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Oath Keepers Webinar Monday March 5, 2018 8PM CST Police Experts on Improving School Safety


Please register for Oath Keepers Police Experts on Improving School Security and Guidance for Our Volunteers in Operation We Got Your Six on Mar 5, 2018 9:00 PM EST.  


A panel of our most experienced veteran street cops and SWAT officers, some still current serving, as well as Special Warfare and combat arms veterans, will present on:

1. Their analysis and findings on what policies, programs, and TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures), need to be put in place by schools and local LEOs to most effectively protect the students, as well as what legislative and regulatory changes would need to take place at the local and federal level to facilitate those changes. What will keep the students safe? What needs to change, what needs to be done, and how do we do it for long term, lasting solutions to the threat of “active shooter” mass murderer and terrorist attacks against our schools?

2. Their recommendations, advice, and guidelines for our Oath Keepers volunteers in Operation We Got Your Six (WGY6), who are volunteering to serve on campus with school permission, if possible, and are also posting off campus to overwatch schools to spot and report to local LEOs any potential threats, with the expectation that only our most well trained, experienced, and qualified professional police and military members will be expected to be prepared to directly respond to a worst case scenario of an ongoing mass murder attack such as recently happened in Florida.  Emphasis will be on effective coordination with local LEOs, with the schools, and with each other to avoid blue-on-blue tragedies, and emphasis will be on putting a primary on effective observation and overwatch, with direct action being the last resort, and only by our most skilled designated responders.  This webinar will help you do it right.

As always, you will have the opportunity to ask questions of the panelists.

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Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. How far can this go:
    1. Shooting children while leaving school.
    2. Explosive device on school buses that would be keyed to explode when the bus/buses are loaded with children.
    3. Breaks between classes in hallways.
    4. Outside for sports events and school grounds where students congregate.
    Concerned parent/grandparent.

  2. Lots more bantering. Lots more kicking the can around. Lots more time for agents within the government to perpetrate another one of these shootings. During this Webinar, is anyone going to ask some hard questions? Can we ask questions like, hey, why isn’t that teacher who saw the guy in unmarked body armor and helmet all over the new? Why isn’t the student who said she was walking down the hall with Cruz when they heard shots being fired, being interviewed all over?
    Here’s one that maybe someone like Stewart can answer. Why don’t we go back to basics, and why we have a 2nd amendment as part of our fundamental law?

    Underlying all the twists, the agendas, and the political bantering is the fact that Militia, as it was formed, resolves many of the issues we face today.

    “A well regulated Militia” would mean that, at least, “all able-bodied men” will be properly instructed in the use of firearms, and adopt a respect for the tool. Militia would require that firearms are kept safe, and in good working order. Background checks, therefore, are an integral part of the fundamental aspect of the training. The criminal element would be dispersed, as the community becomes a cohesive unit, training in the basics necessary for safe, and healthy neighborhoods.

    “A well regulated Militia” would also mean a general public that is not dependant upon a 911 call, or the expertise of a few individuals who may not be available in a general crisis.

    The benefits of adhering to the law as it was written should be obvious to all those who wish to genuinely resolve violent crime, and also maintain a free and prosperous nation.

    1. “Why don’t we go back to basics, and why we have a 2nd amendment as part of our fundamental law?”

      It is part of our supreme Law. Because then there would be NO Law Enforcement as they are doing the Militias duties. There would be NO standing military and the Pentagon would be empty, with much loss of the top brass’ unLawful use of money, prestige, unLawful use of power of life and death over our children, wives, husbands, friends, etc.

      (Article) “A panel of our most experienced veteran street cops and SWAT officers…”

      What good is having SWAT officers? They break and enter UNLAWFULLY into people’s homes. They go against the US Constitution and their Oaths every time they are called out. Sorry, OK is not what it was, for the US Constitution.

      I am in the wrong place as I stand first and foremost for that document.

    2. A well-regulated local militia is important…but other measures like one of my son’s schools has worked too…..the outer doors are always locked. You have to ring a doorbell to be acknowledged by the office via a speaker to be allowed into the building [(and the door has automatic heavy metal door with a lock that unlocks and locks. [Cameras should be added (and there are different kinds of cameras). The door should be thick solid metal, and if there is glass, it should be reinforced somehow/ or with wire].
      If a person is not recognized as a parent, sibling, or student, or a “safe” student then that person should not be allowed to get past the outer door, or certain inner doors… or separate entry waiting room.
      I often wonder if specially trained guard dogs would help….would canine guard-dogs that have free roam of the halls be a deterrent ?? Is this do-able ??
      The problem is not guns, knives, or whatever the weapon…what is the problem is what is going on between people’s ears (in the ole brain-er-oo) when they make such horrible choices to shoot up a school (or mall, or wherever) and murder fellow-students /fellow-citizens.
      I certainly understand that other people can be very hard to get along with……but mass shootings/murders during so-called peacetime is not the same thing as protecting one’s country [ (such as different engagements before there was a police force west of the Mississippi, or the the battles/confrontations here during the Revolutionary War (or any war) with European hostiles ].
      [If this was the WW2 years I would understand a young man, or a Militia, “putting a stop to”::: 1. a church mass-shooting, or 2. or a Nazi- backed mass-shooting/act of terrorism, or any other serious threat to the personal safety of our citizens ].
      I certainly salute and honor whoever put a stop to the mass-shootings in that church in Texas this past year. I would certainly honor and salute any person (or critter: dog, whatever) that put a stop to a mass shooting, terrorist attack, etc. I keep hoping to see a dog…or a child…..or a lil’ ole lady coming to the rescue of someone else/a cop/a soldier/classmate, etc….and kicking butt (as long as its what is really required and not the uglier forms of bullying/showing off).
      Terrorism towards buses, and people using vehicles to run down shoppers, pedestrians, tourists is a puzzler….stay alert as well as you can, and keep looking around….and get your face out of the blasted cell phone…look up and around for crying out loud…and often !!

