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The Complete Nunes FISA Memo and Critical Commentary

The Complete Nunes FISA Memo and Critical Commentary

The Three Stooges of Clinton/Obama Corruption: Comey, Mueller, and Strzok 

Below is the complete declassified Nunes memo.  This memo reveals blatant FBI and DOJ corruption, collusion, and criminal conspiracy with the DNC and Clinton Campaign to falsely obtain a FISA warrant on Trump’s advisor, all to attempt to obtain or create dirt on Trump to stop him from becoming president, or to remove him from power afterwards.  This is treason against our laws and our Constitution.  It is now time arrests, prosecutions, convictions, and prison for all involved.

Here is the full text of the declassified memo, as well as a cover letter from White House Counsel.  Below that is further commentary by Oath Keepers and others.



February 2, 2018

The Honorable Devin Nunes

Chairman, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
United States Capitol

Washington, DC 20515

Dear Mr. Chairman:

On January 29, 2018, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (hereinafter the Committee) voted to disclose publicly a memorandum containing classified information provided to the Committee in connection with its oversight activities (the Memorandum, which is attached to this letter). As provided by clause 11(g) of Rule of the House of Representatives, the Committee has forwarded this Memorandum to the President based on its determination that the release of the Memorandum would serve the public interest.

The Constitution vests the President with the authority to protect national security secrets from it disclosure. As the Supreme Court has recognized, it is the President’s responsibility to classify, declassify, and control access to information bearing on our intelligence sources and methods and national defense. See, Dep of Navy v. Egan, 484 US. 518, 527 (1988). In order to facilitate appropriate congressional oversight, the Executive Branch may entrust classified information to the appropriate committees of Congress, as it has done in connection with the Committee’s oversight activities here. The Executive Branch does so on the assumption that the Committee will responsibly protect such classified information, consistent with the laws of the United States.

The Committee has now determined that the release of the Memorandum would be appropriate.

The Executive Branch, across Administrations of both parties, has worked to accommodate congressional requests to declassify specific materials in the public interest. (1) However, public release of classified information by unilateral action of the Legislative Branch is extremely rare and raises significant separation of powers concerns. Accordingly, the Committee’s request to release the Memorandum is interpreted as a request for declassification pursuant to the President’s  authority.

The President understands that the protection of our national security represents his highest obligation. Accordingly, he has directed lawyers and national security staff to assess the


1 See, e. S. Dept. 114 f8 at 12 (Administration of Barack Obama) ( On April 3, 2014 . . . the Committee agreed to send the revised Findings and Conclusions, and the updated Executive Summary of the Committee Study, to the President for declassification and public release f); H. Dept. 107-792 (Administration of George W. Bush) (similar); E.O. 12812 (Administration of George H.W. Bush) (noting Senate resolution requesting that President provide for
declassification of certain information Via Executive Order).

p. 2
declassification request, consistent with established standards governing the handling of classified information, including those under Section 3.1(d) of Executive Order 13526. Those standards permit declassification when the public interest in disclosure outweighs any need to protect the information. The White House review process also included input from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Justice. Consistent with this review and these standards, the President has determined that declassification of the Memorandum is appropriate.

Based on this assessment and in light of the significant public interest in the memorandum, the President has authorized the declassification of the Memorandum. To be clear, the Memorandum reflects the judgments of its congressional authors. The President understands
that oversight concerning matters related to the Memorandum may be continuing. Though the circumstances leading to the declassification through this process are extraordinary, the Executive Branch stands ready to work with Congress to accommodate oversight requests
consistent with applicable standards and processes, including the need to protect intelligence sources and methods.


Donald F. McGahn II

Counsel to the President

cc: The Honorable Paul Ryan
Speaker of the House of Representatives

The Honorable Adam Schiff
Ranking Member, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

p. 3




Declassified by order of the President
February 2, 2018

January 18, 2018

To: HPSCI Majority Members
From: HPSCI Majority Staff
Subject: Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Abuses at the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation


This memorandum provides Members an update on significant facts relating to the Committee’s ongoing investigation into the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and their use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (F ISA) during the 2016 presidential election cycle. Our findings, which are detailed below, 1) raise concerns with the legitimacy and legality of certain DOJ and FBI interactions with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), and 2) represent a troubling breakdown of legal processes established to protect the American people from abuses related to the ISA process.

