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Things To Consider With Civil Unrest And Martial Law

Things To Consider With Civil Unrest And Martial Law

The following video was made by the Millennial Man. In it he talks about various scenarios surrounding the potential imposition of Martial Law during a SHTF occurrence.

Far too many preppers believe the government will come knocking on their door, with SWAT teams, helicopters and tanks. Don’t kid yourselves. You are not important enough, unless you live in a large city. Then again, if you are a prepper, why are you still in a large city?

Millennial Man makes some very good points in this video. If you are in a rural environment, the government won’t be bothering you, because they will be concerned with the cities they consider are important. Smaller cities will fall into chaos, as the local authorities lose control. In more remote areas, you might have to protect your family and group from local thugs intent on stealing your stuff, but they can be dealt with if you are prepared, and have a group you can depend on. Lone wolves won’t do well. Period, though they think they will.

The takeaways from this video are: 1) Get out of the cities, large and small. 2) Have a group and a plan for the long haul.

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One comment

  1. Dear Millennial Man
    Thank you for your video. You are the ones who have the strength from your youth.
    Please read your state’s constitution. Try your best to understand where it comes from, who did it, and especially what it says. Does it say the government is responsible for civil unrest? Does it provide for martial law? Who then is responsible for these things.
    This is just my opinion and contrary as usual. I think a lone wolf will be far better off than a group of sheep.
    Godspeed and thanks again for the video. Please keep up the good work.
    Carlos Tavares

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