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What’s REALLY Behind Trump’s Signing the Omnibus Bill!!!

What's REALLY Behind Trump's Signing the Omnibus Bill!!!

Dr. Steven Turley discusses the recent signing, by Trump, of the Omnibus Spending Bill. Why did he sign it? Dr. Turley admits he doesn’t know, as it was antithetical to his base supporters. As Dr. Turley points out, every movement has its setbacks. This is one of those setbacks, but it is important to recognize that the movement must, and will, continue. Trump was elected as a rejection of globalism. Globalism is still here, but is waning in strength. The fight against it will continue, with or without Donald Trump. The voters who elected Trump haven’t suddenly become globalists. They reject it still, even if Trump’s maneuver lacks rationality. The movement doesn’t depend on Trump. If he abandons his anti-globalist stance, he will be a one-term President.

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