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Nationalism Winning: The Globalist Media Are Starting to Panic!!!

Nationalism Winning: The Globalist Media Are Starting to Panic!!!

Dr. Steven Turley points out that the Globalists are starting to panic, as populist/nationalist parties throughout Europe and the US are gaining power. It is inconceivable, to them, that people would reject the Globalist “liberal democracy” mainstream voices. As arrogant as they are, (and have been), they are now panicking, as their message has been rejected.

The globalists have been destroying culture, traditions and even the economies of Western nations, in their lust for their utopian New World Order, but the people are seeing through their false slogans and are turning against them. Brexit happened, much to the surprise of the globalists, as did the election of Pres. Trump. In Poland, Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the populists now control the governments, and in Italy, where the populists stunned the globalists by winning 65% of the vote.

It could be that the death of globalism is at hand. Let’s hope so, for globalism signals the death of Western Culture.

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  1. Well, this tendency is spreading fast. Not only in the US, but also in many European countries, and I’ve heard something about Western Asia too. Maybe global movement, as an idea, is not that bad. But in reality it works terrible. It’s full of deception and it apperas noone being in charge is reliable. I feel sorry for the people who believed in all the slogans, so loudly repeated by the globalists.

    1. The theory is that if the reeeeeealllly GOOD people are in charge, everything will be great. The problem, as history has shown us, is that reeeeeeealllly GOOD people have no desire to rule over others.

  2. The globalist elite being desperate are doing what desperate does. They are 2 year old mentality, spoiled brats, cowards hiding behind their mass of parrots. They will sacrifice everyone else stopping at nothing to push ahead on their agenda. They are presently more dangerous than in any other time. Their deep state globalist tools i.e. CNN, MSNBC, other MSM, Youtube, Google, Facebook and tyrannical ABC agencies have no bounds in total destruction of the “right.” They fear us. What mass shooting, bombing etc has ever been committed by an NRA member? Go all the way back to the Lincoln assassination forward to current times, all were registered demonrats, and friends of the party of satan. Such as the muzzlims…another useful tool being used by the elite.

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