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Kasich’s Renewed Betrayal Foreshadows Establishment GOP Retreat on Guns

Kasich's Renewed Betrayal Foreshadows Establishment GOP Retreat on Guns
“Republican” Kasich proves once a betrayer, always a betrayer.

“If all the sudden you couldn’t buy an AR-15, what would you lose?” Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich asked on CNN, talking about new citizen disarmament edicts he’d favor in the wake of the Stoneman atrocities. “Would you feel your Second Amendment rights would be eroded because you couldn’t buy a God-darned AR-15?”

Feelings would have nothing to do with it, even though his came through loud and clear. The unconstitutional infringement to “the birthright of an American” would be demonstrable, not that those intent on seeing their countrymen disarmed ever let evidence get in the way of stirring up a mob mentality.

Kasich's Renewed Betrayal Foreshadows Establishment GOP Retreat on Guns
BFFs John and Bill…

In Kasich’s case, it was no surprise.  As a congressman, he was one of 46 Republican members who helped pass the 1994 semi-auto ban by a narrow 216-214 vote margin, putting him on a first-name basis with Bill Clinton.  Then, when running for governor and needing the votes, he “convinced” (a more than willing) NRA to change his “F” to an “A,” paying them back with “good” gun actions as long as he felt pandering to Ohio gun owners was in his political interests.

Having almost screwed all gun owners over big time by attacking candidate Donald Trump during his post-primaries presidential campaign and thus working to Hillary Clinton’s political advantage, Kasich has irredeemably sided with “the swamp,” and evidently figures he has nothing to lose by reverting to form. And he never “got it” anyway. The stated purpose behind his public ambivalence to a proposed “Obama gun ban” was because “it wasn’t effective,” not because it was an affront to freedom and a gross betrayal of his oath of office.

When it comes to doing the Democrat’s work for them, Kasich is hardly alone, and we’ll see more defections the hotter things get politically and the faint of heart feeling it opt for appeasement.

So we see Florida Rep. Francis Rooney now saying “some freedoms are going to have to be given up” and speculating that some of those surrendered freedoms probably entail more gun bans.  When asked if there’s a reason “a private citizen needs to own an AR-15 assault rifle.” Rooney responded:

“To be honest with you, I’m not sure. I think people should be able to use them in gun ranges if they want to go rip off a lot of caps, if you will, at a gun range. But, do they need to own them and take them out of the facility? I’m not sure.”

And there are others coming out of the woodwork, some being more cautions with their virtue signaling. Mitt Romney is being careful at present not to repeat his past support for banning semi-autos, so aside from saying he’d “probably be OK with a prior restraint background check “enhancement” by Orrin Hatch (that he hasn’t read yet), he’s recommending things advance at the state level – pretty much the “3,000 Tyrants” strategy the gun-grabbers are using as long as federal incursions are being blocked.

Which may not be for that much longer. Donald Trump is supporting background check “improvements” and just instructed AG Sessions to find a way to make “bump stocks” illegal. And while it’s easy to put all the blame for betrayal on him, don’t forget who gave him the green light to ignore “shall not be infringed” on both counts. NRA and NRA.

Add to that a billionaire Republican donor making it clear that unless candidates betray their oaths and their constituents, he’ll risk letting their seats fall to Democrats.

What do grassroots activist gun owners do about being increasingly abandoned by those they have supported and empowered? First of all, realize that it’s probably going to get worse.

And imagine, with the frenzy the country is in now, what the political mood (and the spines of Republican politicians) will be like the next time there’s another “gun free zone” massacre — especially if it’s an even bigger one. No doubt there are some not averse to that.

We must keep presenting truths to counter a media that has a voice dwarfing ours, finding those receptive to it, and recruiting them to join with us. And ultimately we must remember that – all the noise aside in order to be disarmed we must make the choice to surrender.


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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?”



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.


  1. Don’t kid yourselves. We’re all being Lamplighted. The “Deep State” is still running the show. They’ve owned every candidate since George the first. Why would Trump be any different? Not one arrest, not one indictment of the real players, Really folks?!?

