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Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham on the school security problem

Sean Hannity: How to address the school security problem


Laura Ingraham: The Florida shooting and the proper response





  1. No one in media will attack big pharma; because big pharma pays the bill. Remember when FCC rules didn’t allow drugs to be advertised? Gee whiz…is anyone awake? Ted Turner spilled the beans with his big mouth many years ago stating the world population needs to be reduced to 500 million. One aspect is slow death by pharma. Make billions while we kill you.

    1. Someone suggested this on another site. In this day and age it might be a good solution to teach online. The only problem I see, is that these kids are being thoroughly divided already. Heck, a good argument can be made that the social media designed to bring them together just separates them completely.

      However, it’s definitely worth considering Cal.

  2. The cause of the shootings is gun free zones. In schools the children are sitting ducks. The Hannity, Ingraham solution is to put vets with training. Where is the money coming from to pay for that expense? The only solution is to allow any teacher who wants to and is competent to have their gun be the first responders that they should be except for idiotic gun laws. If the gym teacher ( while brave) had gun he might have ended the threat early and saved more lives and still be alive.

    1. Agree, teachers should be allowed to be armed. It would go a long ways to solving this problem. I would add that if they can’t find it in their hearts to find proper funding to harden the perimeters of these schools, then they should redistribute the already in use equipment and personnel used to protect our Servant Government personnel. It would go a long way to polite the deep state.

  3. There are students who are already so politically indoctrinated that they will gang up on a teacher to get the gun. Teachers that want to carry need serious training because the politics around a student shot dead in a classroom by a teacher – don’t want to see that one.

    Also I have noticed that part of the “security” of some security companies involves constant rotation of employees to sites. If the school had a list of photos of expelled students for security to have on hand and if the students were required to stand back and respectfully wait while security opened the gates instead of swarming him (her, them) and if the security staff were allowed to remain regular vs rotating – would that have made enough difference? Since I see that students are going to protest nationwide I think that being trained how to be proactive towards their own security instead of rude children is in order no?

  4. The democrats don’t want to find the answer. They would rather disarm all of us. Each shooting advances their cause. Question: Were all the red flags “missed”, or ignored?

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