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Two Important TED Talks

Two Important TED Talks

A lot of TED Talks are full of “progressive ideology” that is, at its core, anti-human. Be they scientists who profess to look at empirical evidence, or outright progressive ideologues, they can’t help but sprinkle their talks with “progressive” chatter, talking points and buzzwords.

In a TED Talk by Allan Savory, titled “How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change”, he talks of desertification.

“Desertification is a fancy word for land that is turning to desert,” Savory says.

Fascinatingly, he claims that “climate change” is not just produced by human emissions, but by the desertification of land, which worldwide is destroying many thousands of hectares of land each year. Through years of study of the process of desertification, he admits that he, and other “experts” got it wrong, and instead of stopping desertification, they caused it to get worse.

He gives us hope, however, that there are ways to reverse desertification, by doing basically opposite of what they had done in the past, and they are seeing startling results in many areas of the world. Barren deserts are greening up. Water is being retained. Rivers are returning. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. It is not just theory, but is being put into practice with remarkable results.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

In the second TED Talk, by Norwegian Ole Morten Olesen, we learn of a way to change barren, sandy deserts into rich soil suitable for farming, that changes the desert into a green oasis.

From the video description:

Water is a scarce resource that many of us take for granted, but unfortunately large parts of Earth’s population do not have that luxury. Ole and his innovation team have tried to solve an enormous task: to turn sand into soil. Even more exciting – they believe they have solved the problem!

Listen to Ole talk us through the concept behind turning deserts and sand dunes green. How their technology could change the face of the planet, and solve parts of the global environmental problem. Presenting the game-changing concept at TEDxArendal, he will show you the fascinating images of the green lush results!

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”″]

The important point of these two videos is that anyone can dream up a theory, but if the theory, once put into practice, (like communism?) doesn’t work, it is a theory to be discarded.

Allan Savory has admitted he was wrong, and now has a way of reversing the damage he, and his fellow scientists caused. He is to be commended for that.

Ole Morten Olesen was not content to “join the club”, so to speak, but looked outside the box and found an answer that had eluded others for years.

Unfortunately, modern scientists, the  so-called Experts, tend to get wrapped up in their ideology and their cozy cliques and cannot see beyond their noses. We need scientists who are able to think beyond the bounds of the current ideology, if we are to solve the problems that science is capable of solving, while all the while recognizing that science can’t solve every earthly problem. Science is not a religion, for instance, and cannot serve spiritual needs. And it has never been able to eliminate the common cold.



Shorty Dawkins



  1. Excellent subject to abroach Shorty. This will be a slightly lengthy response, but hopefully worth it. Also it’s worth note to explain the Progressive Concentration Ideology as it has become used in it’s present form.

    If you are in a college at this time, the professors love to spout the idea that; “given any question; the more people with a single answer, the better the outcome.” Heck, that may be true, if, and only if, they come at the single notion from many angles, but that;s not what’s happening. What is happening, is that small groups (sometimes single experts) postulate their theory, and the collective takes it as the gospel. This is why the lonely voice with a great idea gets isolated. I know this because I walked with the dirtiest of the dirty. Guess who got isolated daily. No other Progressive endeavors are more prevalent in this department than the Environmental Science groups.If you control people’s environment; you control the people, right? Here are a few examples.

    The Spotted Owl. We were told that the only way to save the spotted owls, was to secure their special habitat. This is not to say that it wouldn’t help, but we found out shortly after they secured 9 million acres, that it was the barred owl that had insinuated itself into the spotted owls’ territory. Not only did it displace the weaker spotted owls, but the barred owls breed with the spotted owls sometimes. The new solution? Send people from the USFWS to shoot the barred owls.

    Here’s one we are facing currently, the Sage Grouse. Here it comes again, lock down the resources in the sage grouses habitat in hopes that the predators won’t continue to overwhelm the grouse. In other words, nothing significant will change, but more important, there is something being left out of the data, the Jack Rabbit. You see the predators need a similar sized and savoy prey to go after. Unfortunately we have killed most of the jack rabbits outright because they ate farm crops, and that couldn’t be tolerated. What we need to do is reintroduce the jack rabbit and allow God’s design, do as it does.

    I have a million of these, but here’s one in my own back yard, literally, Snake River dams for the salmon. They will tell you that “Lonesome Larry is a result of smolt not being able to make it to the oceans. That is partially ture, and their dwell time on the down river swim is definitely a factor. However there are two larger contributing factors; predatory fish (bass and walleye) and spawning reds. The predatory fish are having a hey day because the river system is not overwhelmed by volume, the spawning. In fact, we literally took the fish off their spawning grounds by flooding them under 50 foot of water. It’s a classic “Trophic Cascade.” Now we are concentrating the fish to relatively few hatcheries rather than giving the fish new spawning habitat all over the Columbia and Snake rivers. Here’s the joke, there is plenty of reds available, but no one has identified them let alone milked fish on them. Try suggesting that one to the Progressives, I have to no avail. They want to remove those dams so bad, that there is literally no idea that they will accept. Consider this, even after they remove the dams, the fish still won’t be established on their old reds. Even worse, when the farmers use all the water for their fruit crops, they will bore wells that will tax the same aquifers that the rivers charge. You can’t make this stuff up!!! It’s not just limited to the environment though.

