is necessary for them to have a big enough series of reasons to essentially nullify it without an all out repeal. Are all of these mass shootings a conspiracy? This is not necessarily the case. Nevertheless, we must be willing to think outside the box of conventional norms and assumptions.

    We are dealing with a well-oiled machine of vast proportions, with access to powerful technologies and endless funding at their disposal. Should it surprise us that the so-called elite would go to such lengths to disarm the American population? In order to mount America’s head upon their wall, they must minimalize or neutralize our ability to effectively resist them when that inevitability becomes necessary. They control nearly every other aspect of our lives. Private ownership of semi-automatic firesrms is essentially the last stumbling block before the historically inevitable rounding up of the undesirables.How can this be accomplished when the ipossibility of neutralizing their agenda exists through an effective armed resistance, resulting in a possible restoration of checks and balances with due process against those committed to absolute global control and enslavement of the people?

  3. With all due respect Rene, marijuana has nothing to do with violent behavior. We could make a connection with laced, marijuana and/or a synthetic. If marijuana is the substance of your focal point, then we would have to say that Bob Marley, whom smoked more marijuana in a day than most people smoke in a month could have, in a hallucinated state, committed a violent crime beyond epic proportions. That never happened..
    Furthermore, Paul Mccartney must be dangerous because he took LSD right??
    Don’t think he ever pulled out a AR-15 at a show and shot his audience.
    Rest assured no one attending a Phish concert, or Great Full dead concert ever went crazy while consuming illicit substances and listening to Jam Band music….
    George Carlin took LSD, he wasn’t violent…
    Bill Clinton smoked pot, but he didn’t inhale….? 🙂
    George Bush admitted that he did smoke pot and didn’t know very many baby boomers that didn’t!
    Don’t know may celebrities that weren’t addicts…
    A small percentage may have been involved in suicide, but not an aggressive offensive toward the public domain..
    We think it is quite simple, as far as the modern explanation goes…there really isn’t one..Reason being the narrative makes no sense.
    Not just in America, but globally there is a profound societal problem…Here in America one only has to turn on the Television, plug in the X-Box to see…
    We attribute violent video games, violent television programs, mis-information, agenda based bias, main stream media propaganda, and in some cases, aspergers, autism, school bulling, and/or pharmaceutical pills, or a mix of all of the above. These are the most common denominators in most modern day mass shootings in America PERIOD.
    And this has Nothing to do with intercity gang shootings that happen every day, in every city, with black market guns, purchased illegally mind you; This gets 0 media coverage, and in most cases these violent mass shootings have to do with drugs and/or territorial disputes.
    Nothing is beyond repair. Together we as Americans can get to the bottom of this, and find the antidote. All we have to do is stick together and work it out!!

    1. Include the self esteem agenda and everyone gets a trophy syndrome. These misfits among us can’t handle anything normal in life. Then add all the hate speech from the basement dwellers and left provocateurs. Look how they act when you simply pass them driving down the road. Flipping people off, honking their pathetic horn, racing down the road around others because they felt annoyed. Poor babies…It’s insane. Lets not forget the soyboy spineless no testicles group. Pathetic.

      Antidote: One Carrington solar flare direct hit….poof…all those blue counties on the map will perish. Every 100 or so years the sun produces a solar super storm, releasing one or more giant, technology killing, CME’s, like those emitted in 1859. It is long overdue for the next event. The meek shall inherit the earth really is true.

  4. Mass shootings…let’s see…oh wait… the latest at another Parkland school (coincidence?) is with an AR15 that the FBI owned. And many are people who are on psycho drugs…dispensed by quack doctors getting spiffed by big pharma. I saw one doctors office that had pharma bumper stickers on their copy machine/printer. Try to leave a doctors visit without getting sold a bill of crap pills. There is a historical correlation to the dispensing of psycho drugs and crazy acts of violence. And the FDA is owned by Big Pharma. Google Earth Paris France, our FDA office in Paris is nestled nicely next door to Pfizer Corp.

    How can I protect myself from a shooter when the drug induced shooter is the only asshole with a gun? Call 911…wait 20 minutes….damn, I died 18 minutes ago.

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