Investigation Update

– On October 21, 2016, DOJ and FBI sought and received a FISA probable cause order  (up; under Title VII) authorizing electronic surveillance on Carter Page from the FISC. Page is a US citizen who served as a volunteer advisor to the Trump presidential campaign. Consistent with requirements under FISA, the application had to be first certified by the Director or Deputy Director of the FBI. It then required the approval of the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney
General (DAG), or the Senate confirmed Assistant Attorney General for the National Security Division.

The FBI and DOJ obtained one initial FISA warrant targeting Carter Page and three FISA renewals from the FISC. As required by statute (50 U.S.C. a FISA order on an American citizen must be renewed by the ISC every 90 days and each renewal requires a separate finding of probable cause. Then-Director James Comey signed three FISA applications in question on behalf of the FBI, and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe signed one. Sally Yates, then-Acting DAG Dana Boente, and DAG Rod Rosenstein each signed one or more FISA applications on behalf of Due to the sensitive nature of foreign intelligence activity, FISA submissions (including renewals) before the ISC are classified. As such, the public’s confidence in the integrity of the FISA process depends on the court’s ability to hold the government to the highest standard — particularly as it relates to surveillance of American citizens. However, the rigor in protecting the rights of Americans, which is reinforced by 90 day renewals of surveillance orders, is necessarily dependent on the government’s production to the court of all material and relevant facts. This should include information potentially favorable to the target of the FISA application that is known by the government. In the case of Carter Page, the government had at least four independent opportunities before the FISC to accurately provide an accounting of the relevant facts. However, our findings indicate that, as described below, material and relevant information was omitted.

1)   The dossier compiled by Christopher Steele (Steele dossier) on behalf of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Hillary Clinton campaign formed an essential part of the Carter Page FISA application. Steele was a longtime FBI source who was paid over $160,000 by the DNC and Clinton campaign, via the law firm Perkins Coie and research firm Fusion GPS, to obtain derogatory information on Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.

a) Neither the initial application in October 2016, nor any of the renewals, disclose or reference the role of the DNC, Clinton campaign, or. any party/campaign in funding Steele’s efforts, even though the political origins of the Steele dossier were then known to senior and FBI officials.

b) The initial FISA application notes Steele was working for a named US. person, but does not name Fusion GPS and principal Glenn Simpson, who was paid by a US. law firm (Perkins Coie) representing the DNC (even though it was known by DOI at the, time that political actors were involved with the Steele dossier). The application does not mention Steele was ultimately working on behalf of and paid by the DNC and Clinton campaign, or that the FBI had separately authorized payment to Steele for the same information.

2)  The Carter Page FISA application also cited extensively a September 23, 2016, Yahoo News article by- Michael Isikoff, which focuses on Page fs July 2016 trip to Moscow. This article does not corroborate the Steele dossier because it is derived from information leaked by Steele himself to Yahoo News. The Page FISA application incorrectly assesses that Steele did not directly provide information to Yahoo News. Steele has admitted in British court flings that he met with Yahoo Newly – and several other outlets – in September 2016 at the direction of Fusion GPS. Perkins Coie was aware of Steele initial media contacts because they hosted at least one meeting in Washington DC. in 2016 with Steele and Fusion GPS where this matter was discussed.

a)  Steele was suspended and then terminated as an FBI source for what the FBI defines as the most serious of violations fan unauthorized disclosure to the media of his relationship with the FBI in an October 30, 2016, Mother Jones article by David Corn Steele should have been terminated for his previous undisclosed contacts with Yahoo and other outlets’ 1n September before the Page application was submitted to the FISC in October-but Steele improperly concealed from and lied to the FBI about those contacts.

b) Steele fs numerous encounters with the media violated the cardinal rule of source handling maintaining confidentiality and demonstrated that Steele had become a less than reliable source for the FBI.

3)  Before and after Steele was terminated as a source, he maintained contact with DOJ via then-Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce 0hr, a senior DOJ official who worked closely with Deputy Attorneys General Yates and later Rosenstein. Shortly after the election, the FBI began interviewing 0hr, documenting his communications with Steele. For example, in September 2016, Steele admitted to 0hr his feelings against then-candidate Trump when Steele said he “was desperate that Donald Trump not get  elected and was passionate about him not being president.”   This clear evidence of Steele’s bias was recorded by Ohr at the time and subsequently in official FBI files – but not reflected in any of the Page FISA applications.

a) During this same time period, Ohr’s wife was employed by Fusion GPS to assist in the cultivation of opposition research on Trump. Ohr later provided the FBI with all of his wife’s opposition research, paid for by the DNC and Clinton campaign via Fusion GPS. The Ohrs’ relationship with Steele and Fusion GPS was inexplicably concealed from the FISC.

