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Unless Additional and Incriminating Details Come to Light, Marine’s Arrest Makes No Sense

Unless Additional and Incriminating Details Come to Light, Marine's Arrest Makes No Sense
So what really happened?

“A Detroit-area Marine was shot during an alleged home invasion – but he’s the one locked up and facing charges,” WJBK Fox 2 Westland reports.

Active duty Marine Joey Nelson was inside his home “with his fiancée, their 3-week-old son and a couple of friends when someone violently started to knock on the door trying to get in.” When he opened the door a crack and told the man doing the pounding, Michael Wilson, to leave, Wilson opened fire, hitting Nelson in the hip. Nelson returned fire, causing Wilson to flee the scene.

Nelson “is now charged with several felonies, including assault with intent to murder,” the report notes. “Wilson is only charged with carrying a concealed weapon.”

That’s despite Wilson reportedly “fir[ing] multiple shots into a house with multiple people inside and a 3-week-old baby.”

Other circumstances are briefly mentioned but not fleshed out, including “a fight over a mutual female friend inside the home” and the arrest of a woman at the home “for disguising her identification to a police officer and possession of improper prescription drugs.” Still, that does not nullify a man’s right to defend himself in his own home from an attack initiated by another, and as also noted in the report Nelson used his “legally owned firearm.”

Without the refutation of defense claims and release of additional incriminating information, the arrest as described in the WJBK story makes no sense. In case more information does become available over the weekend, I’m including a link to the Google News feed for search term “Joey Nelson,” as well as links to the Westland Police Department’s web page and Facebook page, the City of Westland’s Twitter feed, and the Fox 2 Facebook page so they can be contacted and/or monitored for announcements.

UPDATE: The story gets stranger, including an allegation from Nelson’s father that “The detective that was on scene was intoxicated.” Since his views may be subjective, we need to see what further developments unfold.

There’s also a press release purportedly by the Westland PD that says in part:

“The Westland Police Department submitted a warrant to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office for the charges against Nelson. The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office found sufficient evidence to approve a felony warrant on Nelson for charges of assault with intent to commit murder, assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, (felonious assault), and felony firearm.”

Stay tuned.

Here’s the father’s Facebook page.

Per The Detroit News:

“Nelson has been charged with assault with intent to commit murder, assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, assault with a dangerous weapon and felony firearm possession. If convicted, he faces up to life in prison.”

Again, without further information this adds to the confusion.  Is he not really an “active duty Marine,” or was the gun stolen? Is his father spinning? Are the police?

From attorney Cliff Woodards II:

I arrived at the Westland police station to see Joseph Nelson on January 6, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. I was denied access to my client because I was told he had not requested a lawyer.

After I left, the police were overheard laughing about this “black attorney” who was “acting ghetto”, simply because I told the desk officer I didn’t believe he would give my client my card if he asked for a lawyer.

The following is a excerpt of the discovery I received today. In it, they admit my client asked for a lawyer almost 12 HOURS before my arrival.

Looks like my assumptions were proven correct.

This is also the same police jurisdiction where William Marshall DIED in their custody less than four weeks ago.

Somebody in Westland will have some explaining to do. In federal court. In a §1983 civil rights lawsuit.

Unless Additional and Incriminating Details Come to Light, Marine's Arrest Makes No Sense

1/16: Latest update from Gateway Pundit. No additonal “news” reports or city/ police department statements to report.


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  1. The Soldier… “WAS IN FEAR for his LIFE.” The OFFENDER, “THREATENED the WELL-BEING,of the Soldier, His Wife and Child a longer with the other visitor’s in the Soldier’s Residence…
    No CONCEALED CARRY is REQUIRED inside the residence of the Soldier.
    Aside from the FACT of the reported “OFFENDER’S ASSAULTING the Soldier, *WITH A WEAPON* that the OFFENDER DISCHARGED ‘Several time’s.”
    The clarity of the SOLDIER “IN POSSESSION of a Weapon, … IS…. “Did the SOLDIER have PROPER AUTHORIZATION, to LAWFULLY, be in POSSESSION of said weapon ???… That is this clarity… NOT disclosed in the Report.

