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Oath Keepers Post-State of the (Dis)Union Briefing, Friday, February 9, at 8PM CST (9PM EST)

Oath Keepers Post-State of the (Dis)Union Briefing, Friday, February 9, at 8PM CST (9PM EST)

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – the Marxist/Black Nationalist/Reconquista/ SJW Alliance

Please register and join us for an important Post State of the Union Oath Keepers Briefing on Feb 9, 2018 8:00 PM CST (9PM EST) at:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.   Please plan on joining by computer so you will be able to see video presentations and also so you can ask questions and make comments.

Presenters will be Navy Jack and Stewart Rhodes.   We may add other presenters.

NavyJack will review the continuing efforts of the resistance movement against Trump, including the coordinated support for the office of special counsel Mueller. He will provide a list of potential guideposts that will determine the landscape for the upcoming mid-term elections, the prognosis for the remaining three years of the President’s term, and how these events are shaping domestic and foreign policy.

Stewart Rhodes will present on the reality that the state government of California, by declaring itself a “sanctuary state,” is now  in insurrection against the legitimate, constitutionally enacted immigration laws of the Union, in direct violation of clear federal law that makes harboring illegal aliens a felony offense, and how this amounts to an insurrection against the Constitution itself, which guarantees to each state a republican form of government – and how this is the latest salvo in an ongoing Marxist/Democratic party coup/insurrection which aims to illegitimately secure a permanent leftist/Democratic lock on political power not just in California but across the nation.  He will also highlight some ominous parallels with what is happening in Europe and how this all ties in with globalist goals of destabilization and consolidation of their power.

Stewart will also lead a discussion on what can and must be done about this at the federal and state level, and what role we the people, and especially we the trained military and police, have to play in putting down this insurrection – which is aimed at the final checkmate and destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

Please join us for this important webinar.   You will be encouraged to ask questions and to comment.   Please invite your friends and family to attend, and please also spread the word on social media and by email.

We have a limit of 1,000 registered attendees,  so please register right away to reserve a slot.

For the Republic,

Oath Keepers

PS – Please note that this is not about race.  This is about ideology – the cancer of Marxism that has infected this nation just like it has infected Europe with similar results – intentional national assisted suicide.    The Marxists use racial ‘identity politics” to divide and conquer the American people along racial lines, and in particular aim to radicalize and weaponize both native born and immigrant racial minorities, by indoctrinating them with Marxist ideology and resultant hatred of this nation and its institutions.  Immigrants (legal and illegal) are encouraged NOT to assimilate, and to instead have loyalty to their nation of origin and to their race- if non-white (just as is done in Europe with the Muslim immigrants, except they are encouraged to place radical Islam in the prime place of loyalty).  Native born American minorities are likewise conditioned to hate and despise the nation of their birth and its Constitution, as being inherently “racist, imperialistic, and oppressive” – the standard Marxist propaganda against all Western Civilization.


Oath Keepers Post-State of the (Dis)Union Briefing, Friday, February 9, at 8PM CST (9PM EST)

This is not about race.  This is about ideology.  A message from new Oath Keepers member, Max Vasquez (USMC Vietnam veteran):  “Just let him know that I support and stand next to him. Ready to go to the border and help secure it. “To Protect and Defend..”, Oath did not have an expiration date on it.”  Semper Fi Marine.  You fought communists in Vietnam, now you fight them here too.

Of course, the Marxists, especially in universities, also indoctrinate millions of white Americans to likewise hate and despise the nation of their birth, using the same propaganda – again, just as is done in Europe, so that anyone who opposes them is labeled “racist” and “fascist” for simply defending the fundamental building blocks of Western Civilization such as rule of law, private property, free enterprise, individual liberty, free speech, constitutional limited government, and sane immigration that only allows immigration at a rate that ensures assimilation and loyalty to the nation.  in fact, the very concept of a nation, with secured borders and enforced immigration laws, which deserves loyalty, is attacked.  All of of the above are demonized as inherently “racist” and “xenophobic” with the only “approved answer” being unconditional surrender and submission to endless open border immigration, non-assimilation, and intentional balkanization.  The goal is nothing less than the fragmenting and destruction of all of Western Civilization, to be replaced with a SJW Marxist Hell on Earth which the globalist, corporate fascist elites will ultimately rule from above.

That is how we end up with white, black, and brown Americans all burning the American flag, flying the Soviet flag or some other foreign flag, refusing to stand for the national anthem, and running around in black masks, assaulting anyone who disagrees with them.

And this is why we wouldn’t want ten million white Swedes to emigrate here either, judging by what a FUBAR socialist mess Sweden now is.  No thanks. We have enough Marxist internal enemies already.   Stay in Sweden and fix Sweden.  They demonstrate that ideology shapes destiny, regardless of race.  A cancerous ideology like Marxism will kill any nation.

