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Florida Rapid Motion Murder – The Need for More Warriors

by Brian Krogmann

One September morning a few years ago I entered an office building in Washington DC. I immediately was faced with thousands of employees running out the doors I was trying to get in.

Strobing fire alarm lights, the klaxon of the alarm and screams nearly overwhelmed the senses. I began to square breathe as I was trained to do, and picked out the sounds of a shotgun coming from the floors above.

I went hunting for a killer.

Was I scared? More like anger that someone would come to MY city with this destruction. I took the stairs three at a time, and not once in four flights did I stop to think about what I had to lose. I thought about closing with the killer and stopping the death.


Florida Rapid Motion Murder - The Need for More Warriors

Since Columbine, we don’t form perimeters and hunker down waiting for a SWAT team. It’s too costly. In lives.

We may take a second and don a plate carrier with extra magazines and a blow out kit and grab our helmets but goddammit we don’t hunker down behind our patrol cars while our children are murdered! Some things are just bigger than us and dammit that’s one of them.

When you put that uniform on, you better damn well be ready to stand and deliver every single time. If you’re marking time until retirement put your damn papers in and make way, but until then you better be ready.

I call for the resignation of the sheriff, whoever runs the school police department and all their supervisors.

Make way for warriors. Men and women who run to the sound of the guns in shorts and t-shirts with an off duty weapon.


Lieutenant Brian Krogmann
Retired Police Lieutenant

John Wayne said it best…

Florida Rapid Motion Murder - The Need for More Warriors

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  1. That’s it? What’s the ending? Did you kill the shooter? Was it a live shooter situation, or is this just some fairy tale?

  2. Sheepdogs protect from and fight the wolves not hide from them and let them destroy what we treasure most. Amen Brian this world needs more sheepdogs willing to step into the gap and get the job done. the true measure of a man is what he does with his fear not what it does to him.

    1. Can I hear an ‘Amen!’ That’s what we need! Be armed. Charge the bastards or get the hell out of the way.

  3. I am in sympathy with everything in the article and believe, when faced with it, I would do the same. But John Wayne was a WWII draft dodger, dammit, instructing his agent to arrange a deferment for him because going into the military “would hurt my film career at this time”. He played a soldier in Hollywood while others were serving and dying in Europe and the Pacific.

  4. Hello Brian. I was with you in Houston in September. God bless you for everything you do! I really hope that Sheriff Israel dis prosecuted for his criminal behavior. I think he and the school board are responsible for 17 deaths. Hope that the citizens of Broward County realize where the blame really lies. Looking forward to serving with you again.

  5. In Luke 22.36 Jesus told his disciples to sell their cloak and buy a sword. We can only surmise the reason but I believe it’d was God’s stamp of approval for us to be armed to protect each other and our neighbors. In 1 John 3:16 we are told that we should be willing to lay down our lives to protect the flock. I am far from being the good shepherd but I am a willing sheepdog.

  6. As a past Marine and Army M.P. and Charlotte County Florida Deputy I support not only the firing of the Sheriff but also criminal charges. Should we not now be concentrating on who orchestrated this training operation? And keep this type of drill and/or training out of our schools and elsewhere. Bring back school firearms training and train and arm teachers.

  7. I agree with this post EXCEPT FOR ONE GLARING ERROR on the part of the author. There was absolutely NO need to mention retirement. I am retired USAF, and I will respond today just as I would have while on active duty, and I would bet that 95% or better of all retirees feel the same. Retirement is simply a change of careers, NOT a change of mind, nor a change in our willingly accepted duty to uphold our oath to uphold he U.S. Constitution.

  8. Lieut, we need an ending to the DC? How did it land, and how’d you make out.

    As to your point, well said and agree. Always in the back of the head is the thought that they may drop you, but you have to try, not trying means not doing. Keep the Faith

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