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Stefan Molyneux on Trump’s SOTU Speech

Stefan Molyneux on Trump's SOTU Speech

Stefan Molyneux has some thoughts on Trump’s speech.

One phrase he said, in passing, struck me: Would you rather have freedom, or free stuff? That, to me at least, expresses the deep chasm between the Leftists/Globalists mentality, and the Liberty Movement.

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This was some brilliant and intelligent analysis by Stefan Molyneux.  Hat’s off to him.  Well done.   As he said, the reaction of the leftists, both during Trump’s address and afterward, shows they are not interested in working together, as Americans, and they are certainly not interested in compromise, especially on illegal aliens.  They want unconditional surrender, with wide open borders, amnesty for all illegals, and continued mass immigration with no end in sight.   That is the reality.   The immediate outburst by “journalist” Jorge Ramos just confirms the reality of where we are:

We need to recognize the reality of where we are – we are facing a Marxist insurrection against the Constitution and the laws of the Union, with the clear intent of destroying this Republic and building their Marxist utopia on its ruins.   Time to face reality, as painful as it is, and deal with it decisively.   Stewart



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