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Rosenstein Threatened Nunes

Rosenstein Threatened Nunes

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett revealed that, according to two sources, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened Chairman Devin Nunes that he was tired of dealing with the House Intelligence Committee and that if they didn’t stop, he would subpoena all their emails and texts.

In two separate videos, Bill Still, of the Still Report, presents information, that, if true, as Gregg Jarret’s sources claim, is a violation of the law. It is illegal to threaten punitive action against a person exercising their Constitutional Duties.

Rosenstein Threatened Nunes

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2nd Witness – Rosenstein Threatened Nunes

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Shorty Dawkins



      1. Either way…they are all what a dog leaves after a good squat. lol Just like Hitlery, they attract flies that produce maggots.

  1. Good catch FJH! It was sent by trusted source, made sense, and linked article appeared legit. The only flag at the time was SNOPES which I’ve learned to ignore. Thks for heads-up.

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