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THE LINE IN THE SAND. PERIOD. – Stewart Rhodes on SGT Report

THE LINE IN THE SAND. PERIOD. - Stewart Rhodes on SGT Report

Stewart Rhodes was interviewed on the SGT Report concerning a variety of subjects, but mostly on the recent attack at the Florida school where 17 young people were killed. While the gun-grabbers immediately screamed for more gun laws, few people had ideas on how to protect our children in school. Making them Gun Free Zones has not worked, as the terrorists know they have a target rich environment of unarmed victims. Stewart, and Oath Keepers, proposes to have armed and trained former military and police at the schools to protect the students, as is done in Israel. It takes time for police to respond to these attacks. Precious time. Armed personnel on site can respond quickly, thereby saving lives.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. In addition: Abolish the CIA, and FBI, defund MK Ultra program(s). Remove all super profitable big pharma pyscho drugs from the medical market. Never hire a registered democrat. Put the real shooters/perps in the receiving end of a firing line.

  2. Maybe instead of calling them gun grabbers, we should start calling them liberty grabbers or Constitution grabbers. As well Rush Limb<<<<< likes to call him self the Dr. of democracy, when we should use the word Republic instead of democracy It does catch on and gets people asking questions, and would be a good teaching aid when people start asking questions. Just a thought I think it may help, so we can explain to so many the reason for the 2nd amendment and the Republic..

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