4)  According to the head of the counterintelligence division, Assistant Director Bill Priestap, corroboration of the Steele dossier was in its “infancy” at the time of the initial Page FISA application. After Steele was terminated, a source validation report conducted by an independent unit within FBI assessed Steele’s reporting as only minimally corroborated. Yet, in early January 2017, Director Comey briefed President-elect Trump on a summary of the Steele dossier, even though it was – according to his June 2017 testimony – “salacious and unverified.”  While the FISA application relied on Steele’s past record of credible reporting on other unrelated matters, it ignored or concealed his anti Trump financial and ideological motivations. Furthermore, Deputy Director McCabe testified before the Committee in December 2017 that no surveillance warrant would have been sought from the FISC without the Steele dossier information.

5) The Page FISA application also mentions information regarding fellow Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos, but there is no evidence of any cooperation or conspiracy between Page and Papadopoulos. The Papadopoulos information triggered the opening
of an FBI counterintelligence investigation in late July 2016 by FBI agent Pete Strzok. Strzok was reassigned by the Special Counsel’s Office to FBI Human Resources for improper text messages with his mistress, FBI Attorney Lisa Page (no known relation to Carter Page), where they both demonstrated a clear bias against Trump and in favor of Clinton, Whom Strzok had also investigated. The Strzok/Lisa Page texts also reflect extensive discussions about the investigation, orchestrating leaks to the media, and include a meeting with Deputy Director McCabe to discuss an “insurance” policy against President Trump’s election.


To see a digital copy of the actual memo, go here.


NOTE:  We will add further commentary as it comes in, so please check back often. 


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From Shorty Dawkins:

The long awaited Nunes FISA Memo has finally been released.

The Memo clearly points to unethical, and perhaps criminal, activities of certain high-level individuals in the FBI and DOJ. The whole Russia/Trump conspiracy investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now called into question as having been instigated by a hoax. There can be no other conclusion.

Contrary to the screams of the Democrats and others, there is nothing that harms national security in the Memo, unless you think pointing out possible unethical, or criminal, activity in a government institution harms national security. Cries of national security, in this case, are clearly alarms meant to cover up the actions revealed in the Memo, and the individuals involved.

Wrongdoing cannot be tolerated at any level of government. When discovered, it must be exposed and then punished. Those who cover up wrongdoing are equally guilty and must be exposed.

Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace, not for having any part in the Watergate burglary, but for his part in the ensuing coverup.

I invite you all to read the Memo, and draw your own conclusions.

That certain high-level individuals may be embarrassed, at the very least, or potentially brought up on charges, does not mean that national security is in jeopardy. No, it merely means that wrongdoing has been exposed. It was not the rank and file members of the FBI and DOJ who perpetrated these actions. It was, according to the Memo, certain individuals within the FBI and DOJ, that colluded with outside organizations that plotted to destroy Donald Trump, using unverified, salacious documents supplied by a foreign spy with a hatred for Trump.

The Democrats have continuously fought in unison to prevent this information from being released. Why? Because their fingerprints are all over the “dossier” that was the impetus of the FISA warrants and the Fusion GPS/Steele unverified documents that were the springboard to the Mueller Special Counsel investigation. The Democrats wanted we, the American people, to be kept in the dark. They were intent on covering up the transgressions of high-level friends who were working to undermine, or possibly destroy, first candidate Trump and now President Trump.

From the Still Report:

Tom Fitton, from Judicial Watch, Blasts Paul Ryan on FISA Memo

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Rod Rosenstein Threatened House Intel Members 3 Weeks Ago

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Shorty Dawkins


  1. I look forward to looking closer into the claims made in the memo. We are looking at severe violations of our constitution if they are true. What a mess we apparently have on our hands. One many of us have seen the signs of for many many years. Time to really start cleaning house and return to our constitution.

      1. Based on the tangible documentation the Intelligence Committee used to write the MEMO. It is a memo, NOT a report. There is that “helpful55”?!

