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EU Revolt: Poland Says 12 Nations Ready to Stand Against Brussels!!!

EU Revolt: Poland Says 12 Nations Ready to Stand Against Brussels!!!

There is a revolt occurring in the European Union! Twelve European nations are saying: enough! Those 12 nations are saying they are tired of the EU, (Brussels), constantly centralizing authority in Brussels, thereby undermining national authority of member States.

Brussels is seeking to punish Poland, but these 12 nations are now standing in the way of Brussels. It’s about time!

A wave of Populist Nationalism is sweeping through many European countries in response to the immigration crisis, and the dictatorial powers of the Brussels bureaucrats. The recent voting in Italy is another example, as Populist Nationalist parties garnered 65% of the vote there.

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  1. When I was a teenager, pollock jokes were very common. I became convinced at an early age that they must be really stupid. Why else would there be so many jokes? Well, starting with the solidarity movement many years ago, and the election of Lech Walesa, a common electrician, as President of Poland, and now, their leadership in maintaining sovereignty, they have proven themselves to be very smart and resourceful. An added note regarding Lech Walesa,…after his presidency, he went back to being an electrician. Poland has no pension plan for their presidents. It brings to mind a fellow named George Washington who just wanted to return to farming after his service to the public. Sounds smart to me. No career politicians. Just humble servants of the people.

  2. Another added note regarding Poland: They also broke away from the communist bloc. Mad props to them. That country has been through alot. Unlike many other nations, they apparently learn from history and are determined to not repeat their mistakes.

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