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Sarasota sheriff calls for armed veterans, retired officers in schools

Sheriff Tom Knight said Tuesday that his agency already supplies manpower and training to the district, but he believes more can still be done.

“We have been looking at opportunities over the last two years to help school officials develop a practical and achievable safety plan for the district,” the sheriff said in a press release outlining his plan. “My recommendation is for the school to consider implementing a quasi-school security program that puts retired law enforcement and military veterans on Sarasota County campuses.”

The sheriff said specially trained deputies are already available as school resource officers to every middle and high school in the county.  It was not immediately clear how this new suggestion would impact that program.

In Knight’s plan, it would still be up to every school to select and hire the security personnel, with his deputies providing specialized training in firearms, defensive tactics and active-shooter scenarios.

“This is not an overnight solution but it’s a good place to start,” the sheriff continued. “Many of these veterans have basic training, have managed major incidents and have knowledge of weaponry and tactics. More often than not, these retirees are looking for a way to care for the children in their community and this program is a sustainable solution.”

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  1. I have been saying this for years. Repeal the “Safe schools Act.” School shootings have actually increased since the passage of this bill. Look at how the Israelis stopped Arab terrorists from attacking school children and staff. People with military and law enforcement experience in their resumes can become sheepdog again.

  2. Why not train the teachers in there summer months off to shoot and then to open carry in school and on school grounds? And we must all recognize the pharmaceutical place of destroying the minds of the children. In my school days, no one was on man made drugs and 4th, 5th and 6th grade had gun safety and shooting qualifications. Bring it back. Bob H

  3. Designated security is not as effective a deterrent as an unknown population of armed persons. And aren’t state indoctrination centers prison like enough already. We don’t need screws in schools.

  4. the federal Governments sole authority on firearms is to: ENFORCE THE 2ND AMENDMENT…not infringe, ban, hinder or otherwise mess with it…

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