    1. “The clarity of the SOLDIER “IN POSSESSION of a Weapon, … IS…. “Did the SOLDIER have PROPER AUTHORIZATION, to LAWFULLY, be in POSSESSION of said weapon ??”

      Yes, all Americans do per the supreme LAW of this nation, and the PROTECTION required of those who serve within our government of the people’s natural right to keep and bear arms (2nd Amendment)

      The Oath that those who serve within our governments take requires them to “SUPPORT AND DEFEND” the US Constitution first and before anything else – orders from superiors, duties of the position that they occupy, etc.

      But few Oath takers stand for our nation, our LEGITIMATE government. If they did there would be no soldiers in foreign nations, and there would NOT be any questions like the one I am answering because (unless you live in a foreign nation) we are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC where the US Constitution is supreme and has people who serve within the federal government to carry out the duties listed within it; and each state has it’s own Constitution which all who serve within that state is LAWFULLY required to take and KEEP that Oath plus a state Oath, or a combined Oath – but still are required to support and defend the US Constitution FIRST, then their state’s Constitution SECOND, then orders from superiors if constitutional in makeup, then the duties of the position they occupy.

      See the problem? Like you seem to be, they too are ignorant of our government, the Oaths they take, and the requirements of ALL who live here have.

      God Bless and Stay Safe All!

      If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

      Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

  2. The LEO community just keeps stepping in shit. And we hear from the blue how misunderstood they are and we are wrong in our options that the LEO community can’t police themselves let alone we are to trust them. May as well live un Mexico or Columbia. Show us one citizen who feels overwhelmed with joy when a LEO pulls up behind them or a surprise knock on the door from them.

    Maybe Hollywood actually paints law enforcement correctly as corrupt buffoons. In this case, drunk corrupt buffoons. And they want us to disarm?

    Only one profession appears worse… politicians…same root word.

  3. Well I think it is time for the Michigan Oath Keepers to rally all Michigan veterans and have a sit in at the Westland, Michigan PD’s HQ. Michigander Oath Keepers and veterans should blockade that police station. They should also protest loudly at the prosecutor’s office.

    1. Yep. A good man, a Marine, one of our best has been dealt an egregious injustice. Oh but wait…we vets are the enemy, not the criminal minded perp.

  4. The father’s Facebook page was closed down in compliance with UNLAWFUL and criminal governmental required censorship against the American people. So how much longer do these that NO LONGER REPRESENT the American people or this nation, be allowed to retain, UNLAWFULLY [because the only lawful authority they have comes from the US Constitution] the positions they are occupying and the misuse of power that they do NOT LAWFULLY have.

    Are we America, or are we a banana republic? Here in the USA those that serve within our government have authority that they are ALLOWED to use only if they do the duties assigned to the branch or named office within a branch, take and KEEP the required Oath.

  5. Just imagine. If all the guns were gone, this sort of thing would be eliminated. But,then again, you would probably have to learn how to fight with a knife…until all knives were removed from our nutty society. After that…….who knows?

    1. Chip, sorry I didn’t really get the jist of your comment. Could you elaborate on that for me.

      1. Sure Charlie…places like Detroit and Baltimore are operating more like third world countries than a part of the US IMHO. By design…think about the “Sanctuary City” concept alone.

  6. USA is a thoroughly class-based society. The folks living their lives at the upper socioeconomic levels receive better and more deferential treatment than us lowly common folks. Some groups of folks such as that BLM bunch only detect skin color differences. They are unable to widen their view to notice that all colors of lower-class folks are treated far differently, at most times, than are the ruling elites of the USA… those elites and their underlings who serve them that often are paid well enough to rise up the socioeconomic hierarchy to receive the special treatment that eludes us common folks.

