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Could this California State Assembly Bill BAN the Bible?

Could this California State Assembly Bill BAN the Bible?

It’s hard to imagine what the Control Freaks in the California Assembly actually want to do. Is this a move to Ban the Bible?  Whatever happened to Free Speech and Religious Freedom? Of course, this is the People’s Republic of California, so such things are to be expected. They are so far down the totalitarian, Globalist path that they are oblivious to any sane, sensible ideas. God Help the people of California. Then again, they insist on voting these nut cases into office.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Now we’re getting somewhere. We have the extra constitutional framework, in the form of the bump stock ban and the Fix NICS red flag law, in which to outlaw and confiscate firearms and now we are banning books. But not just books, the foundational document of western civilization. This party’s getting started boys and girls.

    I’ve always looked at the Oathkeepers “Orders We Will Not Obey” and thought that’s a great list of solid principles. But I’ve wondered what the Oathkeepers will do to the Americans that will obey them. Looks like we may find out. Will you stand by waving the constitution saying ‘you can’t do that’ when the gun confiscations, because, they’ve already started. It’s an act of war, you know.

    1. Fred,

      Oathkeepers is made up of many individuals (<– Keyword). Some are, and have been fighting, many here who are able, have answered Stewarts/Oathkeepers call for assistance throughout the USA at various times. Like most humans, if not all, they can only fight battles they know about, and even those will need to be picked and chosen.

      Not sure what you are doing to support and defend the US Constitution and your own state's Constitution. But a way to assist in this endeavor is to control your state "representatives".

      In the state where I live, where my family came on foot, horseback, a wagon and created a ranch, a home, a farm; and with "zoning" the state took most of the property, destroyed the ranch, and woke me up to ask some serious questions. I learned long ago about Agenda 21.

      At this time the fight in this state has now gotten to where we are separating into different states, 2 or 3. Preferably the three, Jefferson, Northern California, and California and it is VERY possible that it will be on the ballot this next election.

      But even here there is a fight, because the people of the state of Jefferson did most of the work over decades. (Yes, I do recognize the state of Jefferson) Northern California is a latecomer to this movement, but agrees completely with Jefferson, just that they did not go down far enough into the state of California (Jefferson will be Southern Oregon counties and northern California counties).

      The new fight is Venture capitalist Tim Draper, A billionaire, says he has enough support to ask Californians if they want to divide the nation’s most populous state into three states. I believe that he is using the work Jefferson did the work with those counties that agreed to the Jefferson map of the split. Draper created a new map that puts major cities into all three new states.

      Why is that a problem? Because at this time most of the vote for this state, and nation comes from LA/Orange county, San Francisco/Bay area because of the densely packed "communities". They have the people, and do NOT represent rural California in anything. Drapers split would continue that bad, and I feel, treasonous policy.

      With the new states of Jefferson, Northern California according to their map there would then be two Constitutional states that fully back the US Constitution asking for admittance into the union. With Drapers' split it would be questionable, though I believe that Jefferson would still be, it might be overpowered by the mass of people, many illegals with drivers licenses, by the Sacramento area politically. That would defeat the purpose, and I see nothing good of Drapers proposed split except that he has the political support of cronies to get his concept on the ballet.

      Please support Jefferson and they way they want it split, the way those counties involved agreed to and want the split to be. That should be first. If it can be managed, support the Jefferson, Northern California split for the same reasons.

      God Bless All, and Stay Safe!


      1. “Draper created a new map that puts major cities into all three new states.” This would totally negate the “State of Jefferson” efforts, which I support. Jefferson would create a northern state of mostly rural counties which currently have no representation in California due to lower population. As the “State of Jefferson”, they would have control over the laws and regulations applied to them. The Draper plan would just create three smaller states, all with large population areas and the same problems of the existing large state.

        Once serious concern of mine is that California now has two senators. With the Draper plan, the same land/population area would have six. The way the California primary works, the top two are on the ballot, and often they are both Democrats. It is essentially a one party state.

        Another concern is the election process in California. They are reluctant to clean voter rolls, and they refuse to implement voter ID. They have also made it easier for illegal aliens to vote. As a trained poll observer in 2012, I witnessed multiple “irregularities” in the way the polls we visited were run. Rules, and even laws, were not being followed. Some of this would make it easier for illegal and/or multiple votes. Maybe this is why Hillary’s popular vote “win” in 2016 was entirely due to California.

