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Just One ‘Gun Law’ Could Have Reduced ‘Stoneman Shooting’ Killings

Just One 'Gun Law' Could Have Reduced 'Stoneman Shooting' Killings
The “Only Ones” the “law allows” to be armed will never be able to prevent multiple victims from being slaughtered. (@FranklinWSVN)

“Another school shooting” has rocked America, once more bringing out how divided the country is on guns. As we’ve seen before, furious words are being hurled by  raging citizen disarmament zealots manifesting their hatred of those who believe in the right to keep and bear arms, and accusing “NRA” of having “blood on its hands.” As usual, we see opportunistic and strident “progressive” politicians, cheerleading “journalists” and foaming-at-the-mouth “celebrities” egging that on, and posturing loudly for new “gun laws.”

“Debate” with fanatics vested in citizen disarmament is a wasted effort. At best, those attempting to inject reality into the public discourse may help enlighten those who have not given the matter close scrutiny and retain open minds. As for those whose minds are on lockdown, ask what laws would have made a difference in the atrocity at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High. You’ll get the same tired old platitudes.

Background checks? How have those worked at “stopping the violence” in places like Chicago? Besides, the suspect reportedly passed one.

Banning so-called “assault weapons”? Those represent only a small fraction of homicides committed with firearms, so anyone seriously proposing that needs to also demand a ban on handguns.

As previously reported at Oath Keepers, Nancy Pelosi admitted the “slippery slope” gun-grabbers used to ridicule as “paranoid,” but  which the founders of the modern disarmament movement freely endorsed. And lest you think banning all guns hasn’t been a long-term goal, check out what I found from the Jan. 1968 issue of GUNS Magazine while doing some research:

Just One 'Gun Law' Could Have Reduced 'Stoneman Shooting' Killings
It’s only in recent times that gun-grabbers feel it more prudent to mask their true goals with terms like “common sense gun safety laws.”

So much for the lie that “No one is talking about taking your guns.” Of course they are. That’s the end game, or at least the beginning of the end game.

Not on our watch.

OK, so if guns are at a stalemate, what about identifying common factors to stop killers before they can strike? Like Hollywood’s Department of Precrime…?

There are plenty of conflicting reports about the suspect’s mental state, temperament, politics and ideology, with many playing “Gotcha” to conflate and spread blame. And people are naturally curious about such aberrations in their midst and information gets put out there that later turns out to be inaccurate. We’re still finding out much about him, not that the finger-pointing matters in terms of resolving anything. And our finding out is being hampered anyway now that the suspect’s social media presence is being taken down, forcing the public to rely on major media passing along what civil authority wants them to know.

The only relevant ideology is that he is twisted and evil. No one in his right mind advocates killing innocents.

Speaking of “right mind,” how about the “fact” that “everybody knew” the suspect was a likely school shooter?  Even the FBI had been informed and they didn’t follow up properly!

While we don’t know what they legally could have done, it’s tempting to believe they could have taken the suspect out of the general populace.

On what grounds? We can’t throw away due process. Recall that despite three visits, cops from a few years back say they didn’t have enough to remove the Isla Vista killer from circulation (which, among other things, was a spectacular admission of how California gun registration has proven useless at preventing anything.)

So I’m saying that’s just the way it is? Nothing can be done?

Not at all. There is one “gun law” that at least had the potential to make a difference, but it was being infringed by “gun free school zoned” edicts.  Broward County Public Schools, of which Stoneman Douglas is part, explains on its website:

No person shall be authorized to carry any weapon or firearm into any meeting of the public school district; any school athletic event not related to firearms; any school administration building; any school facility; and/or school sponsored event. Any person possessing, transmitting, and/or using a weapon on School Board property shall be subject to arrest. In addition, employees who violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. The SBBC hereby waives the exception in section 790.115(2)(a)3., and therefore prohibits the possession of any firearms in vehicles for student or campus parking privileges. a. Certified law enforcement officers are exempt when working within scope of their employment. b. School Board property shall be defined as school grounds, facilities, administrative offices, bus stop, school bus, or vehicle provided for transportation by the school system. c. School sponsored activities shall be defined as any approved School Board event or official School Board business, on or off School Board property.

Don’t look for the Second Amendment to be recognized any time soon by our representatives or the courts as “being necessary to the security of a free State.” Instead, look for renewed demands to enact even more citizen disarmament edicts.

