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Facebook ZUCK’ing Itself into OBLIVION

Facebook ZUCK'ing Itself into OBLIVION

Are you surprised to learn that Facebook, and the other social networking sites sell your personal information? You shouldn’t be. Sites such as Facebook were established to collect personal data. What did you think they would do with the data? It has been obvious for years that this has been happening. The latest embarrassment to Facebook is just another example.

Facebook is losing subscribers, and Facebook users are spending 24% less time on the social media site. Facebook has no one to blame but itself, and Mark Zuckerberg’s big Mea Culpa will not save Facebook. Users will emigrate to other sites, in hopes of finding sites that don’t sell their data. Those sites that don’t sell information will succeed. Those that do, will fail. People are just plain tired of being treated like cattle.

Censorship is another issue destroying Facebook. They promised an open environment for the exchange of ideas and information, but that was then. Today they regularly censor conservative ideas, Christian religions and pro-second amendment sites. Are you speaking out against mass immigration? Facebook does not want your message to get out.

I won’t miss Facebook when it collapses.

This video, from BlackPigeonSpeaks, is very good.

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Shorty Dawkins


One comment

  1. “Zuckerburg”
    Is a TURD!!!
    Personal information CROOK,
    Alleged “Social Network”
    “Suckerburg” is a Dirk…
    Rich he may be,
    Felon is he,
    Lie, as he will,
    Engages in shill,
    He stands for the night,
    Spewing his plight,
    Aware of his stall,
    The truth is his “FALL”

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