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Stefan Molyneux – President Trump’s Trade War: Tariffs, Taxes and Propaganda

Stefan Molyneux - President Trump's Trade War: Tariffs, Taxes and Propaganda

Stefan Molyneux gives us his take on the Trump tariffs and shows us how the media attempts to use language to manipulate us into thinking the tariffs are obviously bad. Never mind that the facts might stand in the way, if presented, (which they are not; at least honestly), the Mainstream Media (MSM) has an agenda, which is what they call Free Trade, but is not free, as it has been stacked against the USA for years.

You won’t hear that in the early years of the USA, the federal government was supported by tariffs. Nor will you hear that the Trade Deficit might be lowered, or that more manufacturing might return to the USA, which left to reemerge in foreign lands because of “Free Trade” deals, such as NAFTA, which resulted in that Giant Sucking Sound Ross Perot referred to in his campaign for president. NAFTA was heavily weighted to other countries benefit and against the benefit of the USA, but you will never hear the Globalists admit it. The hollowing out of our industrial capacity is witness to this fact, however.

The USA used to be an industrial powerhouse, which provided millions of middle class jobs, but those days are gone, thanks to the various “Free Trade” pacts that have penalized us and benefited our trading partners. Today, we are a “service economy” where waiters, bartenders, retail clerks and hamburger flippers are the mainstay of our economy. It is obvious to anyone with two, or more, brain cells, that we need to reinvigorate our industrial base, if we are to survive as a nation. That the Globalists don’t want us to survive should now be clear to any thinking American.

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  1. Our government has been trying for years to bring us down, they are succeeding. We as a Country, need to stand up, and relieve our politicians of their duties, because they aren’t doing the jobs they were voted in to do. They no longer listen to us, How can we be smart enough to vote for them, yet not be smart enough to make other decisions. FOOLS NEED TO GO, my opinion

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