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Waiters To Serve 6 Months In Prison For Handing Out ‘Unsolicited’ Straws?

(The article reads like satire or fake news, but it isn’t. If this bill passes and is signed, it will be a crime in the CA nanny state for a waiter to give a straw to someone who didn’t ask for it. This is a priority when there are homeless encampments, including families with children, all over the state?)

New California Bill: Waiters Will Serve 6 Months In Prison For Handing Out ‘Unsolicited’ Straws

By Caterine DeCicco    January 25, 2018 at 1:24pm

A California lawmaker has introduced a new bill that would make it illegal to distribute single-use straws to consumers at restaurants unless specifically requested.

Ian Calderon, the Democratic majority leader in California’s lower house, brought forth Assembly Bill 1884, citing environmental protection as a reason to discourage the use of “single use straws,” typically distributed with soft drinks, smoothies, and coffee, which are then disposed of after being used.

“We need to create awareness around the issue of one-time use plastic straws and its detrimental effects on our landfills, waterways, and oceans,” Calderon stated in a media release.

“AB 1884 is not a ban on plastic straws,” he added. “It is a small step towards curbing our reliance on these convenience products, which will hopefully contribute to a change in consumer attitudes and usage.”

Assembly Bill 1884 aims to update the California Retail Food Code.

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  1. I guess there’s a reason they call them “sissy sticks”. Personally, I only use them when drinking out of reusable drinking glasses. For disposable cups, I remove the lid and drink straight from the cup. No need to look like a sissy while drinking a coke.

    1. Why drink soda at all? I’m 66 now and stopped drinking sodas when I was about 22-23. They are loaded with sugar and have almost no nutritional value. Obesity and diabetes?

      Shorty Dawkins

      1. Shorty, Yep, don’t forget it also has a bunch of acid, it will melt a nail over night. Soda is no good, kinda like HC.

      2. Let us not set aside the phosphoric acid in soda that strips the calcium from otherwise nicely formed bones. Yes, a friend, an avid Coke half case a day drinker, on his first day on the golf driving range experienced a spiral fracture of the femur. I bet that hurt. And he still drinketh that stuff! Go figure.

  2. From another article on this topic:
    “Update: Reason spoke with Voleck Taing, a senior assistant to Assemblyman Calderon, who said they intend to amend the bill to remove the fines.” But they’re keeping the jail time?

  3. Pretty ironic. This bill was written by a member of the Calderon bribery and money laundering family.
    That’s the way they roll in California.

  4. Tyranny if I have ever seen. Why target waiters whe you can ban the straws if that is what people want in California. They are purposely targeting people with these draconian laws.

    1. Actually, they don’t care what the people want. California is now one party control in Sacramento and the big cities rule. They even have open primaries, so often the choice on election day is between two democrats. They don’t clean the voter rolls, there is no voter ID to vote, and voter registration will be automatic with a driver’s licence. Illegal aliens can get drivers’ licenses in CA. It’s no wonder so many people have left, or are planning to leave.

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