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Arizona 2nd Amendment Rally – April 14

Arizona 2nd Amendment Rally - April 14

From Michael Primiano

Oath Keepers
Maricopa County Coordinator

Hello Everybody,

The organizers of this event have FINALLY gotten word to us as to the when and where for this Second Amendment Rally to be held this coming Saturday the 14th. The rally IS NOT at the capital grounds, there are two other events scheduled that day and the city would not issue permits to the organizers for that venue. They did manage to pull permits for Paradise Valley Park in Phoenix. The event kicks off at 11am our time, the address is 17642 N. 40th street in Phoenix. Below is a copy of the instruction Oath Keepers received from the event organizers so please be respectful and abide by their instructions. Any questions please contact me and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. I will not be able to attend this event due to my work schedule.

It is expected that it will be about mid-80s but sunny, so dress appropriately, bring water and shade (a pop-up tent might be in order) as well as a chair for each person. Oath Keepers is a host for this event so if you have an Oath Keepers shirt, please wear it.

This is a 2nd Amendment rally, but the police have asked us not to bring long guns, but if we do, to not have a magazine in the rifle. We believe that as this is a 2nd Amendment rally, the “enemy of the 2nd” won’t show up, but if you are seriously concerned, keep the magazine in your pocket or purse if you decide to bring a long gun. Tasteful open carry of sidearms is encouraged.

Remember, the globalists are not being truthful when they tell us they don’t want to take our guns. THEY DO! And we need to stand up for ourselves and show our legislators that we are every bit as serious about keeping our rights as the left is of taking them away.

So plan on attending and talk it up with your friends and like-minded neighbors and let’s flood the park with patriots!

In Liberty,

Mike Primiano
Oath Keepers
Maricopa County Coordinator


Shorty Dawkins



  1. “This is a 2nd Amendment rally, but the police have asked us not to bring long guns, but if we do, to not have a magazine in the rifle.”

    The Second Amendment can be argued to be very much biased toward the fighting rifle as being the primary tool of liberty. (Not to say that handguns or shotguns are irrelevant to the 2A.)

    So it’s interesting that the police don’t want any “long guns” present.
    (Well, other than theirs of course since the state is always excluded from infringements.)

    The message I get from this is that they consider ALL of us lawfully armed citizens to be imminent threats.
    But they apparently find holstered “sidearms” to be less threatening than slung rifles or shotguns.

    With this in mind I will paraphrase the statements from several years ago made by the phoenix police in a similar situation.
    They will likely “…have snipers pointed in and ready to shoot anyone with a rifle…if they are perceived as threatening.” (Ability, Opportunity and Intent?)

    So I wonder how the local “only ones” will react to an attendee with an AR platform based handgun or a 12 or 20 Gauge firearm such as a TAC-14 or Shockwave properly carried slung.
    They are certainly not “long arms.”

    Maybe I should carry the Katana I use for Battōjutsu.
    It’s certainly an arm protected by the 2A no matter whose argument you choose to believe.
    It’s a sidearm design already in use long before the American revolution and it even has a nice wooden saya to carry it in.

    That should make the “only ones” feel very safe…right?

    1. If not at the Capital who will ever know we were there, Second I do not go to any place nor any biz nor event who does not allow guns to be carried.
      Tuxkabin has spoken. Long guns have always been legal in texas

  2. I am being asked for which groups organize 2A rally’s. If you can, let me know and I can pass on to others …. Great to see and hear of more folks becoming involved!

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