    1. For those who don’t know the meaning of :Lamplighted… in the 17th Century lamps often held only one piece of glass and thus shone light in only one direction making it difficult to see what was around you except in one direction. The direction the lamp was being pointed.

    2. No arrests? 13000 sealed indictments issued, MS13 and thousands of pedophile arrests and Illegal aliens being deported don’t count since Trump took office? Cheers!

      1. Can you prove that? No, you can not, Drinking the coolaid. I
        ‘d love that to be true but there is NO evidence to support it

      2. Pacer: 800-676-6856

        Correspondence to the Department of Justice, including the Attorney General, may be sent to:

        U.S. Department of Justice
        950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
        Washington, DC 20530-0001
        The Department may be contacted by phone at the following:

        Department Comment Line: 202-353-1555
        Department of Justice Main Switchboard: 202-514-2000

      3. THANKS WGP! TYPICAL TROLL NONSENSE. Please folks, look at the links cited. Not ONE real speck of evidence. just internet BS.

      4. @ still as mean: You are so right!!! As you so astutely point out, the information on the internet is all BS. We need more people who can vet it as well as you do.
        Just curious…is all this internet information about Kasich BS… ??maybe he is truly a solid onstitutional zealot being maligned on the internet?

      5. Sadly, I have vetted My illustrious Governor; two “town Halls” and met him. I can report first hand that he is a unapologetic Progressive (read Marxist). By the bye, how much do they pay trolls these days or are you a volunteer?

  2. Mr. Kasich, if all of a sudden you couldn’t vote, what would you lose? If all of a sudden you couldn’t go to the church of your choice, what would you lose? If all of a sudden …,what would you lose?
    Think about that for a few minutes and then resubmit your silly-assed question.

  3. ““If all the sudden you couldn’t buy an AR-15, what would you lose?” Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich asked on CNN, talking about new citizen disarmament edicts he’d favor in the wake of the Stoneman atrocities. “Would you feel your Second Amendment rights would be eroded because you couldn’t buy a God-darned AR-15?””

    Nothing. Why not? Because our Natural Right of Self Defense with any weapon is NOT a delegated power to any position or office within our government. It is outside of any legislative act of anyone who serves within our government. But that action tells the people EXACTLY that not only do you not KNOW the supreme contract that you are under and Oath bound to, but that you break it with little thought – a FELONY OR TWO, THREE, ETC and Perjury times 2 (Breaking the Constitution – supreme Law of this nation – yeah LE’s LAW, supreme contract for ALL who serve within our governments – state and federal, compact between the states, definer of our type of government, and assigns the delegated authority/power to the different branches and to different named offices within a branch, etc) and breaking the Oath of Office.)

    So when a contract is broken by the person occupying the position, that person is no longer meeting the requirements of the position, and actually committed crimes (and I am sure these are the smallest crimes this person has committed) using the “power” of the position he occupies. We need nothing else to remove him. But what we do NEED is someone who is in a position to charge him, and many more of the swamp, with the crimes committed.

    1. You hit it right on the head but who in the swamp is going to start charging them with the crimes that they have committed. I would love to see it happen but you and I both know that is not going to happen.

    1. The State of Ohio is pretty close to being split in half horizontally Democrat in the North, Republican in the South. The North Large Labor Unions, Traditionally Democratic base, and Organized Crime. The south: Farming, light manufacturing, small business. (generalizations all). In my opinion No One gets elected Governor without at least some support from Labor and Organized Crime.

  4. There is a severe lack of education in this country. History has been re-written. Children do not learn the lessons of Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union and Mao’s China. Guns were confiscated. We who have sworn an oath, served our country and truly take the oath to heart know full well that the 2nd Amendment is not about hunting. We have seen once more that a gun free zone is a “KILL ZONE”.