Thankfully, there are millions of American patriots who are now wise to this strategy and are pushing back.  let’s help lead the way.



Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



    1. Duplicate what USMC Vietnam Max Vasquez said……My Oath does not have an expiration date. I am a US Navy Korean War Vet, well equipped, well trained and quite able to stand and be counted. Anyone that has been paying any measurable attention to past and current events, is more than aware that this Independent, Sovereign, Constitutional Republic is under full attack and will, much sooner than most realize, have to be defended from the Communist Globalist scourge and their ilk that is out of control and polluting our country. They have a huge foothold, a huge following and massive financial support, however, they have grossly underestimated the strength, power and resolve of their “American adversary”……They simply picked a fight with the wrong guy……their lack of traditional American “common sense” logic and patriotism has reserved them a ticket to hell.

      1. Well said, Vinny. I don’t think the radical Left has a clue just how many of us old farts will, without hesitation, lay down our lives to defend freedom, and, given that the majority of them are afraid of guns, it isn’t even going to be a fair fight.

      2. I am a US Army Vietnam Veteran who served from 05/70 to 04/71 and I am sick and tired of ALL the negative press that Pres. Trump gets. I am ready to roll if the need arises and I know that all of my associates are ready also. The only thing that would be able to stop this groundswell would be a lack of COMMAND and CONTROL. It we have the C&C we are cannot be beaten.

  1. Given the limited number or registrants, will the webinar be recorded and available on the website for playback at regional meetings?

      1. I was not able to make it either but am very interested in the message. Will you advise by bulk email again when recorded webinar is available? Thanks & God Bless America.

  2. Are you aware that Twitter is locking out anyone talking against the left. I was locked out of Twitter for objecting to a woman posting a $20K reward for anyone who would assassinate Mr Trump. The only reason I care is I can no longer get the presidents tweets, Navy Jack and others analyses I find so valuable. Many are going to GAB. Could you post there?

    1. Yes, we are, thank you. facebook is also actively taking sides. I’m one of the admins on the Oath Keepers national page. I’ve had my posts and/or comments blocked as spam. How can an admin spam their own page? One article simply wouldn’t post. It was blocked. Posts by members have also been hidden or blocked. Annoying. Not sure about GAB, but I’ll check it out.

  3. Stewart, will you be discussing possible legal avenues for how potus can handle this situation? The left has shown how willing they are to use violence against any who disagree with them–their “resistance” promises much the same. I’ve seen discussion on threads about the California AG and his threats against business owners that comply with immigration law to the effect that should he be arrested that riots would break out. I’m not a lawyer so can’t pretend that I know what’s the best course of action here, but fear of violence should never stop law enforcement from doing their jobs, I would think. Would arresting the governor for insurrection have any different an effect? Anyway, we’re slated to attend–see ya there!

  4. Doesn’t surprise me, Facebook is locking me out to because I exposed some crooked cops in our corrupt town of WindsorLocks Ct. I put videos on FB showing the proof of it and they locked me out .

  5. For me it’s not so much about communism, socialism, etc., it’s about getting what you want, when you want it. Like the old cowboy movies repeat again and again: the undisciplined mob rationalizes grabbing someone’s property not because they want it and can’t have it but because that someone is different therefore is imminently dangerous, therefore they need to get rid of of that someone (President Trump, for example). Ask the Antifa supporters if they (the supporters) are communists. They’ll say No, with certainty. It’s about undisciplined, rationalized greed where people agree on the twisted reason.

  6. I’m just so very glad you are back! Hadn’t heard a thing from anyone in Oath Keepers in what seems like years. Had feared you had folded the tent and left. So very glad you haven’t. My husband died in 2013 and he was a huge supporter of this effort – now I will be too.


  8. I have a comment. I am a Canadian. I study USA news and events to the point that I never look at Canadian news. I feel I have prospective as an outsider who pretty much is an American at heart.
    1) After having a bumbling IDIOT IN G.W.Bush Jr. and voting him in twice. 2) Having a Non-American President with strong Muslim ties and voted him in twice
    3) You were GIVEN A CHOICE between Trump and the most evil female on the planet. She said it best when the 4 Americans died in Bengasi “what difference does it make”. YEP, one of those dead could be your mother, father, child…………………….oh yes they were!
    You all gave F***ing Idiot and someone who is diametrically opposite of everything that America stands for a chance to run the country after winning the election,
    Why not give Trump the same chance, respect, opportunity.
    I write this for every American that reads this because I care about you personally and “the best country in the world”

  9. Perhaps this is what I have been hoping would cone along. A group of patriots that could be quickly organized to action to stop the globalists, CFR, and other traitorous groups. I hope so. The globalists need to be
    identified by name.

