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The Truth About Broken Britain

The Truth About Broken Britain

Paul Joseph Watson, in his usual manner, points out the glaring absurdities of modern Britain, where jihadists are welcomed back, and free speech is denied to those who disagree with “official policy”.

The leadership in Britain seems to be delighting in the destruction of the very fabric of its culture, which, of course, is the very thing the Globalists desire, as they wish to first destroy all cultures and then rebuild the world in the framework of their Utopian, Marxist theology. Yes, I said theology, as it is a matter of belief to them. Their god is globalism, where one size fits all, (except for the Elite), and any opposition is dealt with brutally.

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Shorty Dawkins


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  1. Sadly, the video is very true. Our so called Government does allow manic preachers into the UK to spread their hatred. In the UK now there are dozens of Muslim organised child rape gangs who have destroyed the lives of many thousands of young girls. The Government knew it was happening over 10 years ago, but they did nothing. That of course encouraged other gangs, so the ruin of children continues. We have a movement here called Britain First, and two if their leaders Jayda and Paul went to a Court which was trying a muslim child rape gang, who were later found guilty and sent to prison, but for much too short sentences. Jayda and Paul asked them, during a Court recess, if they felt any shame or remorse for their actions, the gang responded with vile language, threats of violence to the couple AND their families. No remorse was ever shown by any of them. Later the Police arrested Jayda and Paul, and they were eventually sent to prison, for what ? We dont really know. This attitude from Government and Law hands muslims the freedom to do just what they want, with the protection of thee much abused race card. Muslim attacks a Christian, hard luck. Christian attacks a muslim, the streets are full of screaming hate filled protesters. Trouble is coming, as more and more Brits get sickened by the way muslims get away with so much, but demand every benefit, every protection, in fact, everything they are happy to deny British born people. We have had more than enough !!!

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