    The 2nd Amendment is clear that it is about the need for a militia (trained armed citizens) willing to put their lives on the line to protect the country from domestic and foreign enemies. Consider what happens if a foreign enemy would decide to cross our border (and believe me they are doing so), how long would it take to activate the military if indeed congress or the executive branch would even do so. Our forefathers knew full well that any resistance to an invading force would have to be provided by citizens present at the point of invasion until the “cavalry” arrives. Those citizens must have the latest state of the art weaponry to repel an invading force. We still speak English today because the Japanese knew there was a rifle, equal to what their military had, behind “every blade of grass”.

    The time is quickly coming. Keep your powder dry!

    1. What you say is exactly right. With U.S. cities being home to 62.7 % of the population, they live in a bubble of false protection; yet the crime rates are highest in large cities. They fail to recognize the disarmament agenda while simultaneously residing in the most dangerous of places. Cities are pretty much our domestic enemy while comprising of only 3.5 percent of the land, and sadly, cities dictate policy through elections to the entire country.

      As for Kasich, he’s not even a man. The likes of him are all the same…does leech, coward and traitor help describe?


  5. I believe when the medical authorities complete the blood chemistry on the Florida school shooter that they will find he was on one or more of the strong, mind-altering psychiatric drugs prescribed for anti-depression medication. This has been the root cause for all of the mass shootings since Columbine.

  6. What would I lose? Well nothing but John, this isn’t about me, this about the future of our nation and our ability to kill tyrants. You’re not a tyrant are you, John?

    Dear Joe Biden, Your 1990 Gun Free School Zone legislation has failed, and yes Joe, we know it was you.

    1. When politicians start saying ” some freedoms will have to be given up”, it’s getting very,very close for patriots to “drain the swamp ” with bulldozers and excavators. If you catch my meaning.

      1. Make it law the all politicians and public servants are required to send their children to the poorest public school in the district they live in. Then see how many deep state false flag operations are carried out on defenseless school kids.

      2. Better yet, eliminate “compulsory education”, and see how many schools are empty because students are not forced into the “indoctrination centers”, where many are drugged into submission, and the desire to learn is destroyed. It is high time parents gave their children a chance at a real education.

        Shorty Dawkins

      3. Absolutely true! And quit taxing my property etc. to fund those pathetic “free indoctrination centers.”

        About 15 yrs ago I did some substitute teaching for math and other sciences at one of the local school districts. I was totally shocked at the inept administrators and the social condition of the students. After one year I politely provided them with a single finger departure and resignation.

    2. Correct me if I am wrong, but haven’t there been MORE school shootings in the 18 years after passage of th so called “Safe schools Act”, That the 18 years before it was passed? It clearly is not working. Time to repeal it and do something that works. Look to Israel for the solution.

  7. Look I say arm the teachers to stop the threat and get armed volunteers that are willing to be trained as well as the police and let them walk the halls and the outside of the school property or let the school board pay for body armor for every child in school if they want to keep it a gun free zone just look at Israel schools 8 school shootings in the past 10 years and 352 in America for the past ten years I vote arm the staff at schools

  8. I fully expected Kasich to start spitting and flecking spittle and bugging out his eyes just like the New York State gun grabber Cuomo.

  9. US GOV. # COMMUNIST ## 2D AMENDMENT , TO FIGHT THE GOV. THAT GETS TO BIG +++ LIKE NOW +++ WE SHEL INFRINGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. If Kasich had a IQ, it would be negative 20. Another fine example of why we need TERM LIMITS. Do America a favor and move to North Korea. There is a reason why you failed to be elected as president, tyrant boy!!

  11. When politicians start saying ” some freedoms will have to be given up”, it’s getting very,very close for patriots to “drain the swamp ” with bulldozers and excavators. If you catch my meaning.

  12. If all the sudden you Governor failed to receive financial compensation by the tax payers of Ohio, would you still serve as Governor?

  13. If the citizens of Ohio asked you Governor Kasick, to take down the security fence surrounding your home, take off the dead bolt on your front door to your home, and invite in MS-13 gang members and Syrian refugees in, would you??

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