  7. Found on fb just now: (quote)…

    This is Joey Nelson’s Father. They are part of our Family thru my Aunt & Uncle. Please Share all 3 Posts to Help Stop Westland Police… I’m sure Everyone I know at least understands Westland is Out Of Control with Tickets, Felonies, Money, ect.. Westland has been very DIRTY. WESTLAND P.D. NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. A FRIEND OF MINE SUED THEM & WON NOT TOO LONG AGO… I CAN ONLY IMAGINE HOW MANY MORE LAWSUITS ARE COMING THEIR WAY. This is a Great Family that has suffered enough loss & heartache over the years. This young man has served our country & was just trying to protect his family & ppl in his home when this incident from some crazy Michael showed up & opened fire on Joey Nelson & this girl falsified her identity to police. Please check out all 3 posts I’ve shared. 1.) From Fox 2 News 2.) From Joey’s Mother Kristy Burns Nelson, & 3.) From Joey’s Father Steve Nelson. Thank You. # FREEJOEYNELSON

    Steve Nelson
    January 11 at 2:00pm ·

    Thank you for the outpouring of support, advice, help and chicken!
    We are private people, however we needed help; & thanks again for all of it.
    Joey is still in Wayne county, with many working to get him out.
    Some have claimed there has to be more to the story; here are the results of my investigation
    Friday evening Joey and Amanda entertained friends in their home
    Kori, long time friend of Amanda’s brings a guest, Andrea.
    Joey and Amanda meet Andrea for the first time.
    Andrea leaves the home
    Andrea meets her boyfriend Michael as he has arrived via Uber
    Andrea and Michael conspire to rob the house she just left
    Michael tries to kick in the door & rob the place
    Michael is confronted by the homeowner, who is armed
    Michael uses his illegall firearm and shoots 8 times into the house
    The homeowner returns fire and is wounded
    Michael flees the scene
    Joey calls 911.
    Joey and Michael have never met.
    Joey is arrested
    We all know the rest;
    Joey and Michael are charged as codefendant’s, making it appear they committed a crime together
    Joey is charged with 5 felonies, 150,000 cash bond which means 15,000 cash plus collateral eaqul to 150,000
    Michael is out on 500 bond, charged only with illegall carry.
    Joey was denied medical care by the Westland PD
    Joey was denied everything by Westland ,PD including his lawyer
    The Westland PD ignored a Writ by a sitting Circuit court judge to release Joey.
    Please keep up the nosie until we get him out
    Then we will address the bogus charges
    FREE JOEY NELSON (end quote)

  8. A citizen that uses deadly force, even justifiably, will be immediately handcuffed and arrested, until the situation is “sorted out”. He will most likely be “detained” in a holding cell at the police station until the prosecutor makes a decision whether to prosecute. Questioning by police will most certainly be forceful and immediate, with police interrogators purposely trying to “trip up” the citizen by attempting to elicit contradictory statements–standard police interrogation tactics.
    A police officer in an identical situation will NOT be handcuffed or arrested. The police officer will be afforded a union attorney and will have 72 hours in which to “get his story straight”. In addition, a police-friendly prosecutor will be likely to hesitate to prefer charges, as “they are on the same team”. Most likely an extended taxpayer-paid “vacation” will result.
    Not so for the ordinary citizen.
    Double standard?
    You bet…

  9. Seems more and more Crooked Cops are popping up and charging Innocent people. I firmly Support Blue in most instances, but this isn’t one of them.

  10. It’s all good just tell him to start a neighborhood watch! Anyway I sent an email to the chief of police!

  11. I’m so glad to receive this. I went to his fb page and sent a friend request. Then I messaged him and told him how I heard about him through Oath Keepers. I want to help him spread the word for him to garner some serious support over this ordeal. There will be a lot of response to this. Thank you Oath Keepers.

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