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Deep State “Release The Memo” Damage Control

Deep State "Release The Memo" Damage Control

How does the Mainstream Media control the narrative? The Mainstream Media likes to pretend it is “impartial” or “committed to the truth”, which is ridiculous. Every writer or spokesperson has a bias. It is only human. To deny that bias exists is to be a hypocrite. I know, for instance, that the New York Times and the Washington Post have a strong bias toward the globalists. In reading articles from either, I take that into account.

How can we see the bias of an article, or a story? By taking it apart and looking for key words or phrases meant to tilt the view of the information presented in the direction the writer wishes to take us.

In the following video, Stefan Molyneux takes apart an article from Reuters, showing us how the writer attempts to manipulate the view the reader will have concerning the information presented.

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