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That Giant Sucking Sound

That Giant Sucking Sound

Ross Perot warned America, back in 1992, that the NAFTA trade agreement would create a “giant sucking sound”, as American factories left the US for cheaper places to crate products that would then be imported to America.

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Well, he was right. The de-industrialization of America picked up speed with the advent of the NAFTA agreement, and others. Today, we are a service economy. We manufacture very little. Those Free Trade Agreements weren’t “free” for America. They were carefully crafted to benefit other nations while destroying our economy. That is what Globalism is all about.

While our industries face stiff environmental rules, pension costs (that many other nations don’t incur), the decent wages that US manufacturing jobs offer (rather than the slave wages that developing countries and China pay), our trade imbalance has skyrocketed. Our industries face many hurdles to sell their goods in countries such as China, but they can, and have, flooded our markets with their goods.

“Free Trade” the Globalists shout, but it is not free trade when currencies are manipulated to benefit other countries, making their goods even cheaper.

It is past time to demand that “free trade” be just that, not a stacked deck designed to choose who wins and who loses.

President Trump wants to put a 25% tariff on steel, and a 10% tariff on aluminum imports. The Globalists are crying foul, but they are deceiving us, as those Free Trade Agreements they cherish, are not free at all. Just as the Safe Act in New York has nothing to do with safety, and the Patriot Act has nothing to do with patriotism, so the Free Trade agreements have nothing to do with free trade. They are crafted to be obviously weighted against the US.

Just the mention of the tariffs on steel and aluminum has encouraged factories in the US to begin hiring, or bringing back jobs, for an expansion of production. These are first steps to bringing back those jobs that went oversees, or south of our border. Americans deserve better job opportunities. Manufacturing jobs MUST be brought back here, if we are to survive as a nation. That Globalists such as Paul Ryan and Gary Cohn are opposed to Trump’s tariffs says to me that they must be an important first step.

It is time our politicians thought of “America First.”


Shorty Dawkins



  1. We warned the state about NAFTA…it cost the state $150 million the first year in just tax revenue. Then add jobs, corporations exiting. For the life if me I can’t figure why people don’t do some homework. Lazy parrots I figured.
    Canada is a protectionist nation, one way street economy. Example: observe Canadian freight trucks on US highways….notice no US trucks on Canadian highways. People in this country are stupid.

    1. The older I get the dumber I know I am. I remember all the dirty tricks – classic. One of the best was putting out that college educated were able to understand how great NAFTA was going to be. So many instantly dropped their opposition preferring to appear educated vs. working class. Sheesh!

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