  3. I have my own personal list, but I have to agree with Pres. Trump the fastest way to go after the pre-killer of the students is concealed carry by fully trained & fully approved teachers WHO WANT TO CARRY. These people would mostly be prior service, retired law enforcement, and go to the range at least 1X or 2X per month. Someone mentioned a fingerprint type locker safe, but the teacher would have to run over to where it is, instead of on this person ( takes more time ). Now I also saw where women might have a problem carrying but a ladies shoulder, ankle ( would require slacks ) , the shoulder might require a lite-weight jacket if that’s the case then a rear middle of the lower back would also work here. But the room safe takes more time. Now other people want the schools to look like the main gate of a military base for each building=== very costly for all these guards. And there are the mental issues. The documents to be approved thru law enforcement agencies to be ( UPDATED ) . Now with a few exception’s everyone has to be 21. In Israel you have to be 25—that might be somewhat extreme. I see President Trump is going to make all bases with proper ID tags or a color code showing CC Lic, I don’t know exactly how they will do it but the military WILL GET UR DONE FOR THE BASES… Well this is only part of what I think, I would like to see your list of say 50 requirements that would get narrowed down to say 10 great ways on the list to protect the school kids…Thanks SCW a Vietnam Era Vet. 1965-1971…

  4. I invited my sheriff to attend the last webinar. Hopefully can we direct their attention to the notion of Arming School personnel.

    After the webinar, I thought, “here we go, I’m on the list again.” However, there’s hope! The headline in the local rag is about Law Enforcement and schools discussing arming teachers.

  5. I have been fortunate to train officer all over the US. I have certified many as active shooter instructors. There is a difference between the average officer and the average teacher I can not ignore that truth. It also has to be clear (which the media is obfuscating) that the tactics taught to teachers by necessity of their role, knowledge of structure, positional advantage potentials in the structure would be VERY different that what we teach cops.

    The media cry “you cant arm teachers and throw them into the schools” is true. You first select the ones with the willingness, ability and dedication. You then train them to the task they would actually have.

  6. I completely agree with Nick and Cal. I used to be a dues paying member, but I have grown tired of all the rhetoric. NOTHING CHANGES!!! NO ONE is declaring treason!!! The Patriot Act continues!!! WE THE PEOPLE ARE the solution, not ANY law enforcement agency or even some special group of combat veterans. I am a combat veteran, yet, I will NOT listen in tonight for more of the same old ‘running of mouths’. Oath Keepers, the NRA, GOA, and a few other organizations, from my view, have no COURAGE to state the plain and simple truth. The fact that most of these shooters are on prescription drugs, given to them by their elders, THAT should be the MAIN topic of conversation!!! The AR 15, or whatever you want to call it, has been around since the ’60’s. That has NOTHING to do with a reasoned conversation.
    If I wasn’t going to work every day in my 69th year, I would love to invite the leaders of the above mentioned organizations to visit with me, Nick and Cal, and many others, who can cut to the chaise with very few words.
    NOTHING has changed since November, 1963, when they murdered on live T.V., the first, in our lifetime, one bad ass courageous man. Our government has lied to us ever since. Call a spade a spade. We have been overrun from within.

  7. I agree with the spirit of Cal, Nick, and Robert D’s comments. BUT, calling OK to the carpet for working up a plan to keep our children safer, that’s actually presentable to the major stakeholders in the present environment…is not unlike calling Trump to the carpet for not restoring our Constitutional Republic in his first year. Thanks to Stewart, Billy and all the panelists and volunteers who’ve rolled up their sleeves to actually do something. God Bless Oath Keepers!

  8. I agree there was a lot of kicking the can around, What I was looking for was, How do we do this, who do we contact, what is it that we have to offer, so that we can sit out side a gun free zone with out having the Police called on us everyday! Do we have something that we can present to a School Board, Sheriffs Department. your all were talking tactics and that;s great but we need to get our foot in the front door first! We Need Meat and Potatoes, not more stone soup!

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