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CALPers Insolvent! California Exodus Continues!

CALPers Insolvent! California Exodus Continues!

Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown

This video was produced by West Coast Alternative Media.

Yes, people are fleeing California. And why wouldn’t they? High taxes, high cost of living, crazy laws, Sanctuary State, the list goes on. They’d better not try to bring California style progressive politics with them, though.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Jerry Brown is a clown. He continues to support this label every time he speaks. I’m sure he has a Mein Kampf diary on his night stand, beside his bed. He is a dispondent. I’m sure he frequents Weinstein type, Hollywood elites dinner tables…
    He and the Bohemian Grove Trolls most likely read George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” by the camp fire.
    Jerry Brown, be a MAN……
    Publicly denounce the Constitution on CNN.
    Publicly finish destroying what is left of California,
    then move to North Korea with rest of the

  2. Dad and his buddies would gather and shoot the breeze. Back in the 1960s the guys who were covered by CalPers would jokingly yet also seriously declare that the taxpayers would revolt if they knew how badly they were being scammed. Various ploys such as purposefully maximizing overtime for personnel nearing retirement age so as to maximize retirement pay. One scam they disapproved of but still occurred was relatively minor injuries resulting in permanent disability at very high rates of compensation for life. Dad died before he could retire but mom was covered for life with darn-good medical insurance that the medical industry scammed for huge profit during her 8-year battle with cancer. Hundreds of unneeded scans and lab tests of all types that place huge sums into the doctor’s pockets who owned the facilities.

    The scams will never end since the ENTIRE economic system and its myriad components have been created by elites to effectively maximize the funneling of wealth ever-upwards into the greedy grasping claws of the few. And so it goes. Sadly, despite our precious liberties and living in the USA being among the best places on the planet to live I must still declare that, in general, THE USA IS A HUGE SCAM with a tyrannical elites and their minions and lackeys playing along so as to get their piece of the pie. Honorable people do not play along. You will often find those folks impoverished or eking out a meager living and retiring among the masses clustered in their dilapidated burrows. Exceptions exist.

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