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Oath Keepers National Call to Action: Help Us Protect the Future by Standing Guard Outside Schools Nationwide

Oath Keeper Army veteran Mark Cowan Stands Guard Outside Fort Wayne, Indiana High School

Oath Keepers message to the school-children of America: “We Got Your Six.”

Oath Keepers, an association of military, police, fire-fighters and other first-responders, launches “Operation We Got Your Six” to let the children of America know that our well-trained retired police officers and military veterans will protect the kids while they are in school against any madman or terrorist who tries to attack them.


CALL TO ACTION:  Oath Keepers, in the wake of the horrific attack on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, it is time to step up nationwide and defend our schools against the threat of mass murder.  Enough is enough.   We call on you to post up armed outside your local school, as close as the local laws allow, and stand guard in defense of the children of your community.



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Oath Keepers National Call to Action Video


Oath Keepers in Indiana, such as the outstanding Army veteran, Mark Cowan, are already standing guard outside schools in their state.  Mark has set the example for you to follow, so now it is time for you to also step up and get it done where you live.  Mark calls his effort “Operation We Got Your Six” and we are adopting that same name for this national effort.  Hat’s off to Mark for leading the way.  Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle?  Let’s roll. 


Video interview with Indiana Oath Keeper Mark Cowan, who is standing guard outside a high school in Fort Wayne, IN

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Clearly, as President Trump stated, what should be done is to arm and train the teachers, just as is done in Israel.   That would provide the most effective deterrent and the fastest defense, since the teachers and staff are right there with the intended victims, and are already tasked with taking care of the kids.

Oath Keepers National Call to Action: Help Us Protect the Future by Standing Guard Outside Schools Nationwide
Armed teacher protecting children in Israel.  If it’s right for Israel, why isn’t it right for America? 

But until the idiotic laws and policies that demand disarmed teacher zones full of helpless children are changed here in the U.S., we military and police veteran Oath Keepers will fill the void by being as close to the schools as we can be, just as we filled the void by standing guard outside recruiting centers across the nation in the wake of the Chattenooga, TN terror attack when even well trained military recruiters were not allowed to carry firearms for their own defense.

Oath Keepers National Call to Action: Help Us Protect the Future by Standing Guard Outside Schools Nationwide
 Guarding Recruitment Centers in NH
Oath Keepers National Call to Action: Help Us Protect the Future by Standing Guard Outside Schools Nationwide
Rick Delapp, a member of Oath Keepers, stands guard outside the Armed Forces Career Center in Kalispell, MT.

We stood guard over adults who were left unarmed by idiotic policy.  How much more of a duty do we have to stand guard over our children while their teachers are left unarmed by idiotic policy?  We have a duty under our oath to step up and stand in the gap, by posting outside our schools in every community nationwide, standing guard as close to the schools as the local laws allow, so we are ready and able to be a quick reaction force to decisively stop any mass murderer or terrorist intent on killing children.    As we have seen over and over again, the police cannot be everywhere and they also cannot possibly respond fast enough to put an immediate end to the killing.   When second count, the police are minutes away.

Be sure to alert local law enforcement of what you will be doing, where you will post outside the school, how to easily identify you (such as with your Oath Keepers shirts and hats and any additional methods of identification you decide on), and also notify the school of your intent.  Notice the key word there is “notify,” rather than asking for permission.   When it comes to standing outside schools within the limits of the law to defend  the lives of our children, you don’t need to ask permission of bureaucrats or politicians.  Their Alice-in-Wonderland thinking – insisting on turning our schools into soft target kill boxes full of helpless kids, with disarmed teachers and staff who are not equipped to stop the attack – has created a terrorist’s dream setup on a silver platter.

Stand on your rights and your duty and get it done.   Please also stay within the law, such as being only as close to the school as state and federal law allows (each state is different, so be sure you know the local rules) so as to deny our anti-gun/ anti-veteran/ anti-cop politically motivated leftist enemies an easy way to shut you down or even try to prosecute you for doing the right thing.  The same goes for whether to be armed with a handgun or a long arm, and whether to go open carry or concealed.  Know your local laws and use your own best judgment on what is the best method and posture for you to use in your local community.

President Trump recently declared that he would have run into that school even if unarmed to try to stop the killing.  That’s the spirit!  We who are trained and equipped to do it right have the highest duty, and the highest honor, of stepping in between the children and evil incarnate.

As we said in Army Airborne, the time has come to stand up, hook up, and shuffle to the door.  Let’s get it done.   If not us, then who?   We must lead the way.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes

Founder of Oath Keepers


PS- We will post up more details on our advice on how to most effectively coordinate with local law enforcement and how to best secure the schools.  Our experienced LEO and special warfare veterans will lead the way in providing that advice.   Note that we also call on you to do all you can to influence a change in Federal, state and local laws, and in your local school administration policies to allow well trained military and police veterans to serve as armed volunteers inside the schools, and to also allow the teachers and school staff to get trained and then carry concealed handguns inside the school.  And then you will need to train those teachers and school staff members.   Time to fix this.

