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Heroic Police Officer Charged into Douglas High School in Shorts and T-Shirt to Save Lives

The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last week has brought into sharp focus the way warning signs were ignored. Yet, as more details emerge, authorities are having to explain why some armed deputies didn’t confront the shooter. While the sheriff is issuing profuse apologies for his deputies’ actions, another agency is looking exceptionally heroic.


A second department responded to the emergency, though. The Coral Springs Police Department arrived at the high school and found the sheriff’s deputies hiding behind their cars. So Coral Springs led the way.

As word of this spread, tensions are rising. The day after the shooting, officers from Coral Springs and Broward Country attended a candlelit vigil for victims.

“Coral Springs City Manager Mike Goodrum angrily confronted Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel,” The Daily Mail reports, “in front of a dozen witnesses, over the claims that Israel’s officers had remained outside the high school while students could have been bleeding out inside.”

“Given the horrific events of that day, emotions were running high and the sheriff and I had a heated moment the following evening,” Goodrum told CNN.

“Sheriff Israel and I have spoken several times since and I can assure you that our departments have a good working relationship and the utmost respect for each other.”

That, though, seems to be an effort to calm tensions that are continuing to escalate.

Coral Springs Police Chief Tony Pustizzi (above) sent an internal email that expressed his department’s frustrations.

“I understand that another agency has given the impression that it had provided the majority of the rescue efforts, and that the tremendous work of the Coral Springs Police and Fire Departments has not been recognized,” he said in the email.

“Please know that this issue will be addressed, and the truth will come out in time.”

Well now the truth is out, and the heroism of the Coral Springs Police deserves to be mentioned.

Heroic Police Officer Charged into Douglas High School in Shorts and T-Shirt to Save Lives

We can now thank Sgt. Jeff Heinrich of the Coral Springs Police Department. Sgt. Heinrich was off duty and unarmed at the time of the shooting. He has close ties to the school, and was actually on campus, watering a baseball field, when the shooting started.

Sgt. Heinrich’s wife is an assistant athletic director at the school. His son is a student. Sgt. Heinrich was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and was unarmed.

When the fire alarm went off, he didn’t think it was unusual. The panic that ensued changed his mind. When he heard shots, he ran toward the sound of the gunfire. On his way to the school, he found a student who had been shot in the leg. Sgt. Heinrich moved the boy to a dugout and stabilized him with supplies in the baseball team’s first-aid kit.

He then ran back to the school. There, he met a Coral Springs SWAT team member who had extra gear. Sgt. Heinrich threw on an extra vest (one that wasn’t rated to stop rifle fire). The SWAT officer handed over his sidearm so Sgt. Heinrich wouldn’t be unarmed, and they entered the building.

Sgt. Heinrich ran into the chaos. He didn’t wait outside. The officers from Coral Springs led the way. Behind them, paramedics were able to triage and treat the wounded. The SWAT medics from Coral Springs provided crucial support.

Heroic Police Officer Charged into Douglas High School in Shorts and T-Shirt to Save Lives

The Broward County Sheriff’s Department went in after Coral Springs. This isn’t an attempt to minimize the contributions of those deputies, but to celebrate the heroism of those that took the lead.

Here’s the video of Sgt. Heinrich talking through his actions. It takes him a while to regain his composure.

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  1. This “sheriff” & his “deputies” we’re complicit in the SLAUGHTER of Our CHILDREN by the very reason of their COWARDICE!!!
    They need to be Removed, charged as ACCESSORIES TO MURDER & HUNG OUT TO DRY!!!!
    Worthless COWARDS!!!!
    GOD Bless those who Did intervene!
    Thank you

  2. Glad to hear of men who took action rather than ‘HIDING’ and WAITING for additional back-up. Obviously, Heinrich had more at risk than most responders and hope that CSPD did not need to be led in the offense by him.

