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UPDATES: Texas Meeting with Oath Keepers Founder and National VP, Friday March 23

UPDATES: The Texas meeting with Stewart Rhodes and Billy Simmons will be Friday night March 23, from 7-10 PM, in a conference room at the Hilton hotel. The Watchmen staff can provide directions to the conference room.

Also, if you have tickets to the Hear the Watchmen Dallas conference, Oath Keepers will be recognized at the dinner Thursday night for the Hurricane Harvey disaster relief work we did in Texas. Stewart Rhodes will also give a short speech.

This meeting will be in the EVENING at the same location as the Hear the Watchmen Dallas conference, The Hilton DFW Lakes Hotel and Executive Conference Center, 1800 HIGHWAY 26E, GRAPEVINE, TEXAS. The exact time and conference room to be announced later, and will be posted here.

This gathering is for Oath Keepers members and those who are interested in joining. At this meeting, led by Stewart Rhodes and Billy Simmons, very important information about Texas will be discussed.  Oath Keepers members from nearby states are also welcome. We’re looking forward to having you join us.

UPDATE: Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes, will also speak THURSDAY night as part of the Hear the Watchmen Dallas conference. Active Oath Keepers are eligible for free admission to the conference, courtesy of Hear the Watchmen, but prior registration is required. For information on registering, please click on the banner below.


UPDATES: Texas Meeting with Oath Keepers Founder and National VP, Friday March 23

Dallas 2018 Conference Schedule & Facts-At-A Glance





  1. Have all of you seen this?

    “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) asked for a Defense Department opinion on proposed Senate legislation to limit US military action in Yemen. The Pentagon told McConnell that it would ignore any such legislation, as the president is “commander in chief.” Has there been a military coup in the US? And is Congress going to do anything about it?”

    One, the President is only the Commander in Chief after the Congress declares war, or calls up the Militia. Go read it for yourselves.

    No one else can call out Americans to battle, NO ONE, except for those who serve within the Congress. No declaration of war, NOT ONE American or contracted merc should be fighting anywhere as they are then committing treason, *terrorism; and all in the PRETENSE of doing in in our name, for our nation.

    I’ve said it many times, those that SERVE WITHIN the Pentagon, the “military brass”and their administrations are all domestic enemies at best, and TRAITORS at the worse. We Americans must make sure that those we know who are enlisted do NOT Follow ANY military orders as they then will be working AGAINST our nation until we get ALL (ALL) domestic enemies and TRAITORS removed from all positions within our government, particularly those who serve within the highest ranks of the military.

    Remember that it was Panetta and Dempsey who, at a senate hearing on the senate floor flat out said that they take their orders from the UN and Nato and that they MIGHT inform the Congress what they are doing if they feel like it (summarizing). That was/is TREASON. We still have HONORABLE military imprisoned for KEEPING THEIR OATH and for refusing to wear foreign uniforms and follow foreign orders. Don;’t you think it is time that we actually put the real traitors and domestic enemies that serve within the UN military pretending to be the US military under charges and in prisons? Or should those who have for decades stood by our nation and their Oath while we let them rot in prison that those treasonous scum who run our military… nvm… I am sure nothing will still be done about it.

  2. I care not for political argument or discussion. Most are reasonable and coherant, but all are beside the point. The most important issue is the second amendment. If all patriots are armed there will be little to argue when atrocities are made. As any good 11B knows, when attack is made only attack is the solution, quit the crap and get to the basics. You do not need a legalistic formality to end the wrong doing of a maniac, just take it out. period.

    1. You speak absolute truth.

      Anyone notice after Dr. Spocks book was so popularly passed around, accepted as Gospel, and the feel good trophies began during the “self esteem” fad, followed the dispensing of pyscho drugs that suppress emotional feeling, how these youngster school shootings and just about any other problem in our public schools cropped up?

      And then the voting age was lowered to 18 and the quality of our politicians declined. Maybe it should be raised to 26, after all, the insurance companies have documented that to be the true age of maturity. Or maybe on should be able pass a test on the constitution prior to voting.

      Now I’m sure some will throw in my face the military service entry age being 18, but I say, that is nobly voluntary. Furthermore, we had plenty of volunteers when the voting age was 21 and the drinking alcohol age was 18 in many areas (legislating morality doesn’t work obviously).

      Appears common sense is nonsense and nonsense is normal.

  3. Is it possible the Trumpster is taking case of the DC swamp? I did and still do support him but the 2 things I do not support is torture and the on going wars over seas. I am disturbed to hear our elected officials talk of foreign governments lack of human rights when right here at home my brother by blood and my brother in arms in sitting in a Florida Prison due to his civil rights taken away from him and only one Sheriff out of so many people in authority have offered to help. I do so hate the evil of this judicial system we have. Michael Tracy McFadden was released from a 300 year prison sentence due to what the press called a technicality, which is actually a law the lawyers and judges broke and none of them will go to jail, its just blamed on a technicality. Robert Mark Greene sits in prison because the courts will not answer his appeal that they broke the law by extending their jurisdiction out past the 175 days they have to take a felony to trial. After 10 years in prison using his constitutional right to file habeas corpus the Florida Supreme Court denies to even hear it. Sc 17-2140 What can I say? Domestic Terrorism at its best.

  4. I did not receive an answer to when Stewart was going to be at the conference as I wanted to attend. I’m a regular member. Is there interaction possible with OK and the website? I’ve been very disappointed with the state director(no call backs) and now Stewart.

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