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Asking U.S. Residents If They’re American Citizens Is a ‘White Supremacist Agenda’??

Asking U.S. Residents If They’re American Citizens Is a ‘White Supremacist Agenda’??

An Islamic group, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), is claiming that the thought of the Census Bureau asking if you are a US citizen is just a ‘White Supremacist Agenda’. Forgive me as I take a few moments to laugh.

The US Census Bureau is charged, in the Constitution, every ten years to take a census of the US as a means to apportion the House of Representatives based on citizen population. That is simple, really. How many US citizens are there, and in which State do they live? Only citizens can vote (or so the law says) so we need to know where they live.

Is asking a black man, or an ethnic Chinese woman, or a white person, for that matter, if they are citizens a matter of a White Supremacist Agenda? Of course not. We need to apportion the House of Representatives per the Constitution. But then again, Far Left groups have no use for the Constitution except for when it benefits them.

I have issues with the Census, as they have no business asking all kinds of personal questions, for which they have no Constitutional authority, but to ask if you are a citizen is right there in the Constitution.

I get tired of this victimhood mentality. It is promoted by the globalists to destroy the US, and many Western nations, while its “victims” are treated as children who have been spoiled rotten and deserve something for nothing. Sorry, but that is not how reality works. Bringing others down does not raise you up.

From Breitbart:

The open borders lobby, though, is blasting the decision, as it threatens states with large illegal alien populations like California, New York, and Florida. Those states are at risk of losing congressional seats if redistricting is based upon counting citizens rather than the current model, which counts all residents, including illegal aliens.

This is what the objection is based on. The claim of it being a White Supremacist Agenda is merely a smokescreen to mask the real agenda. The globalists want illegals and non-citizens to be counted (and be allowed to vote), so they can garner, or maintain power. It is about power, pure and simple.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Let’s see…
    Citizens are counted and political power at the federal level is apportioned among the several States based on their respective populations. All “other”s are counted and their number is diluted by removing 40% from the total.
    Perfectly Constitutional since it’s in the Constitution. It was designed to reduce the power of the Slave States, but that’s a part of History and History is not a priority subject in today’s public school system…

  2. The statement by CAIR is even more ridiculous, as I understand the citizenship portion of the census is voluntary. Perhaps the countries that the illegals originate from don’t get to do many things voluntarily, so they don’t truly understand the meaning of voluntary–or they’re used to being coerced into doing/saying voluntary things, if you get my drift. At any rate, if this is the case (questions being voluntary, that is) perhaps it would behoove the states to make public statements declaring that?

    In addition, pay attention to WHO is complaining the loudest, which in this article is CAIR. Don’t forget that, if they can’t manage the spread of Islam by warfare, they achieve it by “civilization jihad”, and conditioning the host country to censure itself, by declaring everything “racist” (which is silly-Islam is not a race) or “Islamophobic” thereby enacting de facto blasphemy laws. I understand there are many Latino groups that are objecting, and the same thing goes for them–it is our law, found in our Constitution, and they must adhere to it if they want to be citizens here.

    Anyway, the conservative/libertarian–and even some liberals–are wising up to this ploy, to overwhelm the country with left-leaning individuals in an attempt to permanently turn the country “blue”. Disenfranchising a whole segment of our society by removing their representation in Congress has already been ruled by SCOTUS as unconstitutional, I believe. We fought a civil war over making a segment of our society full citizens (partially anyway, with state’s rights being another huge factor) so please let’s not let ourselves slide back into that morass of singular thought. The lefty-progressive bubble needs to be pricked, not enlarged. Sorry to be such a windbag, just tired of fighting with the idiots.

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