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Concealed Permit Holder Pulls Gun, Stops Attack on Police Officer

Concealed Permit Holder Pulls Gun, Stops Attack on Police Officer

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by AWR Hawkins

A concealed carry permit holder in Springville, Utah, pulled his gun Friday and intervened to stop an attack against a police officer.

Fox 13 reports that incident occurred around 2 p.m., after an unidentified officer spotted Paul Douglas Anderson in a Tabatha’s Way donation bin. The officer ordered Anderson to get out and he allegedly exited the bin but refused to take his hands out of his pockets. When Anderson finally removed his hands, he allegedly did so in order to punch the officer in the face. Thereafter he allegedly punched the officer again and again.

Concealed carry permit holder Derek Meyer happened to drive by while the officer was being attacked. He passed the officer, then u-turned, parked nearby and drew his gun. He pointed it at Anderson and ordered him to stop attacking the officer. Anderson stopped punching and fled the scene.

Police captured Anderson a short time later hiding under a flatbed trailer.

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  1. Lucky for the officer was in a state within union and not on one of the now Bolshevic territories such as California, NY, Mass, Conn, Ill, Washington, nobody would have risked the certain repercussions.

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