  3. Thank You ,Sargent Heinrich, not only for your bravery but you dedication to your Community and your job. you are an example that those kids can look up to and emulate.

  4. Just from appearances of what has been described, there is tremendous difference between the Coral Spirngs PD and the Broward County Sheriff’s office.
    All of Coral Springs are heros. All of Broward County are cowards. I know. The generality is not likely to be true. But it sure looks like a PATTERN.
    Add to that the report back in one of the presidential elections of a Broward County deputy having a voting machine in the back seat of his car. And the accusation of a girl who was 17 at the time she was seduced an pushed into having an abortion by SHERIFF ISRAEL.

  5. Not by way of an excuse, but if four Broward County sheriffs waited outside – that’s not cowardice, that’s a decision from above that they received not to engage. But the Coral Springs PD likely did not receive such orders and responded immediately and heroically. Let’s keep asking questions so the truth, indeed, can come out. For example, the county sheriffs’ reaction increased the damage and deaths to innocents. Is there any group who might possibly benefit from such a horrific conclusion?

    1. Im dating myself here, but after Columbine we had a police Lieutenant (now retired) who was more terrified of having to explain our actions going into a school than he was of an active shooter. Most of us on and off the tactical team (all patrol officers) made the decision that it would be easier to live with being fired for insubordination than with standing helplessly outside while an obscenity was being committed in a school. It was our unofficial ROE until policy caught up

  6. I always thought that there was MORE to the story than what we were being told…. Here is what I discovered….
    The truth is that our laws and law enforcement procedures were enough to stop the Douglas High School shooting before it ever happened, but because of the corruption sowed by the Broward County School District and local police leaders, those laws and procedures were ignored. If the procedures (and laws) had been followed, Cruz would have never been allowed to purchase a gun. He would have likely already been incarcerated, and he never would have had the opportunity to kill 17 people. This case isn’t about guns. And the answer isn’t more gun control. This case is about school districts lying to their families in an effort to get more money and more political influence. It’s about local police forces being willing to ignore crime and refusing to abide by the laws that they promised they would uphold. It’s about government failures at every level and how that corruption and failure led to the death of 17 innocent people. Don’t let the media sell you some sob story about how we need more gun control in this country. This is all about corrupt politicians and money. Lets get the REAL TRUTH out there.

    1. Yes, I too have read what you have. The failure is not only, as you described as the greed of the locals, but one has to ponder why the FBI also dropped the ball. What motive might they share?

  7. The Broward County
    Sheriff Israel ; Is a close friend, of Hillary, so the FBI dropped the ball and the Broward County sheriff department, did too I don’t believe in coincidences ; Suddenly we’re hearing talk, of gun control big-time . This sounds’, like a precursor, that was deliberately concocted, by domestic enemy’s, inside our Government , as a ruse, to take our gun’s, with a very bloody type ritualistic murdering, of innocent teenagers, as a way too chaotically scare the masse’s, so, they could be acclimated to except gun confiscation, or insidious’ gun-control measures ; This has all the hall-marks’, of another False-flag, it’s time too draw a line in the the sand, Patriot’s, this has gone, on for far to-long, these killer’s, that pull the strings’, need too-be dealt-with, soon, we’re, on the cusp, of losing our freedoms’, or gaining our freedoms’, these insidious’ pedophiles are, like cornered rats’, it’s now, or never, for them, we all know this, when, it comes to logistics’, I’m, not a expert, but their are Oath Keepers, who are ; President Donald J. Trump, what the hell is going, on, with, this guy? He sounding, more, like a dictator ; He’s pushing, some, of the strongest gun-control measures’, ever, he’s breaking his word, that he would protect our Second amendment right’s, that’s his scared honor, that he brook ; 15 years ago, he, was a staunch socialist and was all in for gun-control and personally, back than I hated the guy and was leery, of him until the last debate, when he said ” if I become President Hillary, is going too prison ” I fell, for, it and I got suckered and I’m livid !!!

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