  2. What are the actual chances of prosecution of Comey, When it’s revealed that Obama and Clinton were involved will they get a pass? If they do what are the chances of Rule of Law ever being established again?

  3. Many Legislators of one particular Party refused to stand, honor, and/or pledge allegiance to their flag and country at the opening of the President’s SOTU address, which, for that, they should be removed from office. Now, many are trying to politicize the fact that some broke the law. We veterans pledged our lives for this Constitutional republic, and by God we will not allow these socialist traitors to walk free.

  4. I downloaded it from, read the first paragraph and ;”represent a troubling breakdown of legal processes established to protect the American people from abuses related to the ISA process.”

    Was insta-pissed! The FISA process is an abuse of the people, period!!!! All the Unconstitutional crud that goes with it (psuedo war on terror, indefinite detentions, etc.) are “Intolerable Acts.” Why can’t people see it?

    Here’s the future; the parties will bat the ball back and forth across the net (depending on who’s in charge) and hold us contemptually, and perpetually in suspense. All the while they will profess to putting an end to this scourge. At the end of the day “We the People” will suffer it’s effects.

  5. (i) One also needs to read the opinion of the FISA court on this matter. This is available on Paul Craig Roberts’ web site.
    (ii) What is Trump to do now? I have a suggestion in my article on his use of 18 U.S.C. secs. 241 and 242, at . Unless there are prosecutions–and many of them–soon, all of this exposure of DOJ/FBI/DNC/Clinton/Obama corruption will prove worthless.

    1. I agree with Mr. Vieira. The statute of limitations is 5 years, I believe. So if they can drag this thing on and on then nothing will be done. Let’s hope that President Trump, Jay Sekulow, and Tom Fitton can keep pushing to get some convictions. We need that to get back to law and order in the national government.

      1. 652. Statute of Limitations for Conspiracy
        Conspiracy is a continuing offense. For statutes such as 18 U.S.C. § 371, which require an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy, the statute of limitations begins to run on the date of the last overt act. See Fiswick v. United States, 329 U.S. 211 (1946); United States v. Butler, 792 F.2d 1528 (11th Cir. 1986). For conspiracy statutes which do not require proof of an overt act, such as RICO (18 U.S.C. § 1961) or 21 U.S.C. § 846, the government must allege and prove that the conspiracy continued into the limitations period. The crucial question in this regard is the scope of the conspiratorial agreement, and the conspiracy is deemed to continue until its purpose has been achieved or abandoned. See United States v. Northern Imp. Co., 814 F.2d 540 (8th Cir. 1987); United States v. Coia, 719 F.2d 1120 (11th Cir. 1983), cert. denied, 466 U.S. 973 (1984).

        An individual’s “withdrawal” from a conspiracy starts the statute of limitations running as to that individual. “Withdrawal” from a conspiracy for this purpose means that the conspirator must take affirmative action by making a clean breast to the authorities or communicating his or her disassociation to the other conspirators. See United States v. Gonzalez, 797 F.2d 915 (10th Cir. 1986).

    2. Actually, it will be worse than “Worthless” Dr. Vieira. Once they know that, “Once again we will not bring this rouge government into attainment, it will get worse. Much worse! Not only that, but the proverbial shot was fired across their bow. Their deeds will be better concealed in the future.

      Consider this; many folk are saying that overall their are good people in the intelligence community. Heck, there may be some, but I have noticed that whenever progressives are in charge, good patriotic, Constitution loving, God fearing folk die in the streets by these “good people.” In other words, for every bad deed we know about, multiply by 100. The answer is the Constitution, period!

  6. Most countries would be at Civil War over this by now. The controlled ignorant drugged stupid masses
    Just scratch themselves, open another beer, and watch football. Pathetic weak “Americans”. It is shameful the ignorance and weakness of 80% in this country.
    Someday things must be done. Or suffer the end of this Republic.

    1. @ Aircave 6, That someday should be today. There should be no procrastination on this.Heads need to start rolling Monday morning.

  7. By anyone’s standard but a leftist’s, what’s come to light here is ‘treason’ (Section 2385) and ‘misprision of treason’ (Section 2382). Again by anyone’s standard but a leftist’s, what’s taken place is a ‘conspiracy’ to violate the sections above. It could be construed that were the conspirators successful Trump would’ve been removed and violence would be a likely consequence.

