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Exclusive: Larry Klayman outlines ongoing behavior of Clinton/Obama appointees.

I have been saying this for years. What we have on the federal bench in particular are “politicians in robes!” And while our Founding Fathers tried to fashion and leave us with a “Cadillac of a legal system, what we currently have on the bench are drunken drivers at the wheel!” In fact, given the way things have degenerated since I founded Judicial Watch in 1994 to “watch over” judges in particular, I now need to add that these “drunken drivers” are also on crack cocaine, thanks to leftist interests who, generally having made large campaign contributions to the Democratic Party and its candidates’ campaigns, got them their jobs during the administrations of Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Indeed, over the last 16 of the past 25 years, during these corrupt administrations, Clinton and Obama packed the courts with radical and generally intellectually dishonest jurists, with a few exceptions. And, if there are these exceptions, it is clear to me that there was a mistake when senators recommended to these presidents what they thought would otherwise be “yes men” political hacks who would do the bidding of the left once confirmed.

It has gotten to the point that I can predict with almost absolute certainty how a judge will rule given the president who appointed him or her. Of course, some leftist judges are less intellectually dishonest than others. An example is the Honorable Emmet Sullivan on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, a judge I first encountered at Judicial Watch many years ago when, thanks to a lawsuit I had filed, he attempted to force then-Vice President Dick Cheney to reveal who he had secretly put on the Cheney Energy Task Force.

This was important because Bush and Cheney, both former “big oil men,” were making energy policy behind closed doors, some of which was to the detriment of our national security interests in the Middle East and Israel. Sullivan ordered that Cheney disclose who was sitting on his advisory committee.

To make a long story shorter, Sullivan ordered Cheney and Bush to come clean, but his rulings were later overturned by conservatives on the Supreme Court who were out to protect both Cheney and Bush. But my hat was off to Sullivan, a Clinton appointee, although clearly his politics was no hindrance to ruling against the Cheney Energy Task Force in the first instance.

Judge Sullivan is also the judge who ordered Hillary Clinton to answer questions, albeit in writing, about her illegal private email server, as well has recently required Special Counsel Robert Mueller to come clean and produce to him any exculpatory “Brady evidence” his leftist prosecutors have that could serve to exonerate Gen. Mike Flynn. We learned just this week that former FBI Director James Comey told Congress in closed-door session that the FBI did not think that Flynn had lied to his special agents. Yet Mueller indicted Flynn anyway and then somehow, thanks to Flynn’s hapless and compromised legal counsel, Robert Kelner of the Democratic law firm of Covington and Burling – not coincidentally the law firm of former Attorney General Eric Holder – pleaded out to one count of lying to the FBI.

Judge Sullivan is also the judge randomly assigned to my case to obtain documents concerning communications between Mueller and the media, which his office and the FBI have thus far stonewalled in producing to my group, Freedom Watch. In this case, one can only hope that Sullivan will again put partisan politics aside and do the right thing. That is because these communications will show that Mueller and his staff have been leaking grand jury information, which is itself criminal, to harm President Trump, his family and associates and to ultimately serve to destroy his administration’s effectiveness in implementing conservative and libertarian principles.

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  1. If the media can not indoctrinate their audience, there are other folks in the game to indoctrinate, incriminate, and label.

    Rogue judges, such as this pathectic man,
    If that fails,

    Rogue malicious prosecutors,
    If that fails,

    Rogue legislators,
    If that fails,

    Rogue personel working in the law enforcement feild, If that fails,

    Rogue personel working at public school facilities,
    When that fails…………

    The public becomes aware that there is a horrible virus infecting the hearts and minds of all Americans………..

    I get a kick out of these Rougue individuals labeling other fellow citizens.
    What is the common term of the day, that trendy one??
    We are the “GOVERNMENT”….

    So therefore, we can not be Anti-GOVERNMENT!

    The elected career politicans are Anti-Government. They display this every day, and have for decades. These folks are Anti-Government, and Anti-American.

    History provides all people, across all continents with knowledge of such tyranny…..

    Recognize it, call it out for what it is, and put a STOP to it swiftly.

    GOD bless America.

    Lets get back to the Constitution,

    Refuse to be divided,

    Encourage all your neighbors to do so as well.

    Commend yourselves to be on the RIGHT side of History.

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