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Why the YouTube Purge will only Fuel the Populist Surge!!!

Why the YouTube Purge will only Fuel the Populist Surge!!!

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have been censoring conservative/populist posts, recently. They, of course, blame it on “mistakes” by overzealous censors, but we know those doing the censoring have been given their marching orders, and have done the job they were ordered to do.

That the globalists, and their minions, have lost control of the narrative is becoming more and more evident, as George Soros, CNN and others call for conservative populist websites to be “controlled”. Soros’ money may be able to buy MSM pundits, but it cannot buy the hearts and minds of the populace. Fewer, and fewer, people pay attention to the Globalist puppets. More, and more, people see the game for what it is. While the Oscar attendees were protected by heavily armed guards, they screamed for the rest of us to be disarmed. Their hypocrisy knows no limits.

Dr. Steven Turley discusses how the censorship will actually backfire on them and further the populist surge.

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  1. Sweet Cakes, of Greshem Oregon closed its doors in Dec. 2013, in the midst of the public backlash from the investigation. The owner of the bakery said she would keep baking cakes at a home-based bakery.

    Apparently the left can discriminate with no consequence, hiding behind vague subjective online rules. A class action discrimination suit is warrented along with “big government tyranny” destroying Youtube, Google, Twitter, Facebook,….oh I forgot, they are all moneyed and set up by CIA backed “black” funds. Deep state organization ops. Be sure to keep your “deep state” accounts open so future generations only see what big brother allows.

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