We’ll see if this puts the kibosh on the Republicans’ stomach for nationwide concealed carry reciprocity with the midterms coming up. And don’t be surprised if some “gun rights leaders” — prone to endorsing “compromises” on things like “bump stocks” or “Fix NICS”  — decide it’s time for them to extend another olive branch to those who want nothing less than everything.

The proper response of course, for those who would “guard with jealous attention the public liberty,” is to respond to gun-grab demands with one word:

“No.” You can add “Your move” for effect.

For those who still insist on the disarmament we see so many calling for, I have one question:

How many men who resist are you willing to see killed in order to make that happen?

Don’t be surprised if some of the more emotion-driven and restraint-challenged answer “All of you.”



This shooting only reinforces the problem with “victim disarmament zones” and the utter necessity of armed officers in the schools AND armed and trained school staff and teachers.   As for calls to disarm us and ban guns, remember, in Paris, the terrorists at both the Charlie Hebdo and theater attacks used select-fire AKs which were smuggled into the country and were entirely illegal in France.  France’s ban on all such weapons in civilian hands didn’t matter.

A terrorist, a drug lord, a gang, or a raving lunatic, can all get whatever they need on the black market worldwide. That is the reality.

Given that reality, exactly what gun law here in the U.S. would have possibly prevented that crime?   None.  You can’t legislate away the existence of modern firearms.   They will exist.  But you can empower we the people, in all places, to be the protectors and actual first-responders the founders expected us to be as the militia.  An armed populace – including teachers and school staff – who are allowed to protect the children under their care, is the answer, just as it has been the answer in Israel for decades in defense of their children at school.  It works.   in fact, that is the only thing that works when a school is targeted for attack.  Everything else is simply too slow, as this latest shooting again demonstrates with the police failing to stop the shooter in time to prevent 18 deaths, and counting.

The staff and the teachers need to be able to put a stop to the killing, because they are ALWAYS THERE and don’t need to come from somewhere else.  They and they alone can provide the fast response that is needed to stop the killing.  When seconds count, the police are only moments away.  And that means the teachers and staff need to be armed and trained, just like in a church the staff and volunteers need to be trained.   The recent mass slaughter at Sutherland Spring Baptist Church in Texas shows that reality all to well.  Even with a local hero like Stephen Willeford responding as fast as he could with his own AR to stop the killing (beating the cops there) he was nowhere near as fast as an armed church member would have been, if any had been armed.

Whether it is a church, a school, a college, a mall, or any other public soft target for terrorism or mass murdering nuts, the answer is that the intended victims must be able to defend themselves and to protect those under their care.

One answer short term is for us trained military and police veterans to volunteer to do shifts at schools as armed guards across the nation until we can get enough teachers and staff trained up.  I’ll serve,  Won’t you?    Stewart


Just One 'Gun Law' Could Have Reduced 'Stoneman Shooting' Killings
Protecting children in Israel.


Just One 'Gun Law' Could Have Reduced 'Stoneman Shooting' Killings
Armed teacher in Israel.


Just One 'Gun Law' Could Have Reduced 'Stoneman Shooting' Killings

Just One 'Gun Law' Could Have Reduced 'Stoneman Shooting' Killings


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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?”




David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. Yes outlaw victim disarmament zones!
    Obama sent &1.7 Billion to terrorists in Iran. Ex US AG Holder armed criminals Fast and Furious. Billions could have been spent to protect our kids!

    Yet liberal democrat progressives defend illegals, rapists, murderers, abortionists, crimnals and only scream gun-control after the FBI who knew about most of the shooters who murdered Americans.

    Curious ? When was the last School Board Meeting you attended where you demanded more security measures be put in place in your KID’s schools?

  2. Have been advocating this for a very long time. Often I add that teachers who cared would advocate it as well. Guess who fights it the hardest? It seems we would get a twofer if we implemented a teacher armament program. Maybe a threefer. We just might weed out the progressive scourge a little.

    1. That’s my thinking exactly. Requiring a teacher or admin (or 3 or 4) per school to be licensed and trained to conceal carry would solve 2 problems: no shooter would even approach a school knowing awaiting him is someone who will shoot back; and 2) requiring one or more teachers must conceal carry would drastically reduce liberal teachers. Heck, liberals likely wouldn’t even pursue a teaching career. Perfect.

