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Innocents Betrayed

Innocents Betrayed

During this time of gun-grabbers screaming for guns to be banned, and some screaming for confiscation, it is important to see just what happens when governments seize guns from law-abiding citizens. History shows us that disarming the population invariably leads to governments killing opposition groups, or selected minorities in their country. Many millions of helpless citizens have been murdered, starved to death, or incarcerated in concentration camps and gulags. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and Hitler are just some of the examples of brutal dictators who turned on their own people, after first disarming them.

Innocents Betrayed documents the unparalleled brutality of these dictators, and how they all carefully disarmed the populace before proceeding with their genocide. When the citizens are disarmed, the dictators can do what they want. This is what we must fight against. Can it happen here? Yes, if we let it.

YouTube has flagged this video as being “unsuitable for some viewers”, naturally, as they are not interested in the truth. The globalists have been protecting the Communist regimes for decades.

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