    Under Section 802 (Title 18), “domestic terrorism” is defined as involving “acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;” which “appear to be intended–to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (or) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion”. Once Section 802 of the Patriot act was engaged, Section 806 of the act provides the authority to seize “All assets, foreign or domestic–of any individual, entity, or organization engaged in planning or perpetrating any act of domestic or international terrorism against the United States,”

    Thus, were anyone remotely inclined to ‘enforce the Law’ in this country (doubtful) what’s probably needed is our own “Night of the Long Knives” where everyone implicated is rounded up under the Treason, Misprision of Treason and Patriot statutes. A purge of every senior government official demonstratedly connected to the conspirators including the Clintons and Obama , the leadership of the DNC and any elected leftist who, under Section 2382 “conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States” such a plot should be picked up all assets seized and held for prosecution; Gitmo would be perfect for this. The fallout of this could go all the way to ‘donors’ to the DNC.

    The laws are there, written by these very leftist in many cases. Trump (whom I don’t particularly like) and the military (adhering to their Oath ~ “all enemies ‘foreign and domestic’”) should choose to either defend the Constitution and “bear true faith and allegiance to the same” or not. It’s come to that.

    1. Accurately and completely said this should be the brief for AG Sessions ordering these mass arrests and trials for High Treason, invoke RICO as that fits also !
      It should be done.

    2. We do need a Night of the Long Knives conducted by federal marshals. There are over 13,000 sealed indictments of which some have started to unfold. Sessions is very stealthily going about DOJ business, unlike the previous regime using the MSM to bolster their political crimes against good Americans. Some forget already how bad it really was and how directed it was at destroying our constitutional republic. Bath House Barry and his czars et al. We are witnessing of course the result of 100 years of federal corruption. Not an easy task to take down in one year. It takes a nation of 62M deplorables who voted for Trump. Despite the usual suspect poles, Trump actually has about 70% backing of the 244M adults. There is no shortage of oath minded Americans ready to back any and all arrests of the fraud Barry et al and the Hitlery cartel. The deep staters, shadow tyrant government, technocracy, and NWO globalists have been backed in a corner and are desperate to end Trump’s presidency, because he is winning at every turn.

      They took J and R Kennedy out, MLK, others, tried to take out Reagan in just a month or so into his presidency. They owned Bushes, Clinton and fraud Hussein. In contrast, Trump, a successful independent business man, has had is own private “secret service” for decades and has very powerful “friends” inside the “swamp.” It would be a very dramatic event to eliminate Trump physically. They tried with eliminating the electoral college after their scheme of voter fraud failed. They fanned the snow flake protesters to burn the cities; another fail. They tried to invoke the 25th Amendment – failed. They failed with MSM Trump bashing. They outright called for his assassination by beheading. Still failing. The pussy hat parades, soy boys, and psychos are what the deep state has against a different deep state, the red deep state:

    3. Agreed Rick. It’s pretty simple. Looks to me like it’s one if three choices;
      A) “they” fix it and we return to rule of law
      B) we cave and end up living under continuous deterioration of our
      C) we fix it.
      Go read The Turner Diaries and look for the chapter The Day of The Rope. It’s a racist (imho) tome but it does have some interesting points.

  8. The Papadopoulos information triggered the opening
    of an FBI counterintelligence investigation in late July 2016 by FBI agent Pete Strzok. doy.. the memo is opinion not fact.. oath keepers what oath are you talking about one the constitution or the one to traitor trump and russia

    1. tom…are you the same “blind, deaf and dumb kid who sure plays a mean pinball?” If so, when did you change your address to THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY? Tommy can you hear me?

