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Is This What Trump Is Doing?

Is This What Trump Is Doing?

Dave, over at the X22 Report, has an interesting video. It is his opinion that Trump is playing a high stakes game of chess with the “Deep State” i.e. the Central Banks, in an effort to bring down the present system, which is controlled by the Central Banks, as a means of restructuring our economy and government without the dominance of the Central Banks. In essence, it is a means to abolish the Central Bank, (Federal Reserve), which in my opinion needs to happen if we are to regain our freedom.

Trump has a picture of Andrew Jackson by his desk in the Oval Office. Andrew Jackson was the man who brought about the removal of the USA’s second central bank. Is this Trump’s ultimate goal? During the periods when there was not a central bank in the USA, the economy flourished. Could this happen again? I believe so, but the Federal Reserve must be eliminated for this to happen.

What is your opinion?

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  1. Am sure Trump, like the rest of us, would like to dispense with the Rotheschild, Brit controlled banking.

    I think the “deep state” run by “shadow government” is better defined as the SES (Senior Executive Service) that Bath House Barry expanded with his “troops” by 8000 to the current 10,000. They are sabotaging the Trump presidency under the direction of their supreme leader…the previous impostor in the White House.

    Read more here regarding Obummers army:

    1. People are giving up the war, jumping ship over losing one battle. Thats the typical weakness on tge right….always fractured. That’s not a strategy that wins.

      Trump has signed nothing that takes a gun from you nor me nir anyone. Trump needs the military budget as part of the swamp rat round up.

      So vote him out? Replace a Christian man who is so squeaky clean the corrupt government had to fabricate the Russian crap? Replace Trump with the swamp rat pervert Biden?

      1. Actually, he did when he signed the omnibus. It has the fix NICS sewn in. In fact, it gives states money to increase their reporting and puts provisions in for military/veterans reporting as well.

        1. And, in a dangerous precedent he had the justice department, outside of ATF regulation, ban a piece of plastic with a spring in it, the bumpstock. No president before him has banned a firearm accessory by directing Federal Law Enforcement to declare it illegal. Trump is a New York Liberal, a gun controller, and a tyrant.

          I gave him a chance. He failed.

          1. Trump hasn’t banned anything.
            Trump signed a bill into law in February repealing an Obama-era Social Security Administration rule adding mental disability determinations to the background check registry. The Obama regulation potentially allowed the denial of Second Amendment rights to many competent, mentally healthy citizens.

          2. In August 2017, the Justice Department terminated Operation Choke Point, an Obama program encouraging banks not to do business with “high risk” businesses, which was used to target gun dealers.

          3. The bumpstock ban is out for comment. Get ’em while you can.

            “1. We will NOT obey orders to disarm the American people.

            2. We will NOT obey orders to conduct warrantless searches of the American people

            These are your terms. These are your rules. Trump lied when he swore to uphold the constitution. Fix NICS violates the 4th and 5th amendments and the bumpstock ban is a violation of the 2nd amendment. You, WGP, by defending him, are supporting an oathbreaker and violating your own oath to this organization.

            Ps. I’m not a member of Oathkeepers, and this kind of thing is part of the reason why. My allegiance remains to Jesus. No king but King Jesus.