Also, join us tonight, Feb 26, 2018 at 9pm Eastern for a special online webinar on this topic.  Go here to register for that webinar.


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Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.


  1. And just like the Texas church shooting, you can shoot at the guy after he is done. These shootings are over in a couple of minutes. A good guy with gun hasn’t really done much for our mass shooting problem. Heck, everybody in the Vegas crowd could have brought a Glock, and that would have done diddly against a concealed, elevated shooter with cover.

    1. Your 3rd sentence is moronic. Of course “A good guy with gun hasn’t really done much for our mass shooting problem!!” Most of the shootings are taking place in gun-free zones! Where’s the “good guy” gonna come from to save the day? Your last statement shows you don’t have ANY experience with guns. A marksman type (such as myself) can aim and hit the target! Perhaps you think before you type next time and you won’t get ripped by an ol’ lady like me. 😉

  2. Hi,to any Indianapolis, surrounding area Oathkeepers interested in guarding a school .I’m retired and can help.I’ve recently become a lifetime Oathkeeper in Indianapolis.Email me with your ideas.Kindest Regards , Rick Dickman

    1. I’m AF of Nam vintage, and on occasion wear my dads marine flight squadron patches on my flight jacket in honor of his WWII flying service in the Pacific. When I lay today’s soy boys up to him…pure powder puff. No offense. Cheers!

  3. Do not show up outside my kids school. I will make sure you loose your guns and go to jail. I do not want uninvited, strangers with guns creeping around my kids school.

    1. I can’t even come up with words to tell you how terribly wrong you are. These people you are talking to, including me, have put our lives on the line in order to protect your rights to live in a free country and believe what you want and have your say. We would not hesitate to do the same for you or your kids. What have you done in your life to protect us and our kids?

    2. Fortunately it is not up to you. We won’t be doing anything illegal, so how are you going to “make sure” we lose our guns and go to jail? And we don’t need an invitation from the school administration to stand off of school property, at the legal limit, and stand guard. We would need their permission to go onto school grounds and we would not do that without their permission. Can you see the difference? We will first offer our services on campus, if they will agree to it, and yes, we would expect to have to go through background checks and any other vetting the school wants. But if the school won’t work with us to do that, then we will post up off campus at the distance required by law, and before we do, we will coordinate with the local police so they know exactly who we are and what we are doing, as I already said. I’ll bet you a hundred bucks those cops will be happy to see brother cops and military vets stepping up like this. Just watch.

      “creeping around my kids school.” Creeping? We’ll be standing off, at a distance, out in the open. No creeping here. Geeze, you really hate us don’t you? Do you hate all cops and all military or just the ones who volunteer to serve as unpaid protectors to keep kids from being slaughtered?

      And if, God forbid, a madman with a rifle, shotgun, or pistol comes to your kids school with the intent to kill all the children, and one of our volunteers stops him, you will be thankful that he was there.

      1. I know as well as you, us veterans are full of TBI’s, PTSD, and hosts of other psychiatric problems. Wait in line for prescriptions at the VA and tell me you want some of them in front of the schools. How would this call to action or you stop unstable veterans like myself, from being “triggered” psychologically. I think this is a valid point. Do you screen members you tell to do this? And, no, this is not a liberal accusing you guys of “creeping.” I just saw you want a dialogue. Have a great day, thanks for your service!

      2. I’ll reply to your comment, although you’ve never seen fit to reply to one of the comments I directed specifically toward you.
        You could have used Otis’s comment to point out many things in the debate over guns.
        You could have explained what the 2nd actually means in the terms of the first 13 words, and how the government has unlawfully removed the only recognized authority “to execute the Laws of the Union.”
        You could have spoken about the issue of mind altering drugs related to mass shootings, and how our representatives act hand in hand with the pharmaceutical industry to drug our nation.
        You could have talked about the obvious facts of mass shootings, in which witnesses state that the government/media complex is not speaking the entire truth.
        As a lawyer you could have explained the extent to which this government has gone to destroy the rule of law, and how that is tied to the current state of crime, and corruption.
        Instead, you’ve gone with a worn out argument that a good portion of the country doesn’t want to hear.
        This is a nation of the People, and I as a veteran have taken an oath to that fundamental principle of a nation of Popular Sovereignty. Instead, you’ve succumbed to the fallacy that this very limited government can get away with murder.

      3. I want to add to my last comment because I just heard in the news that the governor of Vermont has signed into law some of their most restrictive gun laws.
        The momentum is on the side of those, I’m not going to call them gun-grabbers because it doesn’t aptly portray who they are. They are nation destroyer’s and their ultimate goal is to bring to heel all those of us who believe we can be free.
        Soon people like us will not be allowed to speak the truth. Instead of leading a happy life, we will be hunted to extinction, and our families, well, who knows what will be in store for future generations.

