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Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas gives truth-filled speech on our right to self defense

Deligate Nick Freitas spoke after Democrats compared Republicans to Nazis and segregationists for blocking gun control legislation. He is a Republican from Culpeper, Virginia, and he is currently running to unseat U.S. Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine.

There have been a lot of speeches on our right to defend ourselves and the 2nd Amendment. This is my favorite so far.


A must watch

Posted by S. Chris Anders on Friday, March 2, 2018

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  1. This has to be the BEST speech ever by a politician on the floor. Share the heck out of it and EDUCATE others. This is how to.

    1. 603,000+ views! 🙂 There needs to more exposure of the Demonrats hypocrisy. List the many atrocities they stand for today and have stood for in the past. Actually, the party should be banned along with other parties that openly are against our constitution. There is no freedom of speech for those platforms.

      1. This video on Delegate Nick Freitas’s Facebook page actually registered 15 million+ views in only a couple weeks, it seems to cap at 15 million in Facebook world!

        It generated lots of media attention and he was on Fox & Friends soon after the speech.

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