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Pima Sheriff Claims ‘Only Ones’ Status to Nix Arming Teachers

Pima Sheriff Claims ‘Only Ones’ Status to Nix Arming Teachers
“Experienced – Educated – Professional”: Per “Only One” Mark Napier, he is, but you’re not and can’t be.

“Governor Ducey, in reaction to the recent school shooting in Florida, has declared the need to ‘do something’ in Arizona,” an alert from Arizona Citizens Defense League warns. “Unfortunately, his solution appears to be to resurrect proposed restrictions on your rights in bills that have already failed in the legislature. In particular, it looks like Governor Ducey will propose cherry picking bad ideas found in legislation that calls for the criminalization of the transfer of private property (your firearms) and the ability of your family members to have your firearms confiscated for ‘mental health’ reasons. All these proposals are aimed at punishing you for violent acts committed by others. None of them address the issue of why kids today feel empowered to kill their classmates.”

Their concerns are not without foundation.

“With backing of Governor Ducey, Arizona could be on verge of stricter gun laws,” AZCentral reports:

“If we can prevent it and use the power of the office and the law… that’s what we’re going to do and I intend to do it,” Ducey said during the interview on KTAR (92.3 FM). “I think we need to act in those situations.”

What they have no intention of doing is arming teachers, as Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier made clear:

“The Sheriff says he and Governor Ducey feel it’s not practical to arm teachers because they’d have to become as well trained as deputies.”

It’s fair to ask how “well trained” that is, especially since it’s the most common excuse given to disparage armed citizens and defer to the superior skills and judgment of the “Only Ones.”  Those familiar with that term know it originated with a now-“classic” video of DEA agent Lee Paige telling a classroom full of students he was “the only one in this room professional enough, that I know of,” to carry a gun, and then promptly shooting himself in the foot when he then tried to holster his sidearm.

With the understanding that no one is expecting to turn teachers into Tier 1 SMUs, what are the requirements for one of Sheriff Napier’s deputies to establish firearms competence to where they are trusted to carry a gun in public as part of their job duties?

“Commissioned members must qualify annually, at minimum, with a weapons system intended for on-duty use on a Department-approved firearms qualification course and must meet all Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training (AZ POST) firearms qualification requirements,”  Pima County Sheriff’s Department General Order 2015-003 mandates.

Once a year for “each weapon system used in an official capacity”? And  how many tries do they get?

“Members shall be allowed up to two (2) attempts to qualify on their initial qualification date. In the event of two (2) failures on the initial qualification date, the member shall be rescheduled by PRTC staff to return to the range, within five (5) business days, for an additional qualification attempt.”

OK, and what is it they get three tries to do?

Assuming we’re talking handguns, there is a revolver course you can check out, but for our purposes, let’s assume semi-automatic handguns are the more likely choice.

50 shots on TQ-19 andTQ-21 targets? Timed stages at 25 (seven rounds), 15 (12 rounds), seven (19 rounds) and three (12 rounds) yards? Shooters have to manage their ammunition and perform a few reloading/malfunction drills? “Five points for shots within the designated scoring area (center of mass or head)” and a minimum of 210 points out of 250 maximum? So basically they get three chances to get a “B” and there’s nothing to stop those with the initiative from doing as much practice as they need in advance?

Does anyone here know anyone who does not have a badge but who  is nonetheless capable of meeting these requirements? Or capable of learning how to?

As an aside, the next time some smug hoplophobe tells you citizens shouldn’t carry because police are trained, test them to see if they know what they’re talking about.

Oh, but officers get other training? And the rest of us don’t or can’t? Besides,no one is expecting teachers to assume police powers, just to be able to attempt to defend against an attacker if no other choice remains. If Napier’s contention is they can’t do that across invisible school property lines, to be logically consistent he must insist they can’t do it anywhere. That’s not what he told gun owners to get elected:

Pima Sheriff Claims ‘Only Ones’ Status to Nix Arming Teachers

Isn’t this a perfect opportunity for the sheriff and the governor and the legislature and other LEO officials to help with training and community outreach to enhance “the security of a free state,” and to support the Constitution the way their oath requires them to do?

Instead of just acting like “ordinary” citizens – and teachers at that – are too ignorant, intemperate and unskilled to be trusted to keep and bear arms, and like that’s a task best left to professional “Only Ones”… ?


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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?”



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.


