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CNN, Jake Tapper Face Growing Criticism Over ‘Abusive’ Anti-Gun ‘Show Trial’

CNN, Jake Tapper Face Growing Criticism Over ‘Abusive’ Anti-Gun ‘Show Trial’

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by John Nolte

CNN’s anti-gun town hall event and its left-wing moderator, Jake Tapper, are facing widespread criticism over what many saw as a bullying “show trial.”

Tapper is being singled out for much of the criticism from those who say he remained silent as abusive personal attacks were hurled at Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch. Incredibly, Tapper also remained silent as his audience booed a rape victim.

At the Wednesday night spectacle, those in favor of protecting our Second Amendment civil rights were vastly outnumbered by an audience packed with hostile gun-haters and emotional questioners, including children.

According to various reports, the anti-gun participants were given scripted questions crafted by CNN. The last-place network has denied this by attacking a school shooting victim as a liar. His accusation, however, is credible given CNN’s long and disturbing history of using plants.

Throughout the hour, the audience heckled, howled, and poured derision on Loesch and Rubio. Other than admonishing his audience for calling Loesch a “murderer,” Tapper stood by in silent approval as abuse and personal attacks rained down on his outnumbered guests.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. It wasn’t when Loesch owned the Sheriff, and the Sheriff tried to deny his shortcomings. It’s not the news clip on Fox News where the father and his four sons are standing there, letting us know that “his daughter is no longer with us and Fox cut the part where he said, “It’s not about another gun debate; it’s about security at the schools.”

    It was Wayne Pierre at CPAC bragging up his NCIC background check system, then rolling into his, “we have to maintain the 2nd Amendment to thwart Socialism.” Does he not get it, or is he a governmental plant to incrementally take our guns away? His pride and joy is exactly what socialists do to get guns from the populous, excepting Mao of course. Make a faction of society illegal, incompetent, or down right considered insane, then habitually redefine those disqualifies. Time for grown ups to handle this and tell the idiotes to take notes!

  2. CNN, “The Communist News Network” at it again! Just another display of stupidity. Or maybe…. “CUOMO NAZI NETWORK”
    “TAPEWORM TAPPER” boy oh boy.
    Can’t wait to get home from a hard days work to watch CNN!

  3. As you lefties like to say, “let’s have some common sense discussion”. Let’s parallel guns and auto deaths for a moment. Hear me out before you start screaming, “that’s different”.

    Is it common sense to accept 1.3 million vehicle deaths in the U.S. per year? That’s more 3,200 per day. There are many laws that regulate who can drive, what they can drive, when they can drive, how they drive, and where they can drive. In spite of all the laws, our traffic courts are filled daily with people who have been driving without a license, driving on a suspended license, driving drunk, driving recklessly, driving underage, driving without the ability to read and understand the road signs, driving without their required corrective lenses, etc. In many of these cases, these people are released back into the public to re-offend, often causing deaths on our highways, if not already guilty of killing others.

    But let’s step aside from all that for a moment. Everyday in the U.S., thousands if not millions of 15 and 16 year old kids are issued permits or licenses and turned loose in 5,000 pound missiles that rocket along our highways within feet and inches of other 5,000 pound missiles. Many of them will never live to see their graduation day.

    Now, having laid some background facts, let’s ask ourselves why we do this and accept it as normal. Is it because the benefits of automobiles and high speed travel outweigh the 1.3 million lives lost each year? Are we so detached and desensitized to vehicle fatalities that we just accept that 13 million people are going to die in a ten year period on our highways? Do the families of those victims matter? Do they have a voice in deciding whether automobiles should be banned? Did the automobiles kill all those people?…or was it the law breaking and irresponsible people who are guilty of taking all those innocent lives? Can we legislate morality?…and how do you enforce it? As stated earlier, our traffic courts are full to the brim of people committing these offenses. The courts collect the fines (big revenue for government) and the dead are still dead,…and nothing changes.

    Given all the laws that are intended to regulate what we call safe driving, this is still our reality. Do you think that more gun regulations are going to stop someone who is intent on having a gun and doing harm with it? Do you think that taking guns from good law abiding people is a good idea? What if the solution for the vehicle fatalities was to start banning automobile ownership, or regulating what types of vehicles we could drive? What if your favorite vehicle was included in the ban? You are a safe driver, and you aren’t hurting anyone by owning a box truck. Oh man, we have to ban those box trucks before someone else runs down innocent people with them!

    An automobile is a very useful tool with many specific and useful purposes. The same is true for guns. We all have a right to travel. We all have a right to self defense. What if government tells you that you can travel, but you can’t do it in an automobile because they are just too dangerous, too many people are irresponsible with them, and automobiles are responsible for too many senseless deaths? How is that different than the government saying you have the right to self defense, just not by way of a gun? What if the government says, I understand your automobile has many convenient uses and purposes, but again, we just cannot accept the lives that are lost and there are too many grieving families to allow this to go on?

    Is there any “common sense” explanation for accepting 1.3 million vehicular deaths EVERY year and not correlating it to the common denominator,…the vehicle? The latest statistics show there were just over 13,000 gun related deaths in the U.S. in 2015. That is just four and half days worth of vehicular deaths on our nation’s highways.

    What say you?

  4. Tim, you make great sense. Problem is you are preaching to the choir. The Elites or what ever you wish to call them couldn’t care less about auto deaths, abortions etc. you and I both know they want our guns.All of them and then reset,game over.

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