  10. I am a great grandmother who FULLY supports Oathkeepers! I was once a paying member each year but currently unable to donate. I do, however, share all your messages and encourage others to join. I truly believe that Oathkeepers and other organizations of patriot Americans will be forced to step forth and rescue our nation from the evils that besiege us. God bless you good folks! Stay strong and stand FIRM!

  11. The lie-beral demonocrats are suffering from the insanity of satanity whose only expertise is bullshitology under the cloak of self-righteousness !

  12. I just got the email about this webinar at 1450 PST today and will not be able to attend, but my wife and I would like to view it. Is there any chance that it can be made available to folks like us to watch at a later date?

  13. People are like cars, there are different makes and models, mileage and overall condition. I’ve seen dead bodies on the roads of Nigeria and Bangladesh. People crapping by the road India. Paid bribes to corropt government officials in Mexico an Brazil. Condoms in the surf of Thailand. Trash strewn everywhere In all these countries. But in all these countries the people are fiercely patriotic. Except maybe Nigeria. There they harken back to the great times of British colonial rule when western institutions of parliamentary povernment, rule of law legal system, public education & CoE religion were introduced. Now it’s dog eat dog warlord anarchy. USA is the last bastion of modern western civilized society that the globalist need to destroy in order to bring in their one world goverenment. USA is the front lines in a global war for the future of humanity. Opening the sluece gates and letting in millions of socialisticly conditioned third worlders is not a good idea! Have you seen what they’ve done to their own countries? I have.

    1. Kiwi Patriot,
      You are 100% correct with your assessment of what is going on in the world at large and here in the USA! I am a current serving USA Military member with 32 years of experience all over the world. Americans need to wake up the facts that you are stating and fight back against the Globalization of America before it is too late.

  14. My bad, Stewart, I didn’t read the other comments before posting mine. I just got up for a midshift and haven’t had enough caffeine yet.

  15. I’m a supporter of the root belief of this organization. To uphold the oath to uphold the constitution, basically.
    However, the description here in regards to CA “. .. by declaring itself a “sanctuary state,” is now in insurrection against the legitimate, constitutionally enacted immigration laws of the Union, in direct violation of clear federal law… , and how this amounts to an insurrection against the Constitution itself, which guarantees to each state a republican form of government… ”
    Doesn’t the guarantee of the constitution give a state the right to run its own form of government, whether we disagree with it or not?
    I don’t like the government if CA, or the laws, which is why I live in Vegas. But I respect the right of that state to lead their government with the head as far up their ass as they choose. Doesn’t the Constitution in fact give them the right to do that?
    Just because an addition to the constitution, or an executive order, or some other bullshit comes along does that mean we should ignore the fundamental ideas and amendments set forth in the constitution?

    1. The Constitution does not contain “Fundamental Ideas,” it lays out governmental constraints and delegated duties. As such, immigration is delegated to the Federal Congress (not the states), which is described in Article 1, section 8. Additionally, the Constitution provides for “Supremacy” especially with the “Bill of Rights,” which obviously California walks all over. Article 6 contains the “Supremacy Clause.”

    2. California has a huge impact on national elections, and that’ s going to get worse. Illegal aliens are allowed to obtain drivers’ licenses in CA. As of April 1, there will be check boxes on the DMV paperwork. One to indicate that you are not a citizen. One to indicate that you are a citizen (no proof required). The default if no box is checked is that the individual will be registered to vote in CA. Also, no voter ID is required to vote. IMHO, California cannot be allowed to affect the outcome of national elections. If you take all of the CA votes out of the mix in 2016, Hillary lost the popular vote as well. The Constitution should never be “ignored”. But neither should deliberate attempts to subvert election results.

  16. Two you tube channels that I’d recommend: Max Igan and Dr. Jordan Peterson. Perhaps Mr. Rhodes could have a conversation with either or both?

    1. We’re trying to take back the “public square” by hosting a “Common Sense” community discussion series. The first one is at the village library Monday night on “Gender Wage Gap Debate” featuring the now famous Peterson/Newman interview. He’s brilliant and quick on his feet.

  17. I love all Patriots no matter what race, creed or color they may be and they will always be brothers and sisters to me. Those that seek to bring down our Constitutional Republic will always be my enemies.

  18. Well done (listened to the recorded webcast). Received the email announcement on Friday at 1723 for the 2100 webcast. Unclear why such a late single announcement but that prevented me from attending. Enjoyed the Q&A by Steward R. Really enjoyed the detailed DC and Mueller investigation by NavyJack. Was unaware of the DC info and I consider myself up to speed on Mueller’s effort. Thank you NavyJack.

      1. fyi – there is 120 seconds of dead air on the recording. Don’t quit thinking it isn’t working .. it is almost 10 minutes in before anything of value happens.

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