  1. The last school my child went to had three former Israeli Defense Forces soldiers employed as teachers. One of the maintenance guys was a former marine. However due to the “only ones” mentality of elected officials, the school was a sitting duck.

    At another school in Pima County one of the teachers is a former U.S. Navy SEAL. I would love to see politicians “gunsplain” to him that he doesn’t possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to protect children.

    That being said, we all know that most teachers would not opt to carry a weapon. However, a good first step is to take down the gun-free (kill-zone) signs plastered around every school. The ENTIRE mindset of an active shooter is to achieve the highest body count that time will allow. If the attacker is unsure if someone at that school is armed it places doubt in his mind whether this can be acheived.

  2. Arizona Constitution, highest LAW of that state, the contract that both the Gov and Sheriff work under and are oath bound to…
    Article 2:
    Section 1. A frequent recurrence to fundamental principles is essential to the security of individual rights and the perpetuity of free government.
    Section 2. All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to PROTECT AND MAINTAIN INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. (caps mine)
    Section 3 A: The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land to which all government, state and federal, is subject.
    Section 4: No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.
    Section 26: The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself or the state shall not be impaired, but nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing individuals or corporations to organize, maintain, or employ an armed body of men.
    Section 32: The provisions of this Constitution are mandatory, unless by express words they are declared to be otherwise.
    Section 33: The enumeration in this Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny others retained by the people.

  3. It takes years of training to be able to do a mag dump on a charging Chihuahua. How do you expect an untrained citizen to be able to shoot a man on his knees begging for his life?


  4. I think it was Massad Ayoob who said that the job of police is people, not guns. This is as it should be.Teachers give up much to pursue their profession, but the right of self defense shouldn’t be added to that.

  5. As we have seen time and time again, madmen continue to target our most vulnerable areas across this nation. From schools, to movie theaters, to shopping malls, and religious facilities we see the same act playing out time and time again.

    In 92% of these cases these areas are “gun-free” zones that apparently give some the false impression that the people in this “zone” are safe. Unfortunately deranged killers did not get the memo. While the realities of this are obvious to some, there are many that fail to come to terms with the reality of the situation. This may be due to political biases, media manipulation, or it maybe due to something else…..US!

    When I refer to “us”, I am refering to the public safety community, particularly law enforcement. The public is looking to “us” for an honest, non-political, and unbiased opinion when they talk to “us” about the issue of active shooters. Yet we have failed miserably in providing them with honest responses.

    Only now a handful of law enforcement officials have started to tell the public to provide for their own defense, and that law enforcement (LE) cannot guarantee their safety, or the safety of their facilities. There have been a few that have said this for years, but this has been a small minority that have been quickly marginalized by the media.

    This politically correct, non-controversial position has only resulted in maintaining the status quo, and has cost the lives of more citizens. When it comes to active shooter incidents there is one universal truth…..IF SOMEONE ENTERS A GUN-FREE ZONE WITH WEAPON THEY WILL WOUND AND KILL AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE BEFORE LAW ENFORCEMENT ARRIVES. This is not an admission police chiefs and sheriffs like to make, but it is the only truthful statement.

    The truth is that you will be completely on your own against an armed psychopath until someone with a weapon can arrive on scene and act with lethal force, or the attacker commits suicide as we have seen in the majority of cases.

    This means someone will first need to make a 911 call. Then dispatch takes the call and notifies units in the field of the situation. Next, units must respond to the scene (hopefully this agency hasn’t been affected by budget cuts, and has a unit close-by). Finally the officer must enter the building and locate the shooter. This is an eternity when a killer is pulling off rounds in rapid succession.

    Currently, the way things should IDEALLY work, the first officer on scene of an active shooter event goes “direct to threat”, even if that means going in alone. His one and only job is to move to the sound of gunfire and neutralize the threat. As more officers arrive they provide back-up to the first arriving units. The next wave should then form a Rescue Task Force to provide Fire/EMS with security as they treat and evacuate victims from the scene.

    Sadly, this did not happen in the Parkland, Florida school shooting, and resulted in horrific consequences for the victims. The initial deputies that arrived failed to do there job, and left the victims inside that building high and dry, fending for themselves.

    Despite these facts, we continue to have LE leadership assure the public that we are training to deal with these situations and all is well. That LE will act decisively and take the bad guys down, treat the wounded, and save the day. While there is some truth in this, it provides false assurances that everything will be fine because of these tactics being employed. However, the period before LE gets there is the only period of time that decisive action will save lives.

