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USAA Will Cover Pay Delayed Due To Government Shutdown

USAA has announced the ways it will be able to help members if a government shutdown delays military or government pay. Please note up-front: every situation may be unique, and you may be in a special category that doesn’t fit the mold.

Military Pay

If military pay is not paid on 1 February 2018, USAA is prepared to offer an interest-free payroll loan to eligible service members. If a resolution is not found as it nears 1 February 2018, an email explaining the program and terms will be sent to eligible members.

Eligibility requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Must have current direct deposit of government payments with USAA Bank and at least two months of consecutive direct deposits of such payments.
  • Loan amount is based upon two weeks of your normal direct deposit.
  • Loan maximum is $6,000.
  • Must be in good standing with USAA.

Due to international banking regulations, this offer may not be available to members permanently stationed in certain overseas locations.

Keep in mind that this offer currently is in place for just the 1 February pay. Members should be making plans for the remote possibility that a shutdown might be extended.







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  1. Lets not be promoting the NWO/Globist supporter USAA. Please read their annual report and what they stand for. The ex captain in charge is a loser Hitlery supporter, rifted from the AF. He is a NFL kneel for the flag Kaperdick supporter, which means he condones the shooting of LEO’s. Wake up! “internaltional Banking” organization. They could care less about vets and our military. Just another marketing arm to make money off and screw patriots by sharing info with globalist.

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