    2. There is a Business in Fla called Florida Gun Supply. He has offered classes to educators so that they could defend themselves and the Children…That offer has been out there awhile

      1. Yes, and many rifle/pistol ranges and gun clubs offer highschoolers shooting competitions and gun education. Knowledge is power. Put the knowledge in the hands of young people to help police themselves and others. Teach them the benefit self protection and how it flows over into daily life situations.

  3. Same old game different day. The disarmament zones are quite purposeful. Without them, the Left’s argument disappears. An armed LEO (Student resource Officer) Would bring these attacks to a screeching halt. And yet the ignorance of the average American and the purposeful subversion of others continues to fuel the fires. Where are the calls for requiring schools to have Student resource Officers? Where are the calls to protect the students in a rational way? It’s past time to “bitch slap” the career Politicians.

  4. Oath Keepers. I used to be a member. You are far too passive. Read the book “Nation of Cowards”, by Jeff Snyder. You, the NRA, the GOA, you have no passion for telling the truth. A well regulated militia is our only hope.

  5. The shooter at Thurston High School, Springfield. OR was stopped by two cousins trained in the use and operation of guns. The cousins recognized they had an opportunity to attack the shooter when he was in the process of inserting a new magazine into his firearm. Although one of the cousins lost part of his finger, they were successful in subduing the shooter. The local media covered up the heroic efforts by the cousins.

    1. Great point! I was unaware of this incident. Just being well informed and even trained, allowed these to unarmed cousins to react effectively – instead of collapsing into an ignorant hysterical panic as most anti-gun people would and do.

  6. Gun control ensures higher death tolls in school shootings Allow willing teachers and staff to carry in school

  7. Sobering article, David.

    Today, I was refreshing my memory of Charles Starkweather and his murder spree in 1958.

    The reason he captured the Nation’s interest is that he was an outlier.

    Now, his evil kind seems commonplace. See what happens when schools expel the Ten Commandments.

  8. It doesn’t hurt to point out that Senator Dodd was an out and out crook. He had all the Clinton type tricks.

  9. An ARMED public , is a polite public.. I know it would be very much chaos at first..but if ALL citizens were armed..things would chill FAST. It works in Isreal

  10. To rise above this event is accepting we as a nation are to blame, we can not be divided. We can not rely on elect, LEO’S, they seem to be sleeping.
    Matters not, so long as us that are awake stand together, as one nation under God.

  11. Do like sheriff Joe did put his armed posse out at the schools or let the teachers and staff that have a ccs to carry at school so the kids are safe all this gun free zone crap is for the birds and we need to stop it now train the teachers and it will stop

      1. No gun law could have prevented this crime. The only thing that could have prevented this event, is a common sense approach preventative policy. Politics aside, staff at all public schools must embrace a common ground policy to prevent this from happening. Train the teachers and staff, in conjunciton with local law enforcement to stop an individual from entering a public school. We as working parents relinquish our children to be educated at a public facility. We as parents expect our chidren to come home at the end of the day. We need our teachers, appointed officials, elected officials, law enforcement personel, and parents to address this issue NOW. This isn’t a Federal issue, this isn’t a media issue, this isn’t a platform issue for an election campaine, this is a community issue. (town by town, city by city, state bu state.)

      2. The Founders gave us common sense; “A well regulated Militia, being necessary…”
        As George Mason asked and answered, “I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people.” Think of how many questions that answers, and how many solutions it presents.
        Our rights are being withered away as we wax on philosophically about this or that. We will be talking the same nonsense as we’re being carted off to camps for re-education, or God knows what.
        Can it happen here. We have people marching and demanding that their fellow citizens be disarmed. Sounds like a start to me especially when you have members of the left calling for the incarceration of those who believe that we should be a nation of laws.
        But a very serious question goes to out Stewart. Is this another NRA organization that convinces its membership to pour money into loosing arguments? Because ultimately, without enforcing the rule of law, maybe some of us will not see it, but our children will certainly suffer for our toothless action.

  12. The majority of these responses deal with strategies to win the armed conflict. I agree that we need to win the armed America, by identifying and correcting the causes. My observation is that big government now replaces the father in most of these households that spawn these criminal boys. That is part of a bigger strategy on the part of the globalists to dominate and control our once great nation. More components to their strategy are the forced cohabitation of incompatible cultures and the introduction of Islam into Wstern Culture. This will not end well.

  13. Great photo of the Israeli male school teacher with the handgun but not so much the lady with the rifle slung over shoulder (smile)!

  14. How much less likely would school shooters like Florida’s Nikolas Cruz commit their crimes if they knew before hand that schools where not gun-free? Obvious answer: A lot less likely.

    If a journalist were to demand another answer from me I would add,” Stop with your anti-gun hysteria. Take a breath and wait at least a few days in respectful silence on behalf of the unimaginable grief of the victim’s families – before trying to profit from this tragedy.”

    I just checked the FBI’s violent crimes statistics and they still look very good: over one third drop in the rate of violent crime over the last 20 years. This includes the non-gun crimes like the IRS building bombing, the New York twin towers bombing, and the Boston marathon bombing. Folks, violent crime is not getting worse. On the contrary, it is getting better! I thank God for our second amendment.

  15. I’m not trying to trivialize this horrendous masssacre, but the use of an AR-15 to commit an atrocity like this seems to play into the Left’s desire to ban so-called “assault rifles,” when, in reality, they’re used in a tiny percentage of gun homicides. IIRC, the only mass school shooting where a handgun was used was Virginia Tech, which was also the deadliest with 32 dead. It would seem to me that someone bent on killing as many as possible in close quarters like a school hallway would use a high capacity semi-auto handgun with a 30 round magazine and either a laser sight or a mini-red dot. Extra magazines are also lighter and smaller than a 30 round AR-15 magazine. Is it possible that the choice of an AR-15 is influenced by the romanticizing of such weapons in movies, TV shows and video games? Perhaps David could weigh in on this.

  16. I will be attending the next school board meeting in my community. I propose that I will for minimum wage bring my skills as a former P.O.S.T certified peace officer and 11B infantry soldier w an honorable discharge to protect and serve the local elementary school. As a 61 year old sheepdog I believe my skills could be put to use. This will probably not fly but I Will have tried.

  17. I agree with all who promote our free will, freedoms, and God given right to carry a weapon regardless of the time and place. It has become the mindset that no one is carrying because of the constant anti gun message from the left through a MSM, giving would be crazies the idea that they will not be dealt with by the means they themselves employ. One should also consider that bank robbers do rob banks that have armed guards as well as home invaders are so stupid as too not consider the ultimate equalizer: the gun.

    The difference in Israel vs USA school shooting deaths is negligible. There are .9 school shooting deaths per million in Israel and 1.0 per million in the USA, which shows that those evil enough to carry out such a crime are not deterred by the presence of return fire. It’s similar to suicide by cop mentality. Regardless, school staff should have open carry and conceal; open carry sends a clear message we mean to protect everyone at schools and conceal provides stealth as too who might just shoot back.

    Bruce makes a lot of good points. Many children are not brought up by parenting, but by electronic mind control devices designed to entertain and mold young minds thought process. Notice how Google owned YouTube now interjects videos that were not requested in a search, a design to manipulate the viewer on a new path, often a negative venture.

    Parents of children attending public schools need to sue the state, city and school districts that ban teachers and other staff who would otherwise exercise their constitutional right to carry a gun. Notice Bath House Barry sent his girls (pretend family) to a private school with armed guards. And other elites do similar, while advocating public schools ban all weapons of any sort. Their hypocrisy is glaring.

    So once again, there needs to be a public rage out-voicing the anti gun agenda and to those who advocate the destruction of our constitution to pay a consequence. No consequence, no change.


  18. The FBI messed up along with the school system in Florida, The First Doctor who prescribed Meds for this punk should have sent a red flag to the ATF, The psychiatrist who was treating him in therapy should have sent a flag to the ATF. If the media came up with all the information in 2hrs why did the FBI Have such a hard time doing so ? Kids Today are being babysat by Extremely violent games and garbage for music while Hollywood pumps out crap that has desensitizes kids. Sandhook shooting would have never happened but his mother got him the help he should have had and she knew he was defective from a very young age.

  19. The news (FOX) is talking about all the “Red” flags that were “MISSED”…..
    Now the debate over “Gun Control” starts again……..
    What better way to start the debate again, by having another shooting.
    Why were “The Red Flags” “MISSED” before that church shooting? And now again before this shooting? I’m thinking we have the beginning of a pattern? The government will stop at nothing to disarm the people.
    Just thinking out loud……………

  20. Let’s not forget that after WWII came all the pharma drugs. There’s proof the psycho drugs are involved in the senseless acts we so often now read about, but this information is intentionally being suppressed at the hand of big pharma. People ask why the crazy seems more prevalent today; direct your attention to psycho drugs and the industry that hands them out like candy.

  21. Last night I started a draft letter to my legislators. Nothing new here, but I was trying to frame this in a way that anyone could absorb. It felt like I hit the wall until I quit thinking about this, and then it hit me. Isn’t it strange how some epiphanies come this way?

    During the cold war, the government created survivability bunkers for themselves. In other words they “prepped” for themselves on our dime. Right after Sept. 11th, they put security and hardened measures in virtually every Federal, State, and Local Govt. building. Again they protected themselves first (only). If we couple the “Future Generations” narrative with their unwillingness to act to protect our most vulnerable, then maybe we can shame them into action. My letters will be along these lines and include: the aforementioned, TSA, the debt, etc. I will include that if we can’t fund it immediately, then maybe they should take down the protection measures for themselves and reconstitute them into our “Future Generations” schools.

  22. We need to open our eyes to the slow, deceptive, almost imperceptible legal manipulation by which the emotion driven tyrants are using to ultimately disarm the electorate. Note in US v Miller the court said basically that only weapons suitable for use in the service in the Militia were protected under the second amendment. Since shotguns having a barrel length of less than 18″ they are NOT firearms suitable for normal use in the Militia and therefor were NOT protected and could be banned by the NFA.

    Today in the Heller case the court ruled that since a revolver was a weapon in common use by civilians and NOT a weapon used for military use it was protected under the second amendment and that set the stage for the court to refuse to review the Maryland ban.

    We can no longer sit back and refuse to pay attention.

  23. The Obamacare had mental evaluations in there as the beginning of the plan to invoke a mental exam to have firearms. I know as when it came out and Pelosi said “ we have to pass it to know whats in it” i went and printedit at local office store. Set me back a couple hundred just in printing costs. I went through it and saw the mental halth sections. This was about the time doctors began asking if you owned firearms. This is how they will try to go after our gun rights by requiring mental exams. Think of the potential for abuse. Beware this is where they are heading

  24. The anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment, anti-self defense arguments are so devoid of logic that any agreement with them places one squarely in one of two camps: 1) those unable to think critically, or, 2) intentional subversion of the U.S. Constitution.

    Both can be fatal, especially to those in both camps.

  25. I volunteer to protect children in school. I am trained with firearms. I am a Marine veteran. I am an Oathkeeper.

    Ignatious Piazza with Front Sight has offered to train teachers and school administrators for free at the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, NV. I do not believe any ISD has taken him up on his offer.

  26. I’m probably older than most here. I was brought up at a time when most of the men had served in WWII. When you sat at the family dinner table on Sunday, you got the impression that conspiracy was the issue.
    It wasn’t because you were some tin-foil hat nut, but because you had common sense. The men in my family hated FDR. They knew that Pearl Harbor was a setup. They understood the workings of government and how its goals.
    Having said that, does anyone here recognize the real goal of gun free zones?

  27. Lets get it started Oath Keeper. Time for you to spear head a national petition making it mandatory for all school faculty to train in and open carry of firearms. As the left moves farther against the protection of our nation with the elite, new world Government, we must take even grater steps in the proper direction to include even bringing back firearms training in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades as I and my four brothers and sisters were trained back in the late sixties. WDYT? Please comment. Bob H Florida

  28. When guns are outlawed (if the left has their way, it will happen!) America will cease to exist as FREE open society! Our personal liberty will be gone! Our rights to choose will be gone! our right to “FREE SPEECH” will be gone! Our FREE and OPEN ELECTIONS will be gone. It IS NOT the Legal gun owning American Patriot that is the problem! It is the Liberal Left and their “live as you want” thinking that is the problem. Is AR type semi-auto weapons are banned-all semi-auto shotguns, pistols, rifles will be illegal for all but the military, police, security, Government and criminal’s! Law breakers will ALWAYS have access to ALL types of weapons, including semi-auto and automatic weapons even after law abiding citizen’s have been banned from owning them. A ban on guns will increase the sale on the “Black Market” of all semi and automatic guns across the entire world! The only ones to benefit from a gun ban will be the criminal element. period!

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