    The only thing that will save lives is the immediate application of force against the attacker/s once they enter the facility. The active shooter attacks will end after these psychopaths realize that if they enter a building with intent to kill masses of people, they will be instantly killed, and any hopes of achieving a “headline worthy” body count will be thwarted.

    If “progressive” LE leadership wants to continue giving false assurances then it is time for them to lead by example. If they continue to advocate for “gun-free zones” and for the erosion of 2nd Amendment then show the public how well it works. These progressive leaders should establish policies to make police/sheriffs facilities gun-free zones to EVERYONE. Institute policies that only units on active patrol in the field may have weapons, and police chiefs must rely on field units to respond in the event of an active shooter entering a police station.

    These progressive chiefs need to make it policy that upon arrival of a police station, officers in Arizona must place their unloaded weapons in a locked container. In California, officers would be required to keep the ammunition and the weapon in separate locked containers, and only have a 10rd magazine capacity. Let’s just see how long it takes for a police station to get assaulted. If it works so well for our children, it surely must work for law enforcement.

    Now, I wouldn’t truly advocate for LE leadership to be placed in this dangerous situation, nor should they advocate for our children to be placed in this situation.

    It is time for our public safety leadership to have the courage to be honest about the situation we face. If not, then at least have the intellectual honesty to live by the same set of rules you have placed on the citizens. It’s time to stop being politicians, and start being advocates for the public again.

  6. Let’s drop this so called “special” trained person crap. Some jackass is shooting up the school, any person with a gun returning fire, even if it is fired through the roof will give others a chance to survive while the wild eyed perp sorts out their “what the f was that?”. Too many self appointed experts are clouding the simple solution. Any person carrying has probably been to a range and can at least fire the weapon towards the target.

    Is having a well seasoned war veteran handy? Of course. But lets not box ourselves in with self appointed credentials.

    Sutherland Springs Texas, as soon as the shooter feels heat from return fire, the shooter runs.

    Carry is the same whether at a school, or in general public, or at the home.

  7. That dude has delusions of grandeur. Just a couple of weeks ago,some LE agency dumped 65 rounds at a suspect…..missing him 65 times….lot of property damage but no biological damage. (this time) The term not mentioned,here, is PRACTICE . You can attend all the “Shoot/Don’t Shoot classes you want but, until you run into the Big One, you don’t know how you will react. A policeman is just like you and me with the exception of an added badge and a superiority complex.

    1. My son that lives out of MY State had to shoot to “qualify” for a concealed carry permit. He stood beside LE officers (practicing) that couldn’t hit a paper target center mass at 10 feet. My Son outshot them all. One “officer” shot himself in the foot while reloading because he had a finger in the trigger when he closed the slide on his weapon. (at least he had the muzzle pointed down.

      1. Cliff, That reminds me of Hwy Patrol qualifying at our local range. Pistols and shotguns. If it were not so pathetic it would have been laughable. It did give me some hope however that if the stuff hit the fan and I had to go up against them, that I may stand a chance.

  8. Many ‘teachers’ will just have to carry concealed as they do NORMALLY….getting shot with a room full of kids, because some arrogant self-proclaimed official…requires you to remain DEFENSLESS….should never be something that YOU obey….imho

    1. Hear hear!! Or is it here here? Someone else gets it! As I always tell my gn-totin’ friends: they’ll never know you’re carrying unless you have to use it. Then if you do, I’d rather be around to talk about it than have someone say: She was only following the law.
      I think Ducey blew it for reelection. Napier too, but maybe he endeared himself to the Tucson lib crowd, so maybe not.

  9. I am waiting for any politician or bureaucrat to make mention of how diversity and multiculturalism is negatively affecting USA society in many ways with one of the negatives being an apparent increase of mental dysfunctions among the populace.

    There are numerous studies concluding that diversity and multiculturalism as occurring within the USA is causing havoc. I fear that the tyrants among us revel in We, the People being divided so effectively since it makes “divide and conquer” a reality.

    What I mention is complex to an extreme and not conducive to coverage here. Web searches will offer what I believe is ample support for my beliefs.

  10. From most of the reports of school and mall shootings, it seems that whenever a shooter is confronted by anyone with a gun, they go into suicide mode (program?). That means the only thing a teacher would have to do is just fire in the general direction of the shooter. Heck, even blanks would probably work to that effect.

  11. I teach junior high and I’m a former marine. Those who think law enforcement are the ‘only ones’ capably of taking down a threat are morons. I’m not saying arm every teacher, but at least give us a choice. Right now the only thing I’ve been given to protect my students is my body and my wits. It’s hard to believe that people can be so idiotic when it comes to firearms. Of course dead children fit a sick, twisted agenda a lot more than stopping a gunman in his or her tracks…

    1. Whether we like it or not, teachers ARE the first line of defense when it comes to a school shooter and they should be given the choice of carrying if they have a CCP because they have gone through training to get that permit and, most likely, they have more time on the range than most LEOs. Give them the choice! They need to defend the students under their care, not necessarily seek out the shooter.

  12. Over annalise, hoarse hooey. Get people in there to train you ignorant “pros” who think they know all the answers. A shot is fired, what do you do? Any combat trained soldier knows exactly what to do. ATTACK! Tired of listening to nominds.

  13. Interestingly, this is here in Arizona, Pinal County being adjacent to Maricopa County, which under Sheriff Arapiao was able to train 2,000+ Volunteer NON-SWORN Sheriffs POSSE members to AZ POST Firearms Standards to supplement various MCSO Operations. At the time that I was in the program as one of their Firearms Instructors, the overall Academy equaled about 175 hours, which included 40 hrs of range time, 16 hrs of defensive tactics and successful completion of the FATS (shoot/don’t shoot scenario) training. Again these were VOLUNTEERS from all walks of life and NOT cops. Volunteer Armed Teacher programs should be similar to the Armed Pilot program. As a teacher, they’d be the LAST LINE OF DEFENSE if a gunman (or knife-wielding attacker) appears at the door, they shouldn’t go searching for an active shooter so that responding cops don’t shoot the “good guy” armed teacher. your opinion and mileage may vary

  14. I shoot pretty much every week. I also see cops at the range. Most of them are ridiculously bad shots – it’s the source of much amusement to the “regulars”. They don’t ALL suck, but even some of the SWAT “snipers” are laughably bad. If they are the “epitome” of “trained professionals”, well, armed teachers would be every bit as effective, IMO.

  15. Honestly, I don’t know why this is so hard to figure out. Arming teachers is one of the silliest ideas ever! Not because being armed is silly, but because we are talking the biggest libtards in America. The whole hierarchy is libtarded. Not to mention teachers dealing with children all day have similar cognative abilities from lack of exercise.

    What did corporate America do in the 90s following all the office shootings? They put in controlled access with keycard entry, along with controlled entry and exit points. I work in a building with a turn style door that locks if it detects something or someone unauthorized tries to sneak in. It will lock even if it detects two people in the same space. It will stay locked until security unlocks it.

    What schools need is armed security at controlled entry and exit points, metal detectors, and surveillance cameras around the buildings ahowing all angles. These same armed gaurds can be outside during lunch and recess. I think most every school in the country is fenced in, at least the playgrounds are.

    I think any idea of arming teachers will be seen as ridicules by those teachers and everyone above them. And frankly, I think if we are at the point where teachers need to be armed, we are beyond repair. As for Israel, they have a different situation. They are dealing with terrorists who want to kill their children.

    1. I think you make some good points, Dave. I also think the ones that have commented about teachers who are former military and/or law enforcement have good points as well–if a person is a CCP holder there’s not reason they shouldn’t be allowed to carry at school as well. As to your last sentence: “As for Israel, they have a different situation. They are dealing with terrorists who want to kill their children.” I no longer see a difference, personally. How is this NOT a terrorist situation? It’s achieving the same goal, holding a nation hostage, instilling fear and attempting political change through murdering it’s children. To me it’s ridiculous not to use all the resources we have at hand to resolve this–it beats the heck out of further infringing on our 2A rights, and we all know that’s where this is headed.

  16. If the average person doesn’t have the requisite skills, according to the Sheriff, then open the academies to all. Let those who wish get the basic requirement every reqruit leaves academy with, and the problem is solved. Lots of training schools that train both civilian , military, and LEO alike, pass their students using the same course of fire.

    In my view this is not rocket science. How much training do I need to peek out of the classroom door, see a guy standing there with a rifle shooting people at will, and put rounds down range at him? At that point we don’t need to de-escalate. We don’t need the cool dispatch of the seasoned SWAT veteran to realize we have a problem here. We need to stop the shooter.

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