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Albany, NY ~ 2nd Amendment Rally, April 14

by Mert Melfa Media

Scenes from the “Americans for America” New York March for the Second Amendment, at the State Capitol in Albany, NY , April 14, 2018. New Yorkers gathered to participate in the Nationwide March and Rally for the Second Amendment at the State Capitols of the 50 states.

The National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans

Americans for America rallies at State Capitols all over the country


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  1. Amen to all the Patriots that came and marched in the cold windy NY day. True patriots!
    Thanks to the sheepdogs and to Mert also for the video!

    1. It WAS damn cold… all day long. but not as cold as crossing the Delaware, -or Valley Forge was
      Right is right. And wrong, is the evil from within our own government

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