    2. “Will you stand by waving the constitution saying ‘you can’t do that’ when the gun confiscations, because, they’ve already started. It’s an act of war, you know.” Fred, I am so afraid you are correct. The “war” HAS started and patriots are extremely slow in gathering for the fight. You just can’t get people motivated for the fight and that will be our demise.

      1. Why I always refer to the US Constitution is because it is what created this Constitutional Republic in writing, is the supreme Law of this nation, and is the supreme contract for ALL who serve within our governments (some also take an Oath to a state Constitution). Since it defines our government, when we fix our government, when we charge those who work against it, that document stands very tall. If we deviate from what it allows, when we do not use the tools it delegates to us (Grand Jury Investigations, Grand Juries, elections without party chosen candidates, sound money, etc, etc, etc it gives us the LEGITIMATE authority to enforce the contract (Art. 1, Section 8, Clause 15). It also gives us the authority to enforce the Laws of the land (thinking H & B Clinton, Etc).

        Yeah, the war has started, but if we do not keep to our legitimate government which gives us the Lawful authority to investigate, charge, etc those who serve within our governments. It is the courts and those who serve within government who claim otherwise. Wasn’t our framers smart to make us a Constitutional Republic with everything put onto paper, so easily verified?

        But back to why… Because when other nations or entities controlled by the “scum elite” we have legitimacy on our side, and we can use whatever power is necessary to remove and replace the corrupt in our government. Then get that bit of history down, and start teaching REAL history – good bad, and ugly – in schools, etc.

        Remember, if it is not constitutional, it is null and void. Be it a piece of legislation, an agency (think Fed Reserve, etc) some are expressly forbidden.

  2. The New Definition of Insanity: Picking a fight you’re physically and psychologically ill-equipped and un-prepared for.

  3. Interesting, I would think the large Hispanic population would be Catholic there by opposed to such insane legislation. But, as Cal points out, the perversions of the big city syndrome modern day Sodom and Gomorahs rule many states.

    We’ve slowed agenda 21 to agenda 30. The cabalist types that blindly get in step need to feel a painful consequence. Start with these unconstitutional agencies who dictate their tyranny on we citizens. Locally.

    Idiots no better than stepping foot on my ranch…but they creep. Ruby Ridge, Waco, Bundy only scratch the surface of the millions who have been violated. There is no rage because the general population never hears or feels it.

  4. I did not think I’d live to see the day when the Left became so impatient with destroying western civilization that they’d actually take off the mask and reveal to all just exactly who they are and what their end game is. “No, we don’t want to take everyone’s guns.” Now Liberals who want to repeal the Second Amendment are coming out of the woodwork. A half dozen letters to the editor in our local paper alone in the last month calling for repealing of the Second Amendment. “No, we don’t want to impugn or infringe on anyone’s religious liberty………..we just want to ban the Bible.”

    I am so looking forward to this final battle. One of my favorite T-shirts says, Never push a man to violence who has been waiting for an excuse to use it.”

    1. …honorable men bled once… with our honor we’ll bleed again. The cabal people are taunting the Lions …lots of meat on the plains of liberty, justice and freedom.

      1. And I guarantee you there are more of us than there are of them, and we’re not afraid to risk our lives to defend freedom. I think in the end we’re going to find out that our adversaries are cowards, and it won’t really be much of a fight — but it’s a fight that we will eventually have to have.

      2. The ones that need “attention” are the armed agencies. I trust the Marines and Army… local police… nope…local sheriff…nope… armed agencies …nope. Their oath is a formality.

  5. So when does the “book burning” of the bible begin? In all honesty, I wouldn’t put it past these people to do just that and I believe that they believe they would be doing a good thing, This is one of the insane characteristics of those who hold a Marxist/communist/globalist worldview. They actually do believe they have the higher morality and think nothing of depriving individuals of their Godgiven freedoms and liberties. In their minds, the end always justifies the means, however evil those means might be, in order to achieve their end goal. I don’t think the bible is included in their plans.

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