    2. from, the Paul Craig Roberts website – link to UNCLASSIFIED – FISA – request.
      Facts not Fiction.
      Press Prostitutes Lie Through Their Teeth About House Intelligence Committee Report
      February 2, 2018 |
      As Expected, Press Prostitutes Lie Through Their Teeth About House Intelligence Committee Report
      Paul Craig Roberts
      The House Intelligence Committee’s report on the FBI/DOJ deception of the FISA court has now been released. I have read the so-called “Nunes Memo.” As far as I can tell, the report from the House Intelligence Committee says exactly what the previously released Memorandum Opinion and Order from the FISA court itself says. I posted the court document — — and explanations of it — — and — .
      The FISA court document, declassified and released, contains confessions from both the FBI and DOJ that the agencies misled the court and falsely acquired surveillance permission. The FBI and DOJ mischaracterize their deception of the court as “mistakes.” The agencies provide the court with improvements in their procedures so as not to make “mistakes” in the future.
      Why did the FBI and DOJ rush to confess to the FISA court? The reason is that NSA Director Adm. Rodgers discovered their illicit spying, investigated it, and let it be known that he was reporting the FBI and DOJ malfeasence to the FISA court. Adm. Rodgers also informed President Trump.
      All of this is known. Yet the House Intelligence Committee and the White House released the “Nunes Memo” without pointing out that it was already confirmed by the FISA court itself and by NSA Director Adm. Rogers. Why?
      One consequence of this continuing Republican incompetence is that it allows the presstitutes, who also know about the FISA court memorandum, to ignore that confessions validating the “Nunes Memo” are in the hands of the FISA court. Consequently, the presstitutes, such as the CNN whores, are at their dirty dishonest work of misrepresenting the documented facts in the House Intelligence Committee report as “Nunes’ allegations,” “Nunes’ assertions,” “a disputed GOP intelligence memo that alleges FBI abuses,” and so forth. See, for example,
      We know that there is not an ounce of integrity in the presstitute media and no respect whatsoever for truth. The press prostitutes are a lie factory. Nothing else can be said for them. CNN presstitutes Pamela Brown and Jim Sciutto misrepresent documented findings of the House Intelligence Committee, findings backed up by the released FISA court document, as a “highly controversial memo” that “is the most explicit Republican effort yet to discredit the FBI’s investigation into Trump and Russia, alleging that the investigation was infused with an anti-Trump bias under the Obama administration and supported with political opposition research.”
      Are Pamela Brown and Jim Sciutto so utterly incompetent that they are unaware that endless emails reveal the anti-Trump bias and that the Steele dossier was paid political opposition research? How can anyone pretending to be a reporter pretend not to know the available documented undisputed facts?
      The FBI, that is, the criminal organization that should be indicted for conspiracy against the United States, alleges falsely that “the memo omits key information that could impact its veracity.” It does not. You can find the same information in the FISA court document. Moreover, Adm. Rogers can be put on the stand, and he can confirm that the FBI and DOJ misled the FISA court to obtain permission to spy for partisan political reasons.
      Why the Republicans, armed with enough information to smash the FBI, Obama DOJ, DNC, and presstitute conspiracy, can’t put their act together is a mystery.
      Compare the words of US attorney Joe DiGenova with those of the CNN presstitutes.

    3. …and a couple of days later, it seems Carter Page was on the FBI payroll, trying to get evidence on a Russian that was under investigation. Months later, they were using his meetings to assert he was working on behalf of the Trump campaign to make dirty deals in Russia. All of this via the Obama State Department/DNC/Clinton campaign. How’s that for circular reasoning? If you still insist that Trump has any kind of connections in Russia, you’re dumber than you appear on this thread. All assertions in this article include links to citations:

  9. No Arrests,No prosecutions,No convictions,No jail time for these traitors.Not by Trump or anyone in this or any administration.It would and could only come from the people themselves.Too many dirty creatures with too much dirt to hide and they(all of them) would end up taking each other down in the process.

    1. True NYO.

      But then, this is why I tell people that Trump isn’t America’s savior. Trump is AMERICA’S JUDGEMENT.

      Which reminds me of: “We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not mourn.”

      1. Actually Trump is Americas savior, we deplorables are the savior from the Hitlery cartel et al, the savior from globalism and NWO profiteers. We elected Trump as our team leader, the man who is says “we will” not “I will.” The judgment is is what comes to those who have betrayed We the People. Just because no one is in jail at this juncture is not reason to cut and run or be condescending at Trump. Trump is the Biblical prophesy come true, as the Cyrus of our time. Not a single gloom and doom claim regarding the election of Trump as well as the hoop la over Brexit consequence has come to fruition.

        So then, who better but this man Trump at this time? Then too please enlighten us why then that person is not our president? God provides us a tool, we are putting it to good use. rather than mock it and tear it apart.

        A few good men with steal and strong mental constitution and conviction went to war against the British empire. Did they win in that war in that first year? 🙂

      1. Chip, read the article and had a good laugh at Nancy. She looks like she is sucking on her dentures.LOL

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