    Yesterday an article came out about Bitcoin in our local rag. It originated in the Washington Post and written by Craig Timberg. Of course he cited that great authority on the subject, the SPLC. According to Craig the “Bitcoin’s boom is a boon for extremist groups.” You guessed it, everyone on the right that the SPLC considers a threat is purchasing bitcoin to overthrow the government. Now you and I know, everyone who believes in Liberty is on board from all sides of the political spectrum. What’s important here is that they will get the Constitutionally Minded to back away, then use it to their advantage. Think Hillary Clinton/ Donald Trump and the Russian Probes. It’s why their argument is alway hypocritical (what’s good for me is not good for thee).Like I said, I have a million instances I could cite. I spent hours trying to find online, the reference to the coins that the Founders used for challenge access, to smuggle their goods and arms. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Am I wrong about this significant part of history? I digress.

    To conclude, I’m glad you brought this up Shorty, because I was looking for a new venue to voice my concerns. I’ve been censored from most of the “Soap Boxes,” and forgot about TED. In fact, I asked off handedly, Stewart where we could concentrate our efforts. We all have been on the “Soap Box”, we go to the “Ballot Box” regular, so there’s only one box left when the talking’s over. Nick told Charlie in a post that “all that fluffy talk doesn’t mean anything.” He’s sort of right and sort of wrong. That spouting off can be a good thing. Every fight I’ve ever seen or been a participant in starts with some big guy diatribe. The actual physical fight always starts when one side quits talking. Thanks Shorty, I’m going back in!

    1. Thanks Greg K.
      We have all been indoctrinated to believe in “experts”, but “experts”, as they define them are merely people with initials after their names (BS, PHD, etc) which means only that they have survived the indoctrination center of schooling. I’ll take a thoughtful man/woman with common sense and a willingness to try something different over an “expert” any day.

      Shorty Dawkins

  2. Thanks to modern industrialization and technology, satellite data shows the earth’s greening is directly proportional with the current increase in CO2.

    Savory claims the earth is overpopulated. The entire biomass of humanity fits on Rhode Island.
    Savory claims humans cause climate change, even though earth climate is in constant change since the beginning of time.
    Savory claims the planet is suffering from desertification – Any region that loses vegetation becomes a desert, which is cyclic over the eons of time and happens all the time as climate changes.
    Savory claims water is scarce, yet the planet is 70% covered with water and technology is in place to use it. And unused fresh water rivers dump millions of cubic feet of fresh water into the oceans …daily.

    Actually deserts grow during glaciations and shrink during interglacials. During the previous (warmer) interglacial Sahara virtually disappeared while during the last glaciation it almost reached to the Guinea Gulf. That was also when e. g. the Nebraska Sandhills was an actual desert. We planted trees in many areas of the midwest to reclaim sandy dunes to forest and convert lands to agricultural empires.

    Proof is already in the pudding with the reclamation project in central Washington, Oregon and California. Even the urban development of Vegas and Phoenix is proof of our ingenuity and ability to claim dessert as habitation.

    More hype than science from Savory.

    1. WGP,

      “More hype than science from Savory.”

      Despite his “progressive” ideological leanings, the simple fact of the matter is that he has reversed course and now has stumbled on something that works. Depriving the planet of roving herds of animals has been a cause of desertification.

      I could care less what Savory has to say about “climate change”. The desertification of vast swaths of the world has caused much human misery. That desertification was caused, in large part, by the “experts” who had no common sense, or who put into practice theories that were faulty.

      Shorty Dawkins

      1. I respect your thoughts on Savory. However, Savory’s all wet around the ears and does not present the entire picture. I care what Savory says because he gets press and exposure which promotes his false narratives.

        No amount of poo in real deserts (not peripheral edges of deserts) will reverse or in any way change those desert to a habitat land for roaming herds. Example is the Atacama Desert simply does not receive enough water to sustain roaming animals. There simply is not enough moisture…ever. In contrast, American deserts receive enough moisture to “green” during the spring rains, and receive summer rains from heat lows that draw moisture from the Pacific.

        In another example, the Sahara hosts some 70 species of mammals, 90 species of resident birds, 100 species of reptiles, and numerous species of arthropods. Savory and others seem to bypass the fact that deserts like the Sahara already have roaming heards: Barbary sheep, oryx, anubis baboon, spotted hyena, dama gazelle, common jackal and sand fox; plus the birds–ostriches, secretary birds, Nubian bustards and various raptors; the reptiles–cobras, chameleons, skinks, various lizards and (where there is sufficient water) crocodiles; and the arthropods–numerous ants, scarab beetles and the “deathstalker” scorpion. And other than humans, the wildlife is concentrated primarily along the less severe northern and southern margins and near desert water sources. So, once again….without the liquid water, no life will exist. Cheers!

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