    3. You’re right Otis, it’s best to wait for your school’s resource officer to cower behind stairs, and the first responding deputies to take their stand down order to heart while your kid gets shot. Much better plan…Might I be so bold as to have you dig deep into the Greek Idiotes? Quit being a tool and at least think slightly more laterally than the 3 deputies that couldn’t rectify children dying with job repercussions.

    4. This clown has to be a liberal. He has the logic (lack of) nor the intelligence to know what the laws are. This is the ignorance that we’ll be dealing with when we post up, so maybe we should carry a copy of the constitution as well as the laws of the land to hand out. But that is assuming idiots like him can read.

  4. Read again Luke 22:36 where Jesus told his disciples to sell their cloak and buy a sword. Read again the words of St. John the Beloved in 1 John 3:16 where he tells us our duty is to put our lives on the line for our neighbors because Christ died for us.

  5. I think this is a great idea to help guard school. I plan to start doing it. I have a grandson in school here (central Alabama). Otis you do what you think is right and we will do the same.

  6. Don’t start that mess, these brothers and sisters just want to do what should’ve beendone in the first place, itsbthe job of every man in his community to protect the women, children, elderly people and the rest who can’t protect themselves from any harm, so please don’t start that I’m going to call police and make a false complaint crap because that’s what you’d be doing and this is not the time or place for that, Blessings to you and your family.

  7. Great idea, and I personally would LOVE to volunteer! However, the NYSP would show up in 2 minutes flat and arrest us for having a firearm within so many feet of a school. Welcome to NY.

  8. For about two years now my wife and I have been armed at our church. We monitor the cameras our church has and we are ready to stop any threat. For the past four months we have increased our armed security team to 10. We wrote a security operations manual, met with the local sheriffs department and got positive feedback from them. we also train together regularly. We also have a school at our church and take their safety very seriously. I am A Vietnam veteran, myself and the team are all volunteers. We pray we never need to confront evil here at our church or school, but we will continue to prepare if it comes to our doors.

  9. The guy in the video is a member of Indiana Oath Keepers Region 1 and a good friend of mine. I actually graduated from the high school he’s guarding, and I applaud his desire to keep kids safe. He’s a true-blue American and one of a dozen or so who stood guard at the (Un)Armed Forces Recruiting Center in Fort Wayne for 16 months in 2015/16. That said, there are 98,000 public schools in the U.S., so Oath Keepers has the manpower to guard less than half of them, assuming EVERY SINGLE MEMBER volunteered to do five days a week, nine months a year. I think our people and resources would be better used to do something like help law enforcement keep tabs on individuals who have been red-flagged as being potential threats.

    1. Interesting Spook…I was thinking about a way to have law enforcement/Oathkeepers allow for pouring over records as well. I also thought about having law enforcement armed with smart glasses that they can get a live feed from the schools cameras when they arrive on the scene.

      1. Hopefully on security cameras that aren’t on a 20 minute delay, Greg. I don’t want to demean the efforts of anyone who wants to be an extra set of eyes for school resource officers, but I think there are a number of other areas where we could be more productive. Doing busy work like examining records to try to identify potential shooters is an excellent idea. Our local chapter is going to approach municipal and county LE with whom we have excellent rapport, and volunteer in any way they might see fit to use us.

  10. When will OK or any other pro 2A or patriot group in America take a proactive approach to defending our rights and educating the public? Are we so afraid of negative press that we only take the backdoor approach to meagerly donning a presence in response to only the most outrageous events nationwide?

    If this was about promoting a film or product the promotionists would have a field day with available LEGAL options for raising the bar for our 2A rights.

    How about a simple Call to Action in which 50 fully armed OK members show up outside the Parkland school as a starter, and the another Florida school the following day, and another, and so on, until the word gets out that Good Guys with Guns aren’t afraid to be proactive, as this vet has done?

    We got plenty of press over guarding recruiting centers, how much more so over guarding our nation’s children? No, we can’t man 98k schools nationwide, but we can sure make a splash nationwide as we hit school after school, randomly, to send a message that there IS an answer to this and it doesn’t rest at the sides of snowflake deputies who are protecting their retirement rather than defending helpless children who are being slaughtered at will by a SINGLE MAN with a weapon.

    I guess it’s going to take some leadership but we certainly won’t be seeing that here from OK. Turn on the news and watch what’s happening to the NRA and gun rights in the media today, with groups like OK staying hidden in the background, hardly any different than those who hid behind their patrol cars while children were bleeding to death inside.

    I saw this in Oregon and nothing has changed since then. The Bundy’s were ACQUITTED in Oregon. Maybe we should turn OK over to them, at least they have balls enough to stand for what they know is right.

    You want to increase dues and memberships? Then stand and perform and watch flocks of red-blooded Americans race to sign up and join the fray.

    A school voices it’s dissatisfaction with a single vet standing outside, as happened in this event? Make sure there’s ONE HUNDRED FULLY ARMED VETS outside the following day, just to solidify the point. And another hundred outside five more schools in the district the following day.

    It’s about damned time we won this argument once and for all, and blending into the background sure as hell isn’t going to make it happen.

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