      Donald J. Trump on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
      The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and
      bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period.
      The Second Amendment guarantees a fundamental right that belongs to all law-abiding
      Americans. The Constitution doesn’t create that right – it ensures that the government
      can’t take it away. Our Founding Fathers knew, and our Supreme Court has upheld,
      that the Second Amendment’s purpose is to guarantee our right to defend ourselves
      and our families. This is about self-defense, plain and simple.
      It’s been said that the Second Amendment is America’s first freedom. That’s because
      the Right to Keep and Bear Arms protects all our other rights. We are the only country in
      the world that has a Second Amendment. Protecting that freedom is imperative. Here’s
      how we will do that:
      Enforce The Laws On The Books
      We need to get serious about prosecuting violent criminals. The Obama administration’s
      record on that is abysmal. Violent crime in cities like Baltimore, Chicago and many
      others is out of control. Drug dealers and gang members are given a slap on the wrist
      and turned loose on the street. This needs to stop.
      Several years ago there was a tremendous program in Richmond, Virginia called
      Project Exile. It said that if a violent felon uses a gun to commit a crime, you will be
      prosecuted in federal court and go to prison for five years – no parole or early release.
      Obama’s former Attorney General, Eric Holder, called that a “cookie cutter” program.
      That’s ridiculous. I call that program a success. Murders committed with guns in
      Richmond decreased by over 60% when Project Exile was in place – in the first two
      years of the program alone, 350 armed felons were taken off the street.
      Why does that matter to law-abiding gun owners? Because they’re the ones who antigun
      politicians and the media blame when criminals misuse guns. We need to bring
      back and expand programs like Project Exile and get gang members and drug dealers
      off the street. When we do, crime will go down and our cities and communities will be
      safer places to live.
      Here’s another important way to fight crime – empower law-abiding gun owners to
      defend themselves. Law enforcement is great, they do a tremendous job, but they can’t
      be everywhere all of the time. Our personal protection is ultimately up to us. That’s why
      I’m a gun owner, that’s why I have a concealed carry permit, and that’s why tens of
      millions of Americans have concealed carry permits as well. It’s just common sense. To
      make America great again, we’re going to go after criminals and put the law back on the
      side of the law-abiding.
      Fix Our Broken Mental Health System
      Let’s be clear about this. Our mental health system is broken. It needs to be fixed. Too
      many politicians have ignored this problem for too long.
      All of the tragic mass murders that occurred in the past several years have something in
      common – there were red flags that were ignored. We can’t allow that to continue. We
      need to expand treatment programs, because most people with mental health problems
      aren’t violent, they just need help. But for those who are violent, a danger to themselves
      or others, we need to get them off the street before they can terrorize our communities.
      This is just common sense.
      And why does this matter to law-abiding gun owners? Once again, because they get
      blamed by anti-gun politicians, gun control groups and the media for the acts of
      deranged madmen. When one of these tragedies occurs, we can count on two things:
      one, that opponents of gun rights will immediately exploit it to push their political
      agenda; and two, that none of their so-called “solutions” would have prevented the
      tragedy in the first place. They’ve even admitted it.
      We need real solutions to address real problems. Not grandstanding or political
      Defend The Rights of Law-Abiding Gun Owners
      GUN AND MAGAZINE BANS. Gun and magazine bans are a total failure. That’s been
      proven every time it’s been tried. Opponents of gun rights try to come up with scary
      sounding phrases like “assault weapons”, “military-style weapons” and “high capacity
      magazines” to confuse people. What they’re really talking about are popular semiautomatic
      rifles and standard magazines that are owned by tens of millions of
      Americans. Law-abiding people should be allowed to own the firearm of their choice.
      The government has no business dictating what types of firearms good, honest people
      are allowed to own.
      BACKGROUND CHECKS. There has been a national background check system in
      place since 1998. Every time a person buys a gun from a federally licensed gun dealer
      – which is the overwhelming majority of all gun purchases – they go through a federal
      background check. Study after study has shown that very few criminals are stupid
      enough to try and pass a background check – they get their guns from friends/family
      members or by stealing them. So the overwhelming majority of people who go through
      background checks are law-abiding gun owners. When the system was created, gun
      owners were promised that it would be instant, accurate and fair. Unfortunately, that
      isn’t the case today. Too many states are failing to put criminal and mental health
      records into the system – and it should go without saying that a system’s only going to
      be as effective as the records that are put into it. What we need to do is fix the system
      we have and make it work as intended. What we don’t need to do is expand a broken
      NATIONAL RIGHT TO CARRY. The right of self-defense doesn’t stop at the end of
      your driveway. That’s why I have a concealed carry permit and why tens of millions of
      Americans do too. That permit should be valid in all 50 states. A driver’s license works
      in every state, so it’s common sense that a concealed carry permit should work in every
      state. If we can do that for driving – which is a privilege, not a right – then surely we can
      do that for concealed carry, which is a right, not a privilege.
      MILITARY BASES AND RECRUITING CENTERS. Banning our military from carrying
      firearms on bases and at recruiting centers is ridiculous. We train our military how to
      safely and responsibly use firearms, but our current policies leave them defenseless. To
      make America great again, we need a strong military. To have a strong military, we
      need to allow them to defend themselves

      1. More talk from Trump and no action.See a pattern yet?He says what we believe but where is the actions?Come on, eyes wide open….

      2. I can not understand how any supporter of our constitution, can favor firearm restrictions of any kind,be it background checks,felony possession,bump stocks,etc…no where does it say, unless congress deems it necessary,these laws are all unconstitutional,to me it is ludicrous to believe the founders, would establish a right, whose purpose is to protect the people from a tyrannical government,and then allow those it was established to protect us from the authority to regulate it,background checks are nothing more than a backdoor to registration,I am also of the opinion that banning any class of citizen,whether it be felons or any other group the ability to exercise any of their constitutional rights is again unconstitutional as I have yet to find this distinction anywhere in the bill of rights,if certain people are considered too dangerous to exercise certain rights then they should be removed from society,but only after being allowed due process, banning an entire class of individuals from certain rights only emboldens those wishing to ban us all

  2. Sorry folks ,Why would Trump go against central banks when he is part of them.He has always been a NY liberal what makes people think all of the sudden he has a change of
    thinkig and moral compass.Really?There is no He is “playing the Globalists”.Get off of the Drain the swamp cool-aid.He is not draining the swamp he is just stirring it around.Say this 5 times 2+2 is not 5.

    1. Tell us all how immoral Trump is? During the campaign, the swampers could only fabricate stories. Maybe you like low energy CIA family Bush? Or lying Ted? Or little Marco the foam party fag? Or Hitlery the satanist?

      1. WGP
        moral compass. An internalized set of values and objectives that guide a person with regard to ethical behavior and decision-making.Look at some of his appointments. National Security Adviser,H.R. McMaster, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and hardly a stranger to the elite. Larry Kudlow,who was a campaign coordinator who worked closely with the likes of Bill Clinton and John Podesta, as well as other major Democrat personalities. CIA Director Mike Pompeo,he is a rabid supporter of mass surveillance of the American people by the NSA through FISA related programs, and has referred to Wikileaks as a “non-state hostile intelligence service. And this from Brandon Smith at Alt-Market about the new Fed chairman Jerome Powell :The new Fed chairman once again confirms that he is part of the elitist establishment by refusing to acknowledge the numerous warning signals within the financial system and pretending that the “recovery” is real. National debt, corporate debt and consumer debt are at ALL TIME HIGHS. Stock markets are entirely dependent on corporate stock buybacks fueled by cheap debt. If the Fed continues interest rate hikes, the party is over.

        Remember, this is the same Powell that warned in 2012 that the moment the Fed began raising interest rates and unwinding their balance sheet the fiscal bubbles they created might come crashing down. Now he is at the helm, and he is pretending he never said anything of the sort. Powell is a controlled element, and his job is to pull the plug on economic life support, and let the US system die…All the names you bring up are elitist scum and we could go on and on with the names but lets keep our eyes on the current one in charge.

        1. February 2017:
          President Trump signed a bill into law in February repealing an Obama-era Social Security Administration rule adding mental disability determinations to the background check registry. The Obama regulation potentially allowed the denial of Second Amendment rights to many competent, mentally healthy citizens.

        2. In the first 100 days of the Trump administration, arrests and deportations of criminal aliens such as MS-13 members were up 38 percent compared the Obama administration. ICE conducted a crackdown on the gangs that resulted in the arrests of nearly 1,400 people. The Trump administration also cooperated with Central American countries to combat MS-13 recruitment in the region. An estimated 6,000 MS-13 gang members were arrested during the president’s first five months.

        3. So tell us all here what Trump has done that is so immoral regarding abortion?
          The Trump administration expanded religious and moral exemptions for mandated contraceptive coverage under Obamacare. Obama’s signature legislation required that nearly all insurance plans cover abortion-inducing drugs and contraception, forcing citizens to violate sincerely held religious or moral beliefs, pay steep fines, or forgo offering or obtaining health insurance entirely. The interim final rules note that the United States “has a long history of providing conscience protections in the regulation of health care entities and individuals with objections based on religious beliefs and moral convictions.” The rule aligns with the U.S. Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling protecting the Little Sisters of the Poor, which says the government cannot fine religious groups for following their faith.
          The Office of Management and Budget on Oct. 2 issued a Statement of Administration Policy (SAP) to strongly support the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 36), which would generally make it unlawful for any person to perform, or attempt to perform, an abortion of an unborn child after 20 weeks post-fertilization.
          The personhood of the unborn child is central to the abortion debate — as even the justice who wrote the landmark Roe v. Wade opinion has acknowledged — because, if established in law, it would nullify a “right” to abortion. The largely overlooked HHS strategic plan for 2018-22 states the agency “accomplishes its mission through programs and initiatives that cover a wide spectrum of activities, serving and protecting Americans at every stage of life, beginning at conception.”
          In May 2017, the administration broadened the scope of the Mexico City Policy to restrict funding to any international health organization that performs or gives information about abortions, expanding the amount of money affected from $600,000 to nearly $9 billion.
          The Trump administration in April cut off U.S. funding of the United Nations Population Fund, which has links to inhumane abortion programs such as China’s one-child policy (which became a two-child policy in 2015). More than $32 million was instead shifted to the U.S. Agency for International Development.

        4. How is Trump’s moral compass regarding ISIS?
          Three years ago, ISIS had made substantial progress achieving its stated goal of a caliphate, boasting tens of thousands of fighters and territorial control over an area roughly the size of South Korea. But now, under President Trump’s leadership of U.S. Armed Forces, ISIS has collapsed in its Syria stronghold and in Iraq. As Northeastern Professor Max Abrahms and CATO Institute Director John Glaser note in a Los Angeles Times op-ed, a former foreign fighter recently admitted, “It’s over: there is no more Daesh left,” using an Arabic acronym for ISIS.

          1. Yup,more War War War!Spend Spend,Spend I will stick together with all who stand for Constitutional principles.Thats it!

        5. How is Trump’s moral character on human trafficking?
          Trump 6355 arrests on human trafficking exceed the entire 8 years of the Bath House Barry regime.

        6. Trump is so immoral that he got rid of Obama’s policy of forcing schools to allow boys to shower with girls, Obama was trying to force that on schools nationwide.

  3. Oh, here is another one of Trump’s swamp appointments.This courtesy of Natural news and Mike Adams.
    There’s a new chief in town, Alex Azar, who, should he receive confirmation from Congress, will soon take over as head of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). But not everyone is happy with this decision because Azar is the former president of Lilly USA, the American arm of drug giant Eli Lilly and Company, and a well-known pharmaceutical industry lobbyist – which just goes to show that nothing ever really changes in Washington, D.C.

  4. Well, we all knew that we were taking a chance on this potus. This budget thing has made me so angry I had to go watch funny cat videos for awhile, get my blood pressure down. However, I went into the voting booth already knowing that a “hard reset” was likely the only way to get some semblance of our free republic back. Trump has already surprised me a few times, “pulling the irons out of the fire” so to speak, so I’ll try not to be so fatalistic over this one. If what Dave says in this report is true, the ride’s gonna be even bumpier than I thought going into this. As always, keep your powder dry and your head on swivel. And pray–I bet God’s hearing from a lot more people these days.

  5. The one thing about liberals I admire, they seem to stick together on point for a common cause. So please let us do the same and not argue, unless one is truly off and than a soft admonish-on is usually enough, Stick together please.We must cover one and others backs.

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