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Herbs For Pain Relief

Herbs For Pain Relief

I had someone ask me about natural herbal pain relief, so I have gathered some videos that give a variety of natural remedies. Herbal pain remedies have far fewer side effects than pharmaceutical medicines, and are non-addictive.

Should the SHTF, medicines probably won’t be available. You can store some in your Prep stores, but they don’t last long. Most herbs last for years, if dried. Start to learn what is available for whichever condition you need help with.

Your local health food stores will have these herbs available, and if you know any herbalists, they can help you out.

The Strongest Natural Painkiller That Grows Everywhere, Including Your Backyard.

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15 Herbs For Pain Relief – Neck Pain, Back Pain, Arthritis Pain etc.

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Herbs For Pain: Here Are 7 That Really Work

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Top 10 Natural Pain Killers

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A Natural Pain Killing Formula

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Thanks for posting this Shorty, I have tried several so far. Unfortunately not much success,but I have a good menu now.
    Sincerely, CB

    1. Hey Charlie,

      I don’t know if your problems include back problems, but I knew a fellow who was 6’3″ tall, who was about forty pounds overweight. His Chiropractor urged him to lose weight and do exercises, like situps, to strengthen his stomach muscles. He said the best way to help your back was to strengthen your stomach. The fellow had been having a lot of back trouble, which was debilitating at times, so he gave it a shot. It took a while, because his stomach muscles were way out of shape, but once he trimmed down and strengthened those muscles, his back pain totally disappeared.


  2. Ya Shorty I have lost quite a bit of weight. but I am having problems just walking anymore.Inflamation seems to be my biggest problem, I don’t know why Drs. don’t either. After my last heart attack (widow maker) they said, I was lucky to be alive.Any ways I’ll keep on shuffeling along until the Lord calls me. and thanks for the vids.

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