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Oregon Liberals File Gun Confiscation Ballot Measure

Oregon Liberals File Gun Confiscation Ballot Measure

This article comes from The Gateway Pundit

by Brock Simmons

As the lying anti gun hysterical types try to tell us “Nobody is coming to take your guns away,” they file a ballot measure petition in Oregon that would do just that. The “Promote Public Safety for All Through the Reduction of Assault Weapons and Large Capacity Magazines” initiative has been filed with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office, and will require over 88,000 signatures in order to make it to the 2018 general election ballot. The chief petitioners are Walter John Knutson (aka WJ Mark Knutson), Michael Z. Cahana, and Alcena E. Boozer.

Some key parts of the text include defining what an “assault weapon” is:

(1 )(a) “Assault weapon” means any:

(A) Semiautomatic rifle that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and has at least one of the following:

(i) Any grip of the weapon, including a pistol grip, a thumbhole stock or any other stock, the use of which would allow an individual to grip the weapon, resulting in any finger on the trigger hand in addition to the trigger finger being directly below any portion of the action of the weapon when firing;

(B) Semiautomatic pistol, or any semiautomatic, centerfire or rimfire rifle with a fixed magazine, that has the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition;”

That would pretty much ban every single gun out there. This would include the legendary Ruger 10/22 rifle in .22 caliber; Every semi auto pistol, because it’s possible for someone to design a magazine to hold more than 10 rounds for even the smallest of pistols; And the classic Marlin Glenfield Model 60 .22, designed in 1959, which holds 14 rounds in a fixed tube magazine.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. This is ridiculous. I read the text of the proposed law. Every slide action pistol could be considered illegal because the “barrel is shrouded.” I still haven’t seen anything that explains an enforcement apparatus. I’m wondering if they anticipate door to door compliance checks. Someone will end up getting shot. Either police or civilian, it doesn’t matter, someone will get shot and all hell breaks loose because of it.

    1. They want a civil war…a revolution…never comply with left agenda regulations. March on Salem…lay siege.

      1. There isn’t enough back-bone in this state [OR] to keep an Oath Keepers chapter alive, much less a resistance to state tyranny.

      2. I believe you are correct. Even in rural communities, people have their heads in the sand. The narrow Willamette Valley has the population to dictate the entire state.

      3. I *KNOW* you are correct – I drafted a county ordinance to protect against this type of crap 3 years ago – lifted the text almost verbatim from one that had passed in Wallowa County, enlisted a state level gun rights organization (OFF), a national level gun rights organization (GOA), and the Tenth Amendment Center – had a 20 minute segment on the area’s leading talk radio show (Bill Meyers at KMED) to discuss this – lobbied all three commissioners, the Republican committee – the works. At the next weekly commissioners meeting to discuss the proposal, one guy beside myself showed up – one. So the commissioners rewrote and softpedaled it into a “resolution” – when that toothless, worthless resolution was passed a couple weeks later, about 20 guys showed up to applaud. Useless…and yeah, don’t even get me started on the futility of an OK chapter there – been there, done that too.

  2. Same thing in WA,Now in OR.IT has already done in CA. We will do what should have already been done or they will Prevail. Pres needs to keep word or……………….We can not give up more ground or the fear will take us.

  3. So the question is, when it comes time for your gun confiscation, are you going to shoot the offender? You may call it self-defense, but “the law” will likely call it something else, and you’ll eventually get dead for it. We’re all going to die someday, may as well make it for a good cause.

    1. Personally, I’m still willing to fight for my Constitution. I can’t say whether or not anyone else is, but I sure as hell am. This crap is getting out of control, and it needs to be stopped. I fear that the only way to fix this country is to break it, and rebuild from the ashes. I don’t want a war between the American people, but I don’t think it can be avoided. Are they even really American, if they’re willing to destroy what took so long to build? I’m really not sure that the city dwellers behind these PC “progressive” political movements are able to be called Americans.

      1. I’m of the opinion it will only change with some very, very serious activism. But, as I stated previously, there’s not enough backbone in this state…

      2. The most peaceful possible type of activist solution at this point, would be to quit paying taxes.

      3. That would be a good start, but you have to be willing to risk going to jail. One or two, or ten persons ‘fighting city hall’ is not likely to spark an uprising. It will take many. And that brings us back to the lack of backbone amongst those of us who want to keep our 2A right as it is written.

      4. I don’t know wmjoe1953, but when the time comes maybe we should have a fall back line, extreme E.WA., OR. or ID.
        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t mind dying for the cause but I sure don’t want to do it alone. Then again they the powers that be know who we are and where we are and genocide is sure to follow.

      5. I have been working on something like this already. I have a 35 person team now here in Pendleton. We also have several Marines and Army enlisted personnel on our side. We’ve accessed some local ranches and farm ground to maintain sustainable food. The problem is that there aren’t enough people to actually stand and fight. While I know I could muster over 1000 people to form a front line, I don’t know what we can expect for reinforcements. Running and hiding won’t lead to success.

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