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Why the Right is Dominating YouTube!!!

Why the Right is Dominating YouTube!!!

As the Mainstream (Lamestream) Media (MSM) is slowly dying, the Alternative Media is growing. Those who have decided to abandon the Marxist dominated MSM are, it would seem, from the political Right and Libertarian sphere. The Left dominates the MSM, and now the Right is dominating the Alternative Media.

I am not ashamed of my heritage; in fact I am very proud of it. I come from humble, hardworking stock, who are kind to their neighbors and respect others. While the MSM continues its efforts to destroy my heritage and culture, I reject their efforts as being whiny and pathetic. I recognize they wish to control me, and everyone, but I reject their attempts at control. Why would I listen to a bunch of whining Social Justice Warriors (SJW) and reject the heritage I am proud of? I don’t go to Twitter, or Facebook, for my news. I DO go to YouTube, however, along with other sources, such as InfoWars, Breitbart, Stefan Molyneux, Gateway Pundit, Zero Hedge, SGT Report, X22 Report and others.

I could care less what CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post think about the major issues of the day. I know they are Marxist/Globalist platforms and do not wish to waste my time reading, or listening to, their drivel to any extent.

The Globalists wish to destroy Western Civilization to create their Marxist Utopia. No thank you. Your vision of a Utopia that creates serfdom for the vast majority, while giving riches to a select few is not for me. I don’t look upon my neighbors with disdain, as you Globalists do. I see mostly honest, hardworking people who want the best for their families. You see “worthless eaters”. You wish to control. I wish to liberate. We are nothing alike, Mr. and Mrs. Globalist. You promote lies. I promote truth. You promote indecency. I promote decency. You teach children to feel worthless. I teach them to recognize their worth.

You can have your MSM. I will join my friends on Alternative media.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I quit watching major media outlets years ago and not so high on Fox News any more.
    I do recommend that everyone give OAN One America News network. It is a privately owned, very conservative news source.

    1. Your recommendation to check out OAN (One America News) is a good suggestion. It is the best no BS news outlet that I have seen and basically tells it like it is without all of the trauma and drama. I suggest checking it out.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree! Although my family roots are from Europe, my own roots and those of my parents and my offspring are American. The Bible and the Constitution are what feed my “roots.” I believe it is important that all Americans have these “roots” so their “tree” will not fall.

  3. I certainly agree with all that is said, yet, I again wonder why we are not calling for the unification of all groups, such as Oath Keepers, GOA, NRA, VCDL, CSPOA, and quite a few others, to stand forth on ONE platform or statement; a declaration of OUR LINE IN THE SAND!!! NOTHING has changed in the 40 years that I have been paying attention, for the resurrection of American values. They are changing the names of parks in my nearby Charlottesville, Virginia. I live in a very rural county where true America exists, yet the people here continue to say that there is nothing that can be done to stop the political/corporate takeover of even this county!
    If Oath Keepers or any other organization is serious, why are you not UNITING all of us NOW to draw a line in the sand? What on earth could you be waiting for? The ‘enemy’ has infiltrated in a grand style, yet, ‘we the people’ outnumber them by far. We ONLY lack unity and organization. I would gladly give up my individual dreams if any of the above would ‘hire’ me to work in this direction.
    Is anyone aware of the total insanity going on relative to the Fukushima incident?
    With warm regards and much respect,
    Robert D.

  4. Except Youtube is abandoning and censoring “gun” channels in the name of political correctness.

  5. Why promote You Tube? They still allow “racist and extremist” posts, but have banned how to posts of how to fix your gun.

  6. Unfortunately, YouTube is no longer safe either as they are starting to censor conservativwe news there as well. For example, they have recently deleted the Natural News channel with 1,700 conservative videos.

  7. Nescessity is the mother of invention. A new platform will emerge. It may take time to shake out, but it will happen. If I were to hit one of those big lotteries, I would put some serious cash behind building an alternative to YouTube. If any of you have excellent fund raising skills and tech savvy connections, it’s time to get busy.

  8. I was shocked that Republic Broadcasting Network wasn’t your first source of information. In the past I have followed various YouTube channels, InfoWars, Breitbart, Stefan Molyneux, Gateway Pundit, Zero Hedge, SGT Report, and the X22 Report. By FAR I have found Republic Broadcasting to be THE #1 Source of actually researched and valid information and it all comes from unpaid volunteer Hosts.

  9. I was shocked to see that Republic Broadcasting Network wasn’t your # 1 Source for information.
    I too have followed various YouTube channels, InfoWars, Breitbart, Stefan Molyneux, Gateway Pundit, Zero Hedge, SGT Report and X22 Report but NONE could provide the well researched and unbiased Truth that the Hosts of RBN provide. The network runds 24/7 and not one Host is compensated. They do it all for free with the sole goal of getting the real Truth out. All these shows are call in shows and everyone is allowed on the shows to speak their opinion.

  10. Get your gun video fix here (link below). They are now allowing other content. I just reserved my channel. It will be called “Air Source One”. Now, all I need is a good video camera and editing software…and to make some video content. 😉

  11. YouTube is no different from any other social media. It bows to the wishes of the rich and powerful as well as public opinion about any issues that are relevant to the day. I get my news/opinions from the websites of right-thinking or alternative sources. As for the mudstream media (MSM), I haven’t watched/listened to/read them in years. Also, I still don’t understand why any truly right-thinking American would help enrich communist a$$holes like Zuckerberg and others by even belonging to facebook, etc. My wife and I are not associated with any social media outlook such as facebook, twitter, or any other of the numerous sites.
    Final note; I used to watch Fox news for information but I have even ceased watching that rumor rag channel. All the programs are now run by, and staffed by, liberal-leaning females. There is no longer even a kernel of news contained in all their programming. They have imitated CNN with their endless talk/opinion shows that spread rumors and gossip but not much news. Face it everyone, if you are right-thinking in modern American society, you are running out of places to openly communicate or learn from each other.

  12. I’ve been using utube more myself recently so I can watch certain ministries that’ve been mysteriously cut from old fashioned free tv this past year.

    I’ve notice that some of the tv shows that are